An abundant mindset vs. A scarcity mindset

An abundant mindset is one that is hopeful , positive and also expects and wants the best for you. Opportunities are easier to spot for you. You are able to take more risks, knowing that the bigger the risk; the larger the reward. You enjoy life more easily because all of your needs are met. The best things in life , eventually go your way.

A scarcity mindset leads to negativity and self behaviors, causing people to lose their emotions and experiences they have had with them. Meaning, they are ignoring or neglecting what they already know to be truth. Opportunities become scarce and you are struggling to find them. You’re afraid to lose so you play it safe. You live in fear of pessimism, therefore; you fight people or the world to get what you need or want.

Wealth is Power to purchase freedom in life!

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3 healing effects of Honey 🍯

A rising number of doctors and nurses are telling their patients to eat this life living sugar every single day ! They are providing it in prescription based form to people to treat life threatening diseases, heal chronic conditions and keep people looking and feeling their best! This is honey 🍯

Honey contains a great number of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that nourish and re-vitalize your body! Throughout history honey has been used to treat coughs, indigestion, wounds, flus, skin infections, fatigue, burns and more! In ancient Egypt, they used honey over 500 times in 900 different remedies.

Hippocrates, the father to modern medicine used honey as a treatment for pain, dehydration and the fever. Honey, supports your immune system and fights off harmful bacteria. Your body, is under constant assault from numerous bacteria and viruses that threaten to tire you out, make you sick and could even kill. Fighting off this threat is key to keeping you healthy.

One of the vital enzymes in honey is glucose oxidase. This enzyme, when exposed to oxygen, produces hydrogen peroxide. A strong acid that dissolves the cell walls of bacteria. Most human cells have thicker cell walls and can resist the low amounts of acid, honey produces. This makes honey a powerful tool for fighting skin infections, healing wounds and otherwise supporting your immune system.


Dr. Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder of The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Dr. Laura P Zukerman

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