Joy of living for yourself is power to create

Creation is power

  • Pleasure within physical focus eliminates much of your thickness in energy and allows you to move much more freely through your physical focus. It is not creating conflict, and it is creating of an ease. Pleasure also lends to your acceptance of self. You equate pleasure with the idea of happiness, and if you are experiencing happiness, you are allowing yourself much more freedom and an ease within your focus, and therefore much less thickness in energy. Do as you please to live with ease.
    This is the reason to be seeking out those activities or elements within your focus that offer you pleasure in your experiences, for this offers you freedoms. If it is not fun, stop it!
  • If you’re incorporating conflict do not incorporate it, for if it does not offer what you are considering to be positive or fun, then you should not be doing or participating in this, or in anything. If anything is creating conflict with you, or separating you from you, or creating unhappiness within you, then you should not be incorporating of that.
    Each individual’s truth is their own. It all, in essence, is the same, but each individual manifests this truth within their reality their own way.
  • Each individual incorporates no conflict within their own way. Each individual connects with love and joy within their own way. What may be comfortable or non-conflicting for one may be creating of conflict for another. This is why it is most important to follow what works for you and not another. Your focus is to focus on you. It is not important what others view of you.

  • It is not important what others’ opinion is of you. What is important is that you are true to you, and that you are happy with that. What brings you joy is what is truth. Seek pleasure! For this is the natural inclination of essence, and allows you less thickness within energy and more of an ease in your movement within your focus. The natural way to live life is the path of pleasure, ease and effortlessness. It is the principle of freedom and the principle behind all principles. It is true and everything else is not true.

  • You know something to be true by the amount of joy and freedom it gives you. The more truth you gain, the more freedom and joy you would experience. The enemy wants to keep us ignorant and bound. A good example is an author exalted and praised the work of angels who would come into him and help to heal his clients who were suffering from illnesses and injuries. He bragged how both he and the client would feel the hands of the angel and “their wonderful healing ability” going to work on problem.

  • First of all, what is this really doing? It is making a dependent cripple of both the client and the practitioner. No knowledge is given. No higher level of personal power is reached to do this alone, by one’s self. It is in reality, damning them both to an existence of dependence on external entities, being at the mercy and whims of something outside of both of them, calling all of the shots and taking their energies in the form of praises for something each could do alone given the knowledge and application of it.

  • This is the reason to be focusing on power meditations so much as they are necessary in building one’s energy field and psychic abilities. Without the power behind the directed energy, nothing will manifest. Power meditation is the personal sensing, building and directing of power within and outside of you. This is the path of magic where power is controlled and perceived directly by you to as much a degree as possible. Knowledge gives you control and ignorance or false knowledge takes the control away.

  • Knowledge makes you feel secure. Knowledge is the key to everything. Understanding life, feeling confident along with a sense of direction is very important for both personal and spiritual evolution. Many yogis, martial artists and others have power, but they do not have the knowledge concerning how to use it. Without the knowledge, it is useless in many areas except for walking on hot coals or breaking a board. Most people do not have any spiritual answers. Life becomes confusing and meaningless.

  • The ego is the Self. “As above, so below,” we need to work as a unit in order to advance. One needs the physical self in order to advance the soul. Without desire, we have nothing. Strong desire along with a strong mind and will is what makes magickal workings successful. When the life force is strong there’s a strong desire to live. Absence of desire is death. When we no longer have desires, we stop living. When your life force is strong then you do not experience depression, apathy, futility, or hopelessness.

  • The soul is egoistic in her nature. The soul doesn’t care about others, no matter how loved or precious they are to you. The soul cares only about her well-being. Her life in this world is a rare and unique chance. Any altruistic manifestations come from the mind and not from the soul. The soul will do everything possible to reach her goal. But if this goal doesn’t serve her, but someone else instead, then the soul loses any interest and allows the mind the freedom to wear himself out in the struggle to achieve it.

  • Altruism is a very nice quality, but if you have decided to dedicate yourself to serving others, then you will never be happy yourself. No matter how much the mind is trying to convince himself that he found his happiness in serving other people or some high idea, the soul of such a person is deeply unhappy. She has been driven into a box, where she doesn’t even have any powers left to claim her right to happiness. Lack and limitation are only illusions. You should only be thinking about your happiness.

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Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess of happiness

Goddess with no boundaries or limitations

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