The Seven Levels of Intelligence and the Three Types of Genius

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The seven levels of intelligence is of the highest level and that is what we call infinite intelligence. It is the being of all knowing, the level of god, of all that is. At the same time it occupies all levels. It is like you and I. From that level there is no comparison to higher or lower because all is one. Humans or all other conscious beings can evolve towards all knowing or infinite intelligence. It is to return to the oneness, that which is god.

The first level of intelligence is the level of being smart

People who are smart are those that know certain things , that enable them to use there energy effectively to accomplish certain things that they want or something that is beneficial to them. Knowing you are smart or not is easy, if you have to ask the question, chances are your not quite smart. Smart people know and acknowledge that they are smart. It is already being past the vast majority of the common people.

The second level of intelligence is the level of being intelligent

There is a difference between being smart and being intelligent. Being smart means you can act successfully. Being intelligent means you actually seek to understand the way things work. The thinking pattern is at a totally different level. Intelligent people have a quality of brightness and sharpness to there thinking.

The third level of intelligence is being super smart

When a person is super smart, they are much more powerful then the other people or are just smart or just intelligent. Super smart people obtain peak positions in this world in terms of power and success and wealth. They are the captains of different industry’s, the leaders of this world.

The fourth level of intelligence is being super intelligent

The physical world, the most powerful dimension known to reality; one is an apex being at this level. Ones ability to think and understand and speeds and circumstances so high supersede all other levels of intelligence below. A super intelligent person withstands the manipulations of the world.

The next level comes genius

A genius is someone who is able to think at such a high order , that he or she comes up with a unique or original idea 💡 elevating the thinking of humanity to the next level. Such people are our greatest inventors, artists , musicians, scientists and philosophers.

The sixth level of intelligence is being a super genius. This contains transcendental genius. They understand higher dimension physics and philosophy.

Seventh level of intelligence and how it is calculated

There is divine intelligence as well as source intelligence at level seven. Level seven is the vortex , it is the place of pure positive energy that is most connected to source energy. When you experience a level seven person you experience the highest levels of exhilaration and magic like idealizations.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Goddess of Seven Levels of Intelligence

Lessons, My Path To A Meaningful Life

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