Describing Reality better gives control!

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  1. The better you become at describing reality, the better you will be at controlling it. When you can describe something, you are able to grasp it. There are better and better ways of perceiving something, and there are more and more precise ways of describing something. Rising in awareness, growing in knowledge and raising consciousness is for the purpose of knowing reality through being better at describing it and hence being better at creating and controlling it. Science is about describing reality precisely.

  2. You gain knowledge for the purpose of gaining the power to get what you want. It is about control. Until you are able to control something, you do not know it fully. The reason why we all want to learn anything is so that we can get what we want. Knowledge is the power to get what we want. Science deals with the study and experiment of natural forces so that we can understand them and then control them and use them. Science reaches its master level when it can control a force. To control is to know.

  3. The secret of so-called intelligent people lies in their awareness. Clarity of mind is determined by the level of awareness. A sharp intellect on one side and stupidity on the other are not degrees of intellectual development, they’re different levels of awareness. Stupidity is a psychological shield, defending a person from unwanted information: “I don’t want to know anything! Leave me alone already!” A sharp mind is exactly the opposite – openness and the desire to obtain information: “I want to know everything!”

  4. To a varying degree, unawareness sets in when a person does not want to face reality. The desire to walk away from the impending reality, forces the ostrich to hide its head in the sand. It is not possible to completely bury oneself under the covers and fall asleep. So, this person unwillingly attempts to block his perception, thus lowering his degree of awareness. In order to become more aware, one must be willing to face and handle things head on. This is strength attained when one chooses to be strong.
    Universal Laws function throughout the universe. When someone turns on a light bulb, they are using the law of electromagnetism. The question “Do Apostles or anyone use Universal Laws?” is meaningless because the whole universe operates by universal laws.
  5. It is like asking “Do Christians use science?” Life itself is science. The most essential definition of science is the explanation of how things are. Even the attempt to know God and spiritual things is to know the science of God. It is to know what-is.

  6. The difference is to be conscious of those laws so that we can understand how things work. God did not write the Bible to teach universal laws specifically, but to teach us about who He is as a Person. Science and Universal Laws are meant to be learned through other means such as research and discovery of metaphysics and philosophy. That’s why there’s no such thing as knowing everything from a particular religious text or book. Science from other writings supports knowledge of faith and spiritual things.

  7. To know God from a scientific level is to know God precisely and absolutely. Even different people’s faith is a science unto themselves. There is an aspect of faith and there is an aspect of science, but even this truth is understood within science according to the laws of polarity and rhythm. To know is to know scientifically. Science contains everything because science is Logos and Logos is all things. God = Infinite Intelligence = Divine Order = Logic of All Things = Science. God is Science/Wisdom.
    Science and faith are not contradictory. In fact science actually supports faith. The more you understand faith from a scientific point of view, the better you can exercise it. All spiritual and paranormal phenomena can be scientifically explained in a rational manner; scientific knowledge has not yet progressed far enough to comprehend or explain much of the so-called “supernatural.” But as science discovers the true nature of the universe and the nonphysical dynamics of things, it evolves to a higher order.

  8. Truth is that which unifies. There are common principles that underlie different perspectives and methods of faith. When you discover the underlying principles of all kinds of faith, you discover that which is absolutely true. There is no religion higher than truth. Truth is universal and is omnipresent. If a Truth can be known in one place, it can be known in all places. God is Truth and God is All-That-Is. Since the ultimate nature of reality is that All-Is-One, ultimate truth is harmonizing, integrating and connecting.

  9. There is a principle of magic that states that if you can know the true name of a thing, you can control it. What this really means is that if you know the essence of a thing then you can control all its forms. You can control any aspect of space, matter and time if you know the kind of consciousness or energy that aspect consists of. Your health, finances and relationships are aspects of your consciousness and vibration. By changing the correct area of your inner world, you will create a change in the outer.

  10. It is not enough to be a pilot. You have to know the entire craft you are piloting, its design, specifications, and every component. You also have to fully know the environment you are piloting in. You got to have a feel of everything and a conscious understanding of the details as well. When you know everything, you can operate everything, perfectly. The same goes for being a user of any equipment, tool or technology. The same goes for operating in any plane of reality, and in any field of activity. When you see everything, both in the macro and in the micro, and the connections between everything, you can have perfect control and power.

  11. Reliability and consistency comes from having structure and form. It is form that allows the formless to express itself through. There are formulas that describe all things in the universe in exact order. Reliability and consistency are the keys to workability, and in order to have them, structure is necessary. Science provides that structure and experiments express scientific results in repeatable and consistent fashion. Rituals in magick are for the same purpose. What’s quantified can be put to practical use.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess of quantified ability

Goddess of practical use

Goddess of reliability , workability and consistency

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