Success is the Result of Illusion Making Skills!

The most successful people in the world, are actually the ones who created the biggest illusions. These people are film producers , story tellers , movie stars, music producers and marketers. As long as your willing to play with and manipulate illusions, you can have anything you want!

Two of the best ways are marketing and movie making. As a marketer, you create your story and find ways of delivering the message to the type and amount of audience you are creating through your targeting. In the movies, you produce a film; having the film’s play out in cinemas, on television, on the internet; or anywhere else people go to watch illusions.

What would you think of , when you think of the idea of playing god? What if gods were extra dimensional beings, projecting their holograms and virtual stories onto the world for people to experience and believe? In a movie or a television show, we want to believe that everything we are watching is our reality, and that this type of environment actually exists. Right?

What if you were an actor, and the true background of reality around you is a green screen? It would mean that Maya (Illusion) was playing all around you! This would mean to we experience anything you wanted ,all you would have to do would be to manipulate Maya. The way of manipulating Maya is to get in communication with the producers, the ones setting the scenarios around you. Then ask these producers to make the changes you desire. Reality is a co-creation of those acting in it, producing in it, and watching it. When all are in an agreement with one another; reality is experienced in a successful and composed way.

The bigger and greater the illusions you create, the more famous and successful you will become. People will seek to work with you, people find you attractive, people give you what you want! Money, adoration, sex, and favor in abundance! All that you draw to yourself in return is based on what you create and project onto the world!

The stage has evolved from the theater, to the cinema to the holodeck, and even into reality itself. What if , time is an illusion? And extra dimensional beings from the future have inserted their illusions backwards in and throughout time and space? What if we are the extra dimensional beings and all the world is our stage.

The simple way to success, is to start with what you can make work. Go from their, developing your illusion making Skills. These could include: marketing, acting, showmanship, writing, storytelling, acting, music making, art, design, movie making , video editing, influence and persuasion etc. There are more down to earth abilities that are accepted and agreed upon by those acting, producing and watching in the show called earth! Success is all about joining or forming the right companies.

Infact, don’t be surprised when these earthly illusion making Skills are also very applicable, in reality manipulation across all realities and dimensions. G.O.D is the Grand Opera Director. The All Seeing (Eye) =illusion, illumination, Illuminati. Shine your light and spread your sound. Amaze, dazzle, mystify and captivate!

Everybody wants a great story. Not just any story, but a great one. Stories are what sell. The top 100 movies of all time, are mostly good feelings throughout and tend to have a great ending. Even in business, the most successful businesses and products are sold because they have a great story behind them. If you have good stories to tell/sell, you can and will be successful. Always find a way to connect your story with your product. People with associate the good things you experience with what you are selling. In this way, you can sell anything to anybody, by making them see the relevance of the product your selling!

The Law of Marketing states, that ones ability to get what one wants when it involves the action of others is determined by the extent by which one is able to communicate, influence and entice effectively. This involves illusion making. The flip side of the law is ones ability to be aware of marketing tactics used by others. This is so they can retain insight, as to whether ones actions is truly for the best of one’s own self interest. This involves illusion busting.

Many people know the law of attraction, not many people know the law or marketing. It is the law of marketing that enables one to put the law of attraction into a full blown manifestation for success, influence and riches! It is through the law of marketing that enables one to see through illusions and retain the bulk of there wealth. Those who master the law of attraction and the law of marketing, are the sharpest, most liberated, most powerful, most influential, and most successful people on the planet.

Happy Marketing and Happy Manifesting!


Dr. Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At the Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Dr. Laura Zukerman

Becoming You’re Inner Goddess

Goddess of Marketing

Goddess of Manifestation

Goddess of illusion 👁🤟❤️

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