Secure your Future with Trust and Acceptance

You create what you concentrate upon. But if you are creating a line of probabilities and setting those probabilities into motion, it is unnecessary to be concentrating upon those probabilities or a thought pattern. It is unnecessary for you to continue to concentrate in thoughts upon what you are creating. You may be engaging a situation as you have presented; a particular job, so to speak, that you want to be engaging. Initially, you thought process and movement of energy is: “I wish to be engaging this job.”

At that point, that moment, you may move in the direction of expressing to yourself for a time framework, “I shall create this job. I shall create this job. I shall engage this job. I shall be interactive with this job. It shall be my creation. It shall actualize.” And it may not actualize, regardless that you are objectively reinforcing continuously in your thoughts to yourself a concentration upon that creation. But you may approach the very same scenario, and use a different method of intent that shall succeed better.

You may express without thoughts to yourself the trust and acceptance within yourself of the
knowing that the probability has already been set in motion, and therefore it requires no more objective concentration or thought process concerning it, and very often it shall manifest, for the key element is the trust and the acceptance of self, which allows you the objective knowing that you have already chosen a probability and conscious thought concentration is not the energy that shall create that probability.

Therefore, this offers you an element of freedom to be moving your attention in other directions, no longer holding your attention objectively in the area of the probability that you have already set into motion and created. The knowing is set. You already hold the knowing that you shall accomplish. Therefore, it is unnecessary to be objectively concentrating. This is the proper formula of manifestation which is a combination of intention plus detachment. Concentrate in one moment and let go in others.

The objective concentration upon any particular direction is a direct expression of lack of trust, which is the reinforcement of what you are genuinely concentrating upon, and that is the doubt and the lack of knowing and the lack of trust in your abilities. Therefore you shall create what you are concentrating upon, but your concentration is not necessarily a thought process. It is what you believe, where your energy is directed. It is not a conscious but subconscious state. Your feelings should remain aligned.

If your energy is directed in the concentration upon trust and acceptance of self and the
knowing that you shall accomplish within your abilities what you set into motion within probabilities, this is what shall be actualized. If your concentration moves in the direction of discounting of self, of a lack of trust within your abilities, this is what you shall actualize. Therefore the simple way is to set an intent and then trust that the universe will move towards its manifestation. Pray and then trust God to bring it to pass.

It matters not how very intensely you are objectively thinking about anything, for your thought process is not influencing to the point of altering your concentration. Your conscious focus on your goal does not override your subconscious concentration that is in the direction of doubt. In order to express subconscious focus in the direction of trust, you must relinquish conscious attachment. But you may be objectively concentrating and creating a thought process of reinforcement in the direction of affirmations.

This is slightly different, for the direction in that expression is to be concentrating within your thought process in the direction of reinforcing your own acceptance of self; not in the creation of an objective manifestation of an action or a thing, but merely to be expressing a continuous reinforcement to themselves of acceptance of self or trust of self, to be moving into an area of dissipating the energy that they hold strongly in discounting of themselves. Therefore affirmations should be used to focus trust in self.

Many times individuals shall not be creating what they objectively want even as they view themselves to be concentrating quite intensely upon the creation of this objective want. The reason they are not objectively creating or actualizing that objective want is that their objective thought process does not match the underlying concentration in belief of discounting what they want or their ability to be creating what they want. Therefore it is not enough to set an intent. You also need to be trusting the power within.
Therefore, in the scenario that you have presented, you have already moved your energy and your attention into an acceptance that you do hold the ability to be creating and to be manipulating energy into the objectification or manifestation of your wants. You do not question or doubt your ability in this direction. Therefore, you set probabilities into motion and you do not concern yourself with the objective thought process of concentration in that motion. It is praying and then trusting God to manifest.

This allows you the freedom, in the knowing that the probability has already been chosen and that it shall objectify in the most beneficial manner to you, and this allows you to direct your attention in other areas in which you may quite easily explore all of the other probabilities that are actualized in other probable realities, and this shall not be affecting of what you have chosen within this reality. Therefore you don’t need to keep conscious focus on your goal, but can think freely knowing God is handling it.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess of Consciousness

Goddess of Focus and Perserverance

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