Leaders lead by example for others to follow to see what no has seen before them!

Exercise everyday is the healthiest thing you can do for yourself, it cleans out all the toxins in your body and keeps you looking fabulous.

The greatest advancements of mankind; have been made at times , when the whole worlds perception has/was shifted because of the insight of one specific individual. It is the new ways of seeing and understanding reality, that helps us grow from where we are; to where we are capable of being. To change public perception, is not always an easy task; however, it can be done. It is difficult to continue believing in something , when everyone else is believing the complete opposite of you. However, independence in an vision is the challenge of all leaders.

Collective consciousness is or acts like a gravity that pulls all individual consciousness unto itself. The greatest force that keeps us from going anywhere is called inertia. You see, when there is change, there is a potential risk for things changing for the worse, therefore; people become skeptical of a new way of thinking. Since it is the nature of consciousness to preserve itself, change tends to be discouraged. Change is purely based on intention. For change to happen their must be an act of the will, which is the ruling faculty of consciousness , to create change. Leaders must be willful to cause changes.

Most people tend to stick to the status quo because that’s where they have certainty and control. To move upon the current accepted reality is to move into the realm of uncertainty. What is uncertain, cannot be controlled. Consciousness needs order control in order to ensure its own survival skills. Most people are too scared to give up their control temporarily, in order to gain more control later on. That is why spirits have often encountered violent opposition for mediocre minds.

The masses of our population do not realize that confusion is a doorway to a new understanding. Chaos is only a temporary state of disorder, this is so consciousness can rearrange itself into a higher order of existence. Without that interjection/interference of the way things are; the same pattern will repeat itself until some order is made. Every time we start to doubt and question our own perspective of reality, it is an opportunity for us to have a paradigm shift. This can literally turn around our entire lives.

Red Kinis and Cartier all day

Our true power lies in our consciousness. -As we know consciousness is infinite, eternal and unchanging. This means consciousness originated from a state of existence that was all knowing, complete and perfect. Here, there is no need for change, all changes are already contained within it. The purpose of experiencing change is to rediscover and evolve back into our infinite, external and omniscient pure consciousness.


Dr. Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Dr. Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess of consciousness 🤟

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