The Importance of Emotional Interaction

Emotions are the essence of communication. Although some people think waiting to say how they feel might be the right way to approach something. From a psychological point of view, there is a time frame. This is because, you won’t always feel the same way, be it better or worse; you don’t need to keep accumulating a proportionality useless conversation if it’s not fathomable, concrete or something greater than what you are experiencing that day. Basically, to cut off a conversation to then go into something from your past, just doesn’t make much sense. If it happened you should brush it off with someone else if it has not been said already. Unless it is addressed the same day! Emotions change and then change again, there needs to be some balance in the intrinsic system of their will be no value to what your reiterating.

Memory is tied to your emotions. We usually are capable of remembering a situation not because of the actual events, more so; the feelings we had when experiencing this event. Your emotions are more real than your thoughts. Your rationalizing thoughts create a grand scheme of things; while, emotions are more intelligent than your thoughts that are lacking in what you are actually capable of feeling.

The fallacy of cooling off for a minute before you speak is due to the fact that, your emotions are at higher states and you may say something you regret when extremely angry. If you just cool it off for a minute, you might realize that it was irrational behavior on your part. The conversation with another will now be more authentic in meaning, because; you won’t abrupt in dismay.

Those who become too afraid to talk about there emotional well being, have it way harder; thus creating, patterns or undesirable events to happen time and time again. This is just due to the fact that they are afraid to speak there truth, or get their word across to one specific person, a group of people, or the general public.

Emotion , is energy in motion. An emotion can run without your conscious effort, until you have perceived and become aware of it. When your with your spouse and the fight is presently going on; it is good to voice your opinions. Fear is not and should not be the driving force of any relationship. If you fear the person you an intimate with, you are not in the right relationship.

Feelings, resonance and vibration are all a process of tension and release. Increased magnitude in vibration, or combined multiple or smaller vibrations, can increase pleasure. Such as the frequency of vibrations to music. Pleasure and tension build up because of the energy of flow in motion. There are two kinds of pleasure one can experience. First, the peaceful, gentle soothing vibrations. Resulting from constant and gentle vibrations. The second is immense, powerful and passionate pleasure that results from a resonate or strong vibration.

Pleasure seeks to culminate, by building up pleasure and then releasing it. There is a kind of pleasure when tension is being built up at the same time and then released. This is internal release taking place, while vocalizing your wants and concerns it internalizes a greater mood. Why? It solidifies what has been going on in your mind and begins to calm you down, through the release of dopamine.

The best emotional partner for you, is one whom you can feel emotionally in sync with. One whom you can tell your emotions too, and have them relate to what you are going through. When you release a bunch of emotions that are not fathomable towards you or your spouse, you release a sense of pleasure. This pleasure, should be liberating, exciting and emotionally reverting towards the person you are experiencing this with.

Music and love are two ways of taking over our emotions so readily and quickly. There is no need to resist these things, just let the vibrations ebb and flow through you; experiencing both of these sensations; are two of the best sensations you experience in life.


Dr. Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Dr. Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess of emotional pleasure

Goddess of Interactions

Goddesses of the two prenatal cortex pleasures. (Music and Love)

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