Kundalini Energy for Manifestation of Intention

Kundalini, sexual life force and pleasure are all one. The physical dimensional planes were first created to give us order; for a singular moment of awareness. Prior to this, we and God, experienced all things in totalitarian states. The psychical states have given us, humans; our time and space. As well, as other souls , this is an opportunity to experience a single moment of anything or everything all at once. When your imbed kundalini into your life, you bring balance into your energy center.

God , gave us free will, however he did not send any soul to earth without a physical life expectancy timeline. Souls, found this to be a gift because they were able to incarnate onto other physical planes as well, after death. While alive and then for reincarnation to occur; souls; believed it gave them time to isolate and spiritually grow, creating for more abundance, prosperity, learning and definitely more experience.

Some souls get lost in the wheels of karma and still have to pay back their debts for what is being given must be returned back to you. Whether it may be good or bad. We are always connected to the source or some people call this God. This source energy, always reverts back into the universe. By gaining awareness, you are gaining spirituality and growth of your souls purpose.

Electrical magnetism and that which creates physical attraction, stems from kundalini energy. Some people spend their entire lives never touching or experiencing the chi or the divine source. Spiritual and sexual energy are actually one in the same. However, slightly different forms. More of it means more creation of life. Kundalini energy is one of the most vital energy sources you can use to accumulate prosperity. Kundalini when used correctly can bring a vital source of love, light and spiritual guidance into your lifestyle.

The Electromagnetic energy that is created during sexual experiences, is charged enough to connect to all of these spiritual planes. The ones who have a desire for life, are the ones who thrive. Those who lose their sexual drive, begin to lose a grip on life itself. Love attracts more life. They key to doing and attaining what you want ; do what you love and do it with passion. This will then thrive on your creative genius. It’s all about giving and receiving pleasures.

It is possible to raise this type of feeling without a partner and without sex, however, it’s through your kundalini energy that goes through your spinal passage ways. Preventing emotional blockages from just flowing freely through your endocrine system. The aim is to create space, space is the primary source of power.

When you raise the kundalini , you raise the vibrational power with your soul and your soulmate. Your going into a subconscious level when you raise your kundalini. Releasing kundalini energy is actually the best way to create or attain your soulmate. The pull of kundalini energy is attraction energy.


Dr. Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess of Kundalini Energy

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