The world is simply a Mirror!

My Beautiful Island 🌴

The world is simply a mirror, reflecting back to us, our own inner state of conscious being. If we are inwardly in turmoil, we are most definitely going to see a tumultuous world. A seemingly joyful world, is returning to us our utmost of inward joy. What we see is a reflection of our state of consciousness.

The days , where everything seems to be going wrong for you, usually begins with one bad event. It could be the alarm didn’t go off, the car won’t start… etc, we allow this to affect our state of mind. This leads to more and more things happening to make the day even more terrible, eventfully thinking we live in an ugly world, with terrible people, hating life itself. Yet, nothing in our world created our own misery. It was our response to how it reflected upon us and created our conscious thinking of negative thoughts. Everything in the universe has been resolved to make up your own inward experiences. It matters, like what is without. It is all a reflection of your own inner consciousness. It matters, for everything that you are within; for everything without , will be mirrored and colored accordingly. It is always best to think the for highest good, even if things are going your way all of the time. The remarkable factual thing is when looking for the good in everyday, you will always find something good to look for.

It is much easier to eliminate hatred within you, then around you. Your internal state is easier to perceive that what is around you externally. The key to banishing or refuting something from your internal world is by expediting it from your outer world. Your reality mirror is your internal world, Id say love your reality mirror, praise it on a daily basis; therefore you won’t sweat the small stuff.

No matter what seems to happen, if you begin to look for the good you shall and will find it. A positive thinker did not seem to refuse or refute the negative, he just did not seem to dwell upon it. Positive thinking is a form of thought, which usually habitually looks for the best results; stemming from unbearable or unbiased conditioning.

Using your reality mirror is to seek for what you like and dislike within and of yourself, as well as in your external world; what it is your are seeking for ; happiness for example. Let that show in your internal world and it will reflect externally towards you.


Dr. Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Dr. Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess of mirroring the self 👌👁🤟

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