The three main criteria for harmony in a relationship


Many people are looking for the right partner to be with them. Yet they encounter a lot of things in the relationship that seem to make them confused. This is actually a very simple problem, which has a simple answer. There are necessary pieces to the puzzle and when the pieces are in place everything would seem great. There are ways to reconcile the pieces and make sense of them.


There are three main criteria for someone to be the perfect fit for you. Attraction, synchronization and conscious resonance. All three of these things are extremely important and not one of them can be missing for a relationship to fit perfectly well. Without one of the pieces, things will never properly work itself out. For your souls mental development and expression, you want to experience the best relationship you could possibly have.The magic happens, when all three of these things are in alignment.

The first criteria is attraction, you must be physically attracted to the person and that is the first and basic level. If there is no attraction, end of discussion. You are looking for someone you feel attraction for not a friend. You are looking for a lover. Attraction includes emotional as well as sexual. You must strongly desire to be with this person that you want, so the attraction stays hot and intimate.

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The second thing is synchronization, it must be something that brings you both together. When there are random coincidences or natural flows of energy that bring you both to a second guessing game of… Well maybe this is fate, it probably is. There is always rightfully so a universal order that brings the right person to you. Synchronization is across time and space. You must be willing to both meet physically in the same time and space with ease, obviously pertaining to the timining has to be right.

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The third and super important factor is conscious resonance. The other person must have a compatible mind with yours. When you are thinking and feeling alike, the conscious resonance is good and flowing. However, if there is is no conscious resonance there, it will not work out well. The word conscious resonance is distinct in the word cognitive resonance in psychology. Conscious resonance is more holistic and transcendental. The level of Conscious resonance means the entire mentality of a person, on all levels of mind and beingness; in relation to another person.


We can feel attraction for many people, and even more some them others. We could even create intention and synchronicities out of sheer intention and strong desire. This is why you could be confused as to whether it is gods doing or your own. Conscious resonance can not be faked, it is either there or it’s not. If an individual has a vibrational mind that is perfectly in sync with yours, you have created a perfect match and found your soulmate , congratulations.

Remember, do not look for the one, live your life and the one will come to you as your energies link up. If the one for you is out there and you are both ready, God will introduce you to them. You will attract each other by synchronicities ; no other way.

Love ❤️

Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At the Goddess Bibles, A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess of Harmony

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