The Law of Attraction and The Law of Inspired Action 🏖☝️🎁🍀

The law of inspired action is also known as the Law of God Action.The law of Inspired Action is the Tao. It is the way of nondoing. Less and less is done until when nothing is done, nothing is left undone. It means to take only inspired action. There may be several actions that you think you could take, but one of them is what you are most drawn to. There is a “feel like” doing to it. You feel least resistance towards doing it. That is the action to take because you are most in alignment with.

When you do inspired action, the energy flow is there and therefore it is not unnatural but natural action.Focus on creating reality from the higher levels. Seek inspired reality creating and to master creating with effortlessness. Learn to create with less effort, less strain, less stress and to create with more flow, more ease and more relaxation. When you create more effortlessly, things can gel together more easily in framework 2 or nonphysical reality. Creativity and inspiration flows much better. You can accomplish more things because you have more energy and mood to do things. You offer less resistance to outcomes. You can focus and imagine better. You have more mana or mental energy. You are able to maintain vibrational alignment more easily and more often. The idea is to be able to care less, relax more, enjoy more, maintain belief in yourself, focus on clear action that combines logic and intuition.Sometimes the manifestation comes when you least expect it.

That is good because you can just relax and let it happen. Just keep on asking from time to time. But allow times of asking and not asking, which are times when you are focusing on what you want, and times when you are not focusing on what you want. This is intention and detachment. What you want can come at times when you are not focusing on what you want. When you let go of what you want, it can come to you. The key is to think about it some of the time, and then the rest of the time go your own merry way while not thinking about it, or thinking about other things that do not contradict with it.You either put in more energy at other times, or put in less energy at the right time which is the time when you are inspired to act. Both ways add to the energy store that will be released in cycles to manifest the intended effect.

Let all your actions both mental and physical be inspired actions. When you use inspired intention, the energy flow is there and is more effortless and more creative. The manifestation happens at times when certain astrological aspects come together, or energy and time harmonics are in play. All the energy that you put in is cumulative and is not wasted if it is focused on things that you actually enjoy and is something you have a vision for.Choose to do things when there is motivation or inspiration to do it. In truth, if all motivation and inspiration arises naturally, then the only thing left to do is simply to remove resistance. Resistance is limiting thoughts and ideas that limit you from doing what you are being motivated or inspired to do. The more resistance you remove, the more you can flow. When you are operating at zero resistance, you are doing just fine. You do not need to be doing more or think you need to be getting a lot more than what you are getting in that state. Where you are is just fine.

Everything is in natural growth, progression and expansion when you are in zero resistance. That which does not follow the Tao comes to an abrupt end.The law of inspired action not only governs what to do, but it also governs when to do it. If right now you feel like doing it, do not procrastinate. Do it now, or as soon as you have the space to do it. If you feel like doing something but not right now, wait until a later time when the impulse to do it is stronger and there is less resistance to doing it, then act on it at that time.People are unhappy with their lives because of a lot more illusions that the matrix has pulled over their eyes for them to pursue. In the past, things were much simpler and therefore less reasons for people to be unhappy about. But in our modern society where much more communication happens and much more expectations are created, there are much more false goals around to misdirect people’s attention away from the true things that they really need to pursue. It is alright not to have those things!What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul? Your soul is life force energy, mana. If you wear yourself out in the process of more and more worldly attainment, you will never be very happy in life, and what a ridiculous way to live your life. Learn to care less, relax more and enjoy more.

Be free to content yourself with doing the work you really enjoy doing, and not do a whole lot more than you really wish to do or enjoy doing just to attain a lot more “material stuff”. Those who know they have enough are truly wealthy. Live your life in a much more carefree way, and you will be able to experience a lot more joy when you experience things that truly bring you joy, instead of being emotionally hindered by your thoughts and worry on things that constantly concern you because you got to handle “this’ and handle “that”.Struggle, struggle, struggle never leads to a happy ending. It defies Law. “When I get there then I’ll be happy” is not a productive mindset, because unless you’re happy, you can’t get there. When you decide to first be happy, then you’ll get there. Remember to do everything from a position of “No Struggle”. If you live your life with much struggle, then no matter what the results, it is still ridiculous because it is not the divine way that expresses the truth of who you really are, and would only amount to something that is empty or void. You won’t really feel fulfilled that way either. You feel more fulfillment when you get the things you want in a way that is without struggle, and when you are in a more heavenly state of grace.5 Simple Rules for Happiness: 1) Free your heart from hatred. 2) Free your mind from worries. 3) Live simply. 4) Give more. 5) Care less.Focus on doing only what you are inspired to do. If there is no alignment, don’t do it. Focus on the core actions and keep things simple. Live simply.

As long as it feels better and feels more right, this is the action that you eventually establish. When pondering the effectiveness of an action, you only need to ask whether it is an appropriate one, and based on wisdom. Choose inspired or sound actions. Look to see if you can do things in a more relaxed and effortless way. Stop wondering what if “this” happens or what if “that” happens. If what you do is God’s work, God takes care of it. Dedicate it to Him and rest in Him.Know the masculine but stick to the feminine. The masculine principle is force, and the feminine principle is flow. Know all that you can about powerful techniques of reality creation and magic, but choose to use them only in ways by which you are inspired to, or feel like using, and also when you feel like using it. Remember, use inspired intention and inspired action. This way, all your magical acts both mental and physical are natural and have an energy flow to them. Do what suits you best. Keep choosing to use the law of attraction in harmony with the law of inspired action. You can use core forms of magic along with inspired intentions in your reality creating, but still attribute your results mainly to the core forms.

Pure logic will help you determine the core forms. The rest will be determined by inspiration. Even better is that you can also use inspiration to determine what is the reason for your success.A mistake that is against the Tao is trying to remain positive all day long, for no reason. This is emotionally unnatural! You have been encouraged to think positively, that is to remain positive all day long, no matter what. This is unnatural because your emotions go through cycles. Sometimes you feel cheerful and happy while at other times you feel slightly depressed. This is the way your emotional system is supposed to work. When you try to alter it by consciously remaining positive you mess up your natural emotional rhythms. This can have serious backlash effects. The correct way to handle this is to make lifestyle and business decisions while you are feeling positive and cheerful, and avoid making these decisions during your negative emotional periods. Accept the fact that you will go through negative periods and mentally allow for them. If you try to act positively when you are feeling “down” you will feel unnatural because you are not in harmony with the universe.Volatility always leads to ultimate destruction in some way. The higher way is the middle path where rhythm has been neutralized and volatility has been reduced to a stable line.

This is equilibrium and a state of peace. This is the Tao. In everything, there are high points and there are low points. If you can find equilibrium which is the middle path, you can always prevail no matter which way things go.

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