Suggestions and There Affect Upon Everything You Do! 🤟🙏❤️💡

The word suggestion is derived from the word “suggestus” the vase word is suggero meaning to carry under something. A suggestion is a thought, idea or a compression or impression carried under the attention of the conscious mind; being carried into the inner consciousness of a person. Suggestion is mental influence which affect is to “creep in.” Suggestion usually operates as an authoritative statement, repeated and often and possible, without proof and avoiding argument.

A suggestion is impressed into the subconscious mind, it results in the kind of emotion and action which the suggestion is designed to produce. Positive suggestions result in positive emotions and actions, whereas negative suggestions result in negative actions. That is why it is important to be aware of the kind of suggestions that you allow yourself to be impressed with, as well as the kind of suggestions you impress others with.Too often is a child impressed with others ideas and suggestions.

The child grows to accept the suggestion authority and repetition and naturally acts along the lines of the suggestion. Any wonder why children become even more of what we say they are?We have seen mothers cry out to children who had picked up a fragile object “Oh Rachel, don’t touch that. You’re going to drop it. Careful now, it will slip from your fingers. Quick, take it from her before she drops it!” One may wonder why Rachel doesn’t drop it at the first suggestion or even after insistent repetition of the suggestion, and she often does. A kindly instruction of “Rachel put it back. Mother doesn’t like her vases moved about” would do better to preserve the object and the dexterity of the child.Similar to this is the suggestion of “Oh dear, she’ll fall down the stairs. Look out dear, you’ll fall. You’ll fall in a minute, look out now!” Can you wonder if a child does fall after a suggestion like that? Can’t you see you’re supplying the motive power for the suggested action? In such a case, the thing to do is to keep cool and not to fear. Fear is contagious and a very powerful form of suggestion.

Never fear and do not communicate suggestions that create fear. Be aware but keep steady and composed.You know the effect of fear suggests that when you take into account the terrors poured into the little minds due to “Boogey man”, “Something will grab your foot if you step out of bed”, “Better look out for ghosts when you go into the dark”, “Don’t go anywhere or a monster will catch you and take you away” and all the rest of such infernal suggestions. Many a child has been rendered “fearful” and “nervous” for the rest of its life. This is due to the fact that these mysterious underlying stories have been ingrained in the subconscious mind; creating an alternate illusion that it is not okay to be in the dark alone.

Just as adverse suggestions may be harmful to a child, the proper ones may be helpful. In a case of a shy child, ignore its shyness and take no notice of it being shy, and see that your friends act that way too. Soon the child seeing that it is not noticed at all, will begin to manifest the natural childish desire to attract attention, and will begin to come out of its shell. As for the child who tends to misbehave, state how much better behaved it is becoming and how pleased you are when it does the right thing.Always form your suggestions on what you desire the person to be and not on what you fear he or she will be or presently is. You have to praise the very qualities of a person which you seem to find missing or inadequate in order to see more of it manifested.

Act and suggest that the person is becoming or acting as you desire. Do the same for yourself. Hold the mental image of what you wish to become and your subconscious will model it as a pattern for your new character.Frame your suggestion in the positive instead of living in the denial environment for the negative effects. Don’t say “I am no longer as bad as I used to be” because the suggestion is on the word “bad” and that is what your subconscious mind will be impressed with. Say “I am a much better person today than I ever was.” Don’t say “I don’t waste time on meaningless activities” because the suggestion is on the idea of “wasting time” and “meaningless activities.” Say “I use my time in the best possible so that way I can be doing the most productive things.”Experts on insanity frequently become insane. Writers upon certain forms of disease are often affected by their own statements, constantly repeated. Salesman become impressed with certain tales told about their particular goods, and if they happen to change employers, they find the old suggestions are very hard to overcome.

That which we constantly repeat to ourselves tends to become a fixed impression in our minds, difficult to eradicate and often influencing us to a great extent.Since the subconscious mind acts on suggestions, always suggest that which you desire and not the opposite. Encourage the positives and the negatives will die away. Cultivate the desirable tendencies and the undesirable ones will die for want of nourishment. Place bright, strong, positive images in your mind and the minds of others, and avoid those of the opposite kind. Turn all suggestions to your advantage by ignoring the negative ones and asserting the positive ascensions instead.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess of Suggestion

Goddess of Attainment

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