There is no Reincarnation in Simultaneous time

  • I’m Pantene 2019 🙏👑🎥

  • You translate all that you do, all that you know, into linear terms. This is not wrong but it is a tool. It is a symbol. All that you express linearly is a symbol that represents another element. You do not hold past lives but your tool expresses that you do hold past lives. You may continue to express with your symbols to another individual holding less understanding, and allow for their terminology incorporating reincarnational selves. Reincarnational selves are only a symbol of the sharing of soul information.

  • Many spiritual entities express to individuals within terms of reincarnational selves. This is for the purpose of understanding. Individuals understand and may relate to these terms. But some of us are ready to move beyond these terms. It is our intent not to be aligning with existing belief systems but to transition to a higher understanding of reality. In the desire to manifest this intent, you draw to you the energy which offers alternate terms that may not match existing belief systems about reincarnational self.

  • YOU are YOU. And you, as a focus of consciousness, in completing your experience within a physical focus shall move beyond physical focus and continue within your exploration of self within other areas. You may choose to be exploring another focus within another dimension, but you shall not repeat this focus within this dimension, for this would be pointless. YOU have already experienced, within your countless amounts of counterparts within this dimension, all that that YOU need be experiencing here.

  • Therefore, you hold wondrous areas to be exploring within consciousness beyond this one particular dimension and focus. There is no element that you need be repaying or holding an element of cause and effect within this particular dimension. It is merely one focus of your essence, and in this you manifest to experience, to explore. There is no right and wrong within consciousness. All is an experience. Therefore, what need be repaid? It is merely your own belief systems that indicate you hold karmic debt.

  • You have been presented with belief systems in the area of karma, but these are belief systems. Within the reality of essence and consciousness and manifestations into physical focus, there is no karma. There is no repaying of debt. There is no repeating of situations or actions or events to alter events. You do not move from one focus to another focus. All focuses are simultaneous. Therefore, how may you repay an action that you have not engaged? For it is not you. It’s another focus. Each soul is unique.

  • But isn’t the other focus of us essentially us too? It is of your essence, but it also holds its own slightly different tone and its own personality and its own choices.
    You do not live and die and return and live and die. All of your focuses are simultaneous. They are all now. Therefore, in reality there is no thing other than the now in every moment of it, for it is all now. Therefore, you may question yourselves and recognize your own belief systems as to why you view futurely or pastly. All Selves are All Now.
    Then what is coded in our DNA? A lot of people say there’s memories coded in our DNA. You do hold memory. You do hold encoding of other focuses, of essence, of consciousness, and this is encoded within you, but this is not ‘karmic.’ It is merely information that is available to you, which also may suggest the gloriousness of you and how efficiently you have created this reality to be offering yourself a window into the whole of you beyond one focus. Reincarnation is return of information not the soul.

  • So if people say that they can see your past lives, they’re just seeing different focuses at the same time. You look to these as past or future, for you move within a reality that suggests linear time. Therefore, you look to your other focuses as having already occurred or about to occur. In actuality, they are all simultaneous NOW. You do not hold ANY reincarnational focuses, for you do not reincarnate! All of your focuses are manifest simultaneously NOW. Past and future lives are connected soul experiences.

  • At the moment that any individual focus chooses to be disengaging from this physical dimension, it chooses also to be moving into other areas of consciousness. It does not repeat and remanifest within this physical dimension. This would be quite redundant and quite unnecessary! You are manifesting many focuses of essence within this physical dimension. Therefore, it is unnecessary for any particular focus to be remanifesting into this physical dimension. Essence is the Universal Self or Grand Oversoul.

  • There is no reincarnation. There is no karma. Therefore, there is no cycle of learning and movement to a higher plane, and there is no cycle of debt that needs be worked through. You hold complete freedom within your focus. The only limitations that you hold within any focus are those that you place before yourself in conjunction with your individual beliefs. You manifest within this physical dimension to experience. You have no mission. You have no higher plane to attain to. You manifest for the experience.

  • If we have complete freedom, then isn’t it possible that we could decide to incarnate again? In the realm of possibility, yes, but you do not, for it is unnecessary. There is limitless consciousness to be exploring within self. Therefore, as you incorporate an exploration of this one physical dimension, why shall you be creating a redundant action and repeating your exploration, as you are essence and you are experiencing all of your other focuses within this physical dimension also? You only live once here on this earth! YOLO


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess YOLO, love and live your life

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