Taking spiritual authority to live in victory!

Leopard kinis and Greece

If there would be one thing that would change the authority of the world it would be victory vs. defeat. Taking spiritual authority. You can build up faith, trust in god and be at rest. Actively reinforce faith through commanding spiritual authority! The active of commanding would mean executing divine power, it is the trigger to the loaded gun and the execution to where all universal power is released.

You succeed or fail, according to the way you see yourself. People who are broke work very hard but still desiccate themselves in undesirable positions. Why is this? They believe that life is so hard. When ones belief is switched to believe life is easy, accumulative for money and prosperity, ones life becomes much easier.

When you change the way you are looking at yourself, put more effort on the way yourself is perceiving everything and yourself, you will gain a higher mentality for achieving success. Always seek to assess a positive identity in yourself, in every circumstance that you encounter.

Your attitude determines your future. The wise deliberately chose their thoughts and emotions, changing them , they way they pleaded. It is said in the amplified Bible “ all the days of the despondently afflicted are made evil. ( by anxious thoughts and foreboding.) He who has a glad heart, has a continual feast. “ This In textual Meaning, says; regardless of circumstances you are creating whatever you desire, whenever you want. Deliberating creation at its finest.

Life is also like this, you start out with a vision; a storm comes along, you either calm the storm yourself through faith; or let god calm the storm for you. Put your entire heart towards something. Your entire heart is the sum of your feelings. Take all of these and direct the feelings through verbal affirmations, physical motion or a mental declaration. Magic is really just about energy being directed in a certain place, having that energy released towards something; and then letting go of it, putting it at a state of rest. This is living according to the law of deliberate creations. We are here to experience ourselves as conscious creators of our own realities.

If you don’t want to exert your own authority, it will be so that you will be under the authority of another. Take spiritual authority and drive your life force as god wants you to do so.


Dr. Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess of Authority & Spiritual Victory

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