Measure progress by increments instead of leaps and bounds.

Don’t fail to appreciate progress. Acknowledge that even the smallest amount of progress is still progress. Even the smallest change, if positive, is positive change and a step in the right direction, one step closer to our goals. That is the essence of excellence. It is all about constant and never ending improvement. Big changes are created by many small changes added up over time. If you want to enjoy the journey towards the ultimate destination, you must measure progress by increments instead of leaps.

Rate of manifestation is the net result of attraction minus repulsion. Each time we move towards our desires by thinking about what’s working for us, we are in attraction mode. Each time we move away from our desires by thinking about what’s not working for us, we are in repulsion mode. We either progress or regress, we never stand still. The key is to keep driving your car in the direction where you want to go instead of away from it. You do this by appreciating every positive effect that comes you way.

Many a times, we get discouraged and lose hope because we get less than what we expected. We feel that we must get exactly what we want when we want it for our intentions to be successful. But we lose sight of the fact that we are already on our way there, and there are other things that have to fall in place before we fully get what we intend. We may be getting thirty fold at first, but in time we will get sixty fold, and then finally a hundred fold. Continue sowing the seeds and making the ground better.

The ground is the key factor that many people miss out on working on in the work of manifestation. You can sow the seeds of intent, but it is the condition of the ground that determines whether you get thirty fold, sixty fold or hundred fold returns. The ground is the earth element which represents the plane of action. Thought creates, but it is action that receives the mental creation into physicality. It is the act of setting up water buckets or tanks to collect the rainfall that pours forth from heaven’s open gates.

Perhaps your system of collecting sales and money through your business isn’t that optimal yet. You can keep doing things to improve it. This is where improving ground conditions come into play. Your business system is like the ground, and the more you improve it, the more your returns from the seeds of intent will be. That is because your system creates more and better channels for your seed thoughts to flourish and prosper in.

The combination of intent and action will produce complete manifestation.
The same goes for your love life. You can only attract what you are. Having comes from being. The soul mate that you desire will never appear unless you are first soul mates with yourself. If you want the best person as your life partner, seek to be the best person yourself. Improve the ground of your being by sharpening your character in different areas and making aspects of your personality more attractive. Your soul mate will have more vibrational pathways to find you and attract to you synchronistically.

Defy the common idea of what a smart goal is. We may not be able to achieve a big goal with what we have currently, but as we move in the direction, we will find tools and resources along the way. The reason why we are given a dream that is too big for us is so that we can grow into it. Dreams that do not challenge us and cause us to stretch are not big dreams. What isn’t achievable and realistic now will become achievable and realistic later. Just focus on the dream until you grow bigger than you were.

Have the attitude that you will aim for the moon, and even if you miss, you will land among the stars. It is better than aiming for something low and hitting it. Set an intent for something so big that even if you achieve only half of it, it will still be a pretty large amount. Either way, you would still be more successful, richer and happier than you were before. People envy those who achieve a lot more success and riches than themselves but don’t realize that successful people aimed for a lot more than was gotten.

Therefore these successful people actually felt like failures compared to those who achieved even more success then themselves. The key point here is to realize that you can only go as high as you aim for. Do not aim for what others have achieved, because they themselves probably aimed higher than what they achieved. If you want to model the success of others, study their inner world more than their outer. Find out what were their intentions, dreams and mindset instead of just how much they created.

If you want to learn the trick to getting what you want, you need to slow down and start to celebrate every improvement, even the smallest changes that you experience in your life. Of course, most of us gloss over the small stuff, so it’s also time to change the way we look at ourselves and the world. You can do this by breaking things into smaller steps. Doing this allows you to see all the cogs in the machine of your life. You’ll realize how more and more things are working for you in little and amazing ways.

You will certainly find your way to the moon eventually and hit it if you keep aiming for it.

However, in the meantime, you would have been traveling from star to star while many others never even go beyond the sky as the limit. You will get to your hundred fold eventually as you keep sowing the seeds and improving ground conditions. How soon you get there depends on how much and how consistently you work on improving things and maintaining focus. You gather enough momentum to make the quantum leap.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess of consistency and maintaining focus for optimal success!

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