How To Overcome Deep Rooted Beliefs

There are times when faced with a focused problem, involving two contradictory beliefs; despite the efforts to eliminate the negative one, you can’t seem to succeed because of the sense of wrongness; that is being questioned or justified by you. You know that to overcome it, you must understand it and then move on from it. You try focusing on the positive beliefs only; however, the negative ones are also in your awareness. How do you remove such a deep rooted belief?

Conflicting beliefs doesn’t necessarily stop you from achieving success, the stronger beliefs will always override the weaker ones. It is your dominant beliefs that have the true authority over your reality creation manifestation. The negative beliefs don’t just go away automatically; they happen over time. Ultimately it is all a matter of focus, and what thoughts you predominantly hold in your mind will be the ones to come out on top. Eventually, the others will disappear.

Keep your focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want. Overtime, you will get to where you want to be. More so, then where you don’t want to be. By being courageous and facing the past; you can turn negative emotions, into positive ones; just by finding a different reference point. When your positive set of references becomes bigger than the negative set of ones; it will no longer matter. Thereby, being automatically eliminated.

If you want to eliminate your beliefs correctly, know your Meta beliefs. This is beliefs about beliefs. You first have to find out the reason of that belief and then find out the reason for the reason behind that belief. Go as far back as you can remember, until you get to the core. Look for the root cause.

Before you work on eliminating a belief, make sure that it is a limiting belief. It could be that this belief is as advantageous as it is disadvantageous. When making judgements about a belief being positive or negative that is a meta belief.

Before eliminating a weakness, we should look at the connected side to it. It could end up being that the belief is not a weakness at all and underlying strength is what creates it. For example, someone who in tenacious may appear to be stubborn. One who is confident may appear to be cocky. One who is zealous , May appear to be proud. One who has conviction may appear to be intolerant.

Sometimes, we roll into something; thinking it was a limiting belief, when all along it was the reason for our uniqueness and or the reason for our success. This is often caused by the egocentricity and needs self introspection. Many individuals end up deteriorating because they realize that they don’t have all of the tools for success. Your sense of wrongness to question the justifications of a belief, signifies a belief you have about questioning that belief.

Ask yourself, why you have that sense of wrongness. And the reason behind that reason. If you tackle things on the upper levels, you can move down towards the lower levels. Beliefs come from perception. How you felt about something in that moment, will result in how your belief stems from that emotion or feeling you had when it occurred.

How you perceive something, is also the meaning you have association with it for when it had happened. Ask questions like… why does it have to mean that? Or , what else could it actually mean?

If you change how you look at something now, you will begin to change your beliefs that formed it. Start looking at it from other perspectives. Look for the powerful belief not the one that makes you feel powerless.

Your current beliefs are strong because they are attached to references that validated them. A reference is also determined by perception. If you change the way you perceived the situation, you will find another way to get rid of this horrible belief. One example would be a belief such as your parents saying when you were younger “money didn’t grown on trees.” Therefore, you think it’s scarce; get rid of that limiting belief.

Lastly, you must ask if your beliefs are internally imposed or externally imposed. Who is controlling your mind in that area, you or society. Your growth comes from awareness, authentication or authenticity and lastly , Focus!

Seeking awareness, and understanding how things work in your mind. Self knowledge is personal power. Being authentic and looking for the essence because that gets you to the root or core of things. Focus on the correct things, what you focus on will expand!


Dr. Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At the Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Dr. Laura Zukerman

Becoming You’re Inner Goddess

Goddess who seeks Awareness, Authentication and Focus!

Goddess who rids him/herself of limiting beliefs

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