There is No Such Thing As Karma

  • You are not affected karmically, but you have created the reality of being affected by such a physical phenomenon, that you may offer to yourself an objective challenge. You may validate to yourself that you hold the ability to be altering any element of your reality, no matter how absolute it appears. And within your reality, there are no absolutes. In actuality, there are no absolutes, and there is no thing within your reality that you may not alter if you are so choosing. You can change anything you desire.

  • There is no karma! You do not hold reincarnational lives! You are a new creation. You, physically manifest, are individual and new and perfect, and shall never be repeated, as you are not repeating another. You are your own individual personality manifest physically, which shall continue and which has always continued previously. You may create an aspect of yourself that shall continue within physical focus, but it shall be its own creation and it shall also be a new creation. Information passes to a new soul.

  • It is not expressive of elements within what you view to be your past that you must ‘work out,’ for individuals do not ‘work out or of’ karma. You create within each moment newly. All is a choice. If you choose, you may alter what you have created in your perception previously, for all is simultaneous; but it is not cause and effect. The past is not a cause of the present, because there is no past except that which is perceived. Altering what you have created in perception previously will change past and present.

  • You enter each physical focus with your own individual pool of probabilities that you pull from. In this, you are not predestined or set in the actions that you shall choose within your focus or ‘lifetime’ as you choose to view it, but you set a pool of probabilities within a certain direction. You always possess the choice to be extending and pulling from probabilities outside of this pool that you have chosen. Nothing is set in stone. Life is a game to transcend your circumstances and create with more freedom.

  • As you choose a direction within a focus, you may offer yourself the opportunity to be noticing and widening, or in your terms ‘learning certain experiences,’ and you may not listen to yourself. You may choose an experience, and you may be expressing some direction to yourself, and you may not be listening to your own direction. Therefore, you shall continue to present yourself with this scenario. This is not karma! This is not a situation of continuing because you have not “got it right” the first time.

  • You may choose to be offering yourself the opportunity to be in communication with essence through certain experiences, and you may not be listening. Therefore, subjectively you shall draw yourself to similar experiences. Now this is not always the case either, for some individuals choose to be experiencing certain experiences over and over and over repeatedly within an individual focus, for they wish to experience this. Recurring situations are either a higher message being sent, or created by choice.

  • You manifest for certain experiences and for the accomplishment of certain value fulfillment.

  • Many times, you shall create parallel focuses for you choose certain probabilities and experiences within one that you may choose to actualize, within the same dimension, a different probability within another. This, once again, is not karma! It is not to say that you choose one outcome which you are then dissatisfied with. Therefore, you choose to repeat a focus and alter the outcome. This is incorrect!

  • You are not ‘working out’ any actions. Therefore, it discontinues as you choose to discontinue the action! It only continues as you choose to be continuing the action. Therefore, within any moment you may choose to disengage the action. It is not a case of ‘carrying over’ continued experiences and exchanges within the context of a necessity. It is not necessary. It is a choice, for you choose to be creating of your reality in the manner in which you choose! Nothing holds you. You are free all the time.

  • You choose each probability. No thing is thrust upon you. No action is required of you. No interaction is necessary to be continued. It is all a choice. You always hold, within every moment of your being, the choice to be altering of your reality, and you may alter it in whichever direction or manner that you choose. You hold tremendous freedom, for you are not bound by these belief systems that dictate to you that you must be interacting within certain guidelines.
  • You are not bound by rules or limitations.

  • You do not manifest within the belief system of karma! There are no ongoing focuses that you must experience, for you have experienced previously the opposite. You are not obligated to be experiencing being a victim simply because you have chosen within another focus to be murderous. You may choose not to be a victim. In like manner, you may choose to be a victim, and not necessarily require also to be experiencing being murderous. It’s all of your choice, and that which you choose to be experiencing.

  • In actuality, there is no karma. There is no moving from one focus to another focus. There is no repaying of debt. There is no consequence for your action within one focus. The only consequence that occurs within any focus for action incurred is that consequence that you draw to yourself for your own information within one particular focus. All focuses are simultaneous.
  • Therefore, you are not reborn. You are a new creation in yourself, and shall never be recreated into another creation. Every life is for its own.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess of releasing Karmic Debt

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