The Seven Senses All Sense is One Sense

Their is really only one sense, the sense of feeling. All other senses are one in the same sense. To hear, touch, smell and taste is to feel; all of these lead to feeling.

Looking at something, is touching it. The more you like something, or someone per say, the more you are mentally touching your desire. Just like different colors have different physiological, biological and spiritual effects on us.

Music moves people in different ways no one else can. Through beats, vibration , rhythm and harmony; they all lead to differentiating emotional journeys. Music can intrinsically bring you to a place you have never been before.

The statement “You’ve reached out for my hand, but your touching my heart.” Shows that touching someone has more than just a physical effect. This can also show your strength, intention, attitude and emotion.

The way to a mans heart is through his stomach, however; the food that we eat requires more than just nutritional value to satisfy us. We consume food for both physical and mental well being. Some people tend to eat more or less when they feel anxious. If the intention is eating more; it is purposed to mean that you feel a lack of something. Therefore, the food fills the void.

Smell is the attractant or repellent scent of love. The smell of someone will literally pull you towards or away from them. Beautifully smelling flowers can instantly bring about feelings of romance and serenity. It isn’t how a man looks , it’s how he makes you feel. Vice versa. The most primitive sense of vibration is through feeling. That is why the invisible or silent forces can only be perceived through feeling them.

Vibrations that are beyond the range of the five senses , can be perceived directly by our consciousness. All sensory input travels through our nervous system, becomes processed by our brain and travels through our consciousness. Our conscious can be perceived through a form beyond the physicality’s of our bodies; thought vibrations are higher than any vibration in our physical world. Consciousness is most sensitive to thought vibration.

There is universal consciousness that permeates and connects all things in the universe, Therefore; our thoughts are literally affecting everything around us externally. Plants for example, do not have eyes to see nor ears to hear. However, they respond greatly to sunlight and music.

Plants even respond to thoughts of people. In the book, primary perception a plant registers bioelectrical activity, when the author intended to burn it. The plant is able to correspond from planned and spontaneous activity. This shows that plants and other living cell organisms can read our thoughts. Talking to plants and trees is actually a great way to keep them alive and well.

The idea that all senses are one sense , is based around the idea that one someone loses a sense, they are able to make up for it with another or all other senses. This permeates so well that someone who has lost one sense, when the rest of the senses make up for it, the sense you lost may have become more advantageous when it was around. This is because the compensating senses develop inexplicable powers to make up for the other loss.

Since all five senses lead to feeling, feeling also leads to all five senses. Knowing that all sensory stimulus are vibrations , shows you how cross sensory perception works. For instance, you can hear the loudness of color and see the brightness of sound. You see, everything is light, sound, touch, feeling and taste.

There is an order in which the five senses develop in the womb, the first is touch, followed by a sense of taste, then smell, hearing and then sight. In the external world in terms of perceptual reach, the order of closest to furthest; touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight. The sixth sense is a sense of inner knowing and feeling. To know is to feel and to feel is to know. Therefore, knowing and feeling are one. How do you know something? Through internal feeling. How do you know something to be true? You know by how it feels.

You experience frequency, energy and feeling with vibration. For every mental phenomena you experience, their is an internal frequency. If you can recreate the internal frequency, you can recreate the phenomena. This is how psychokinesis works. We put our mind in order of the frequency, in order to move it. Energy can move in to directions in and out. The seventh sense in the universe is thought perception.

You see, emotion and thinking are symbiotic. Everything is thought! Thought is mind in motion. Feeling is perception Of emotion or E-motion. An emotion can run without your conscious until you feel and become aware of it. Feelings are everything. All emotions are energy in motion. Externally things are external emotions. Internally things are internal emotions.


Dr. Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Dr. Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess of all senses being ☝️ One! 👁

Goddess of Earth, Air , Water, Fire

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