Maintain your consciousness at a higher level 🤲

  • Your consciousness creates your level of wealth and success in life. Increasing in wealth and success begins by increasing your level of consciousness about wealth and success in your life. That is the purpose of having dreams and big goals to achieve. When you see yourself becoming more successful and wealthier than you presently are, you draw yourself in that direction. But when you do arrive at your desired level of achievement, it is important that you maintain your consciousness at the higher level.

  • Some of us make the mistake of dropping our consciousness back to our previous levels. Sometimes the reason why we seek to achieve bigger goals is just to see if we can do it. Then after we have actually made it, we feel that we have proven ourselves and can return to our previous levels without feeling inadequate. Sometimes we even believe that what we achieved was too good to be true, and it would only last momentarily. All of these kinds of thinking cause people to lose the level of success reached.

  • If you want to be a super achiever in life, you must not think like that. Don’t let your level of wealth or success consciousness slip back down. Once it is at a higher level, keep it that way. Know the reasons why you intend to create wealth and success. If it is just to have a momentary experience of being greater, then that is what you will experience. Realize that and seek to create ongoing wealth and success instead. When your dreams come true, don’t let them slip away by thinking they are not lasting.

  • An important step of reality creation is to update your self image when your intentions have materialized. The reason why some people achieve a certain level of wealth or success and lose it, and then create it only to lose it again is because they did not expand their sense of self completely and permanently in the process. The outer world is always a reflection of the inner world. It is necessary that you fit yourself into your new state of life once it arrives. Be comfortable with being richer and more successful.

  • Wherever you are in life is always perfect. You must accept yourself at any level you are at. Accepting yourself and your reality frees you to move anywhere you desire. It is just as important to accept yourself at a higher level as it is to accept yourself at a lower level. A higher level seems astounding and lofty compared to the level you are at. But once you get there, you must treat the higher level as normal. Update your consciousness on what feels normal as you keep your eyes fixed on even higher levels.

  • Every thought that you have about what’s normal for you is an affirmation of reality. Each time an affirmation is repeated, it increases your subconscious field strength. It is like hammering an iron in a magnetic field. Every strike aligns more of its atoms to that of the magnet. The magnetic field is your feelings. The more you condition your feelings, the stronger your magnetic field will be. Be fully aligned in your consciousness. Update all the thoughts you have to correspond with greater wealth and success.

  • Don’t let your comparison with the past to bring you back to the past if it is of a lower level. It is alright to compare where you are with where you were for the purpose of experiencing how wonderful it is right now. Use contrast for the feeling of fullness of experience. But only do so momentarily from time to time. Then get back to the state of mind that your higher level of reality is the normal one now. Work from where you are and seek new heights. Keep taking things to the next level for continuing progress.

  • We never stand still, we either progress or regress. This is the key to remember. It is alright to rest on your laurels momentarily in order to smell the roses and enjoy the wonder. But don’t stay in that state perpetually or things will start unraveling under you. The secret of success is focus. It is important not to take your eyes off the ball for too long or you’ll start losing your game. What separates the champions from the other winners is that they keep pushing the limits and maintain with the rising standards.

  • The subconscious mind is a very powerful thing and it will get you exactly what you program it to. When you set a goal to achieve a certain amount of income through your business, you will achieve it in due time. But if you do not increase your target, you are programming your subconscious mind to achieve the same level of results again. This is the reason why a person can make many sales until they hit their target, and then experiencing a sales slump. Then their sales only continue the following month.

  • You must update the program each time it has reached its target. Once you have achieved your goals, set new and bigger goals. The purpose of life is growth and making greater contribution. What stops growing and contributing ceases to live. There is no such thing as having made it once and for all. You are always making it and once you have made it, you are still making it towards higher levels. Keep expanding your consciousness and continue redefining what you call normal as you rise to newer planes.
    There are no rules and no limits.
  • What is normal for someone who has greater wealth and success may be phenomenal for someone who has lesser. You define how far you want to go. You define the limits that you will reach. Keep looking at someone who has a higher level of wealth and success in order to aspire towards that level. The highest level of all is God. To God, all miracles are normal and no dream is too big. Place yourself in the field of pure potential where anything is possible when you intend.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At Goddess Bible study A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming You’re Inner Goddess

Goddess of Higher Consciousness

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