Change the past, by altering your perception of it.

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You can literally change the past by altering your perception of it. The past doesn’t have any effect on it, except altering the present. By changing the past that exists in your consciousness, you alter its connection to the present reality. Time does not exist it is an illusion. By going back in what we call “time” and changing your thoughts, you will influence what you are experiencing in the Now. Your present reality is literally influenced by your thoughts of the past.

We can change our past by altering our memories. When we change the way we think about what happened, we tap into an alternate timeline, where the way we imagine it to be , really didn’t happen that way. The alternate past times leads to certain things that would have happened in Our alternate present reality. Therefore, this reality manipulation with consciousness will result in synchronicities. This will occur in our actual timeline, the present or the near future, as it merges with an alternate one.

Changing perception of the past, is literally changing the past itself. Together with the memory of it. Reality is held by awareness, one thing in memory is associated with another. When you change your perception of something in the past, you will change everything that is associated with it, that everyone is unaware of. Those things that people are unaware of, are open of temporal alteration.

Reality is empty and fluid. Nothing exists in definite form unless will let it be so. It is awareness that locks something into place and gives it permeance. Without awareness, it will dissolve back into a state of indefinite energy, emptiness, undefined energy. When something is no longer focused upon by the universal mind , it no longer has that reality. Karma is energy of the past, that affects the present. Forgiveness , clears karma by releasing that energy and allowing that present energy to change in ways that are free of the past.

You do not have to live in regret, disappointment or even disappear, because of what had happened in your past. The present is the only reality that exists! You are to live in the now, and to experience these moments fully. Even the past lives in the present in a omnipresent time. Freedom to live is yours now for the taking, the past is now your present. You can choose to alter anything that has hurt you, belittled you or made you feel used. People in your past that have stepped on you just to climb to the top, those people are not trying their best for their own purpose of self. Let them know you appreciate them and say 👋. What is , is what was.

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Choose to view everything that has happened in your past as perfect. There are no mistakes, only destiny pointing you in the right direction. Looking down from a higher perspective, where you are now is perfect. It is all timing and conditioning, to radiate this present moment. Live the best present moment that you can live, knowing that you have lived your best past.


Dr. Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder at The Goddess Bibles A Memoir Dr. Laura Zukerman PHD

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess of the past to Goddess of the present ✍️👣👁🌹🛍🎁

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