True value is created in Business not in Investment

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  1. All wealth in this world is created by converting resources into things that enhance the state of life. Progress is made in humanity when energy is transformed into a more complex form. Those who supply the resources are investors. Those who convert the resources are business people. True value is created in business not investment. If everyone was an investor but there were no business people, humanity would go nowhere. If there were only business people around, resources can still be found anyway.
    Investors only help to make it more convenient for resources to be accessed. But the true wealth is created by the business people.
  2. They are the ones who create the new out of the old. If we only focus on multiplying what we have by investing, we would keep getting the same old. Advancement is based on creativity and innovation. Investors do not create, business people do. Creation requires the use of the intelligence to make things different and better. Wealth is the result of man’s ability to think creatively.
    If you want to be super rich, you can never do it by investment. You can only become super rich through business. Investment is meant for you to protect your wealth and grow it by a certain percentage over time.
  3. Business is the place where you can grow your wealth by hundreds to thousands of percent. No form of investment can ever do what business can do. All who are super rich either have a business that makes it so, or they invest in businesses to have ownership and add value to the business itself.

  4. You can never make money without money through investment. Business is the only place where you are able to create money from no money. Investment is not creation by multiplication. Business is creation which is the only true wealth. That which does not create will die. All forms of investments would not work if there were no business to invest in. It is the businesses that make use of the money that investors put in so as to give them a return. The ones who truly create wealth for all are business people.

  5. If you want to become super rich fast, you must not do what the average or even the rich do. The rich and average people act according to conventional financial wisdom. They split their focus between their business and investing in order to accumulate wealth over time. It takes time and energy to learn and invest properly. It takes your time and energy that you could be putting into your business. If you want to be super rich fast, you should focus all your efforts into your business and grow it super large first.

  6. You don’t need to turn your focus to investing until you have accumulated a significantly large sum of money. The rich and average people focus on investing the little that they have. But if you come to think about it, there is a huge difference in making ten percent returns of a hundred thousand compared to making ten percent returns of ten thousand. When it comes to investing, the percentage returns mean a lot lesser with lower numbers, but mean a lot more with bigger numbers. The super rich think huge.

  7. The way to becoming super rich is to focus all your efforts into making your business as huge as possible first. Then invest money back into the business in the areas of advertising, hiring people, buying tools or services. You can make far more money investing into your own business than other people’s business. Only when you have a surplus of casflow then do you invest some of that money into other people’s business or financial markets. You have more control over your business returns than others.
    True Investing is when you have control of the asset and through your efforts you are able to determine its growth in value, thereby increasing its intrinsic value which you can then exchange for a profit, or gain more than your investment through the revenue it generates.
  8. Example: you purchase/create a company which then expands.
    Don’t focus on cutting costs as much as raising your income. The secret to it all is to design and create a lifestyle that you love today and would love to have in the future. How do you do that? The answer is balance. Most people are taught, usually by poor people, that the only way to have any money in the future is to sacrifice everything today.
  9. They think you have to scrimp and save every dime to save for the future. But living like the poor puts you in vibrational harmony with more poverty and never wealth.

  10. There is a major problem with that kind of thinking because you get caught in a vicious cycle that is near impossible to pull out of. When would the scrimping to save every dime end? Never! If you choose to live your life that way, you will never have enough! You will scrimp your entire life then die miserable and broke. Your life will pass you by and you’ll realize, too late, that you only lived a fraction of it. This is the irony of those trying to create a better life the wrong way by never allowing themselves to live it.

  11. The secret is to enjoy today! Tomorrow is guaranteed to no one. Investing your money in your fun and adventure is the way you live today while rewarding yourself for your wealth plan. If you follow the plan, you will become wealthy and have fun doing it! You don’t need to save or invest money until you feel you have enough casflow to do so. Allow yourself to buy whatever things you need with the money you have now. Try keeping your expenses at that level while focusing on increasing your income creatively.

  12. Anybody can accumulate large amounts of money over time through investing. But only those who build up businesses can recreate lost wealth. Someone who made a hundred thousand over many years of investing but still generates only a few thousand from their work or business is really poor indeed. Because they cannot recreate the hundred thousand through investment quickly if they lost it all. An experienced business person can rebuild his wealth quickly because of the value he’s able to contribute.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess of Value

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Goddess of accumulation and sustainability

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