Four universal elements in manifestation success

There are four universal elements involved in the magic of manifestation. They are wind , water , earth and fire. They are also the elements of creation. Therefore, in your work of reality , these four elements must be used for your manifestation to be completed. The only reason for failure of manifestation is when you have a misalignment with one of these elements. Four in the number of the elements. When you know more and more about the universe it is easier to create what you desire.

The first element which is wind represents intention. Wind or air is the mental plane of reality. It is the plane of pure information or data. When using the element of wind, you are using pure thought. In this setting you can use things such as visualization, affirmations or pure intent ; which can also be referred to as goal setting. These three activities take place on the mental plane. You can use any of these three separately or all together. Have a goal to achieve, visualize the outcome and affirm that it will be materialized towards you.

The second element which is water represents emotion. Water is the emotional or astral plane of reality. It is the plane of desire. Whatever you are feeling manifests on this plane first. In this realm you can use the act of generating emotion for manifestation. This is the feeling you get when you have already attained your desire. Energy is needed for creation and your feeling is the energy. The feelings of peace, joy and gratitude helps in providing manifesting for like conditions. Your feeling is of resonance and attraction.

The third element which is earth represents action. Earth is the etheric and physical plane of reality. It is the plane of materialization. Inspired action is the way things are brought into form on the material plane. Action is what enables you to be a part of the manifestation process. The joy is in experiencing creating happening through you, not against you!

The fourth elements which is fire represents righteousness. Fire is the soul or casual plane of reality. It is the intention of divine will. According to righteousness if your manifestation hasn’t panned our for you the way you want it to be , it is because it is waiting to unfold for you when the time is right.

The fifth element is emptiness or void. It simply is pure , undefined energy. Intent, emotion, action and higher intent. This energy is consciousness differentiated into those four aspects. The mind must come to a clearing phase , except to leave one aspect there , intent. From single-mindedness ( singular thinking ) your intent has great clarity.

All four of your elements must be working in harmony with each other for them to all succeed and manifest for you. There is another aspect of righteousness and that is karma. The universe is a mirror , what you do will be reflected back to you. Your desires have way more powerful attributes when your karma is positively charged and not in the negative zone.


Dr. Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Dr. Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess of Earth, Water, Air , Fire and the universe

Manifestation Goddess 👁🌹

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