Mind and Body Healing, Cures Roots of Illness.

Baby I’ll be your good, little, bad …

Physical illness is directly or indirectly related to physiological causes. Say, there is mental unrest; it will affect the body as well. A physical symptom, is something that your body is experiencing and relaying back to your brain. If you have an illness, it is usually because you are ignoring the signs that your body is signaling to you, before the illness was even formulated inside of your body. When the signals begin to get louder and louder, the condition begins to worsen; this is until you have no choice but to make a mental or physiological change , an emotional change and a physical alignment of course of action ie, exercise.

The point here is to not focus on what is wrong with you, however ; getting to the point of awareness on what messages the body is sending out to you. Your bodies messages are never wrong, they are always right; seeking you into the right direction or process to create the right change of reaction for an illness to detain or go through physical mental and emotional change to resolve or force this problem in your system, out of your body. Ie , chemo therapy for cancer.

Ignoring what your body is telling you, is something that goes way deeper than biological ; it leads to things that create a concourse of downward spirals from there. When you have fear, anxiety, emotional unrest your mind communicates those signals back to your body and In-turn the mind then relays the message; feedback , back to the mind. You see, the mind and body are connected through the same cybernetic loop, they mirror one another. Either one can lead and the other one will follow.

Of the two, the mind is superior. What is in the mind has the power to override the body! It is scientifically proven. Having the idea that your emotions and thoughts are what control your physical well being, rather than the other way around; it will represent things in a way that empowers your mind far greater. When your mind is the dominant one, you are in control. If your mind is the ladder; the weaker one, you are therefore, being controlled.

The way to the most potent and beneficial way of healing is through your mentality and your physical well being, being perceptive of what is going on in your body; having unkindly awareness to the situation; creating a physical regeneration of new cells to form, killing off the 🦠 viruses.

The system of psychoneuroimmunology ,(the way the mind infects the nervous system, in turn affecting the immune system.) Long before there was any physics disorder, you have a belief of disorder is your mind and your body became physically reactive to that belief. When people focus on treating the biological factors ; neglecting the physiological factors behind it; it negates the illness altogether. If you don’t allow your mind to take control and retort to other thinking, your body will have the same recurring illness over and over again.

Holistically speaking; we deal with the physical, mental, physiological and spiritual aspects of healing. Always be aware of what your body is capable of or conscious of the natural state of equilibrium; if you feel then, that the body has become off balance; that is when you need to get it checked, before something terrible could happen, putting you at deaths door; when you could have stopped it way before it got to such a low level point in your body’s life. Heal the emotions before you heal the body, that will come once your emotional state is in place.

It is better to walk in divine heath , then to actually need physical divine healing. We all want to be healthy , if you feel like something is wrong, fix it mentally first! It will usually fix the physicality’s later on.


Dr. Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Dr. Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess of mentality over physicality

Goddess on 🔥

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