Letting Extremes Guide You to Balance Your Mind- Duality of the Brain 🧠

The majority of people , are creatures of mood. It seldom occurs to them, that it is possible to understand the underlying psychological aspects to different moods. By mastering this affect, the knowledge and psychology behind a mood; one may master emotional fluctuations and coordinate the self.

Coordinating of the self , is an intellectual matter and requires systematically thinking differently, then you normally would. Those who are victims to emotional fluctuations are , usually incapable of possessing or ; processing their intellectual development. Intelligence is the primary thing, to develop and master ones moods.

We tend to have a duality of the self. Today, we usually believe strongly about something due to conditions or conditioning that it supported or supportive. Then, the next day we might feel something very different because we are changing our thinking, feeling differently. One day the world is totally within our power to influence, the next day; we can’t seem to do anything at all. This is a bipolar persons mind ; or someone with a mood disorder, the mood is not stable here. The person is Hopeful one moment , dejected the next. Inconsistency becomes a pattern for ones thoughts, words and actions. We must establish this power to always resolve the duality of the self.

Example: A man , who in one mood believes all things are spiritual, and good. The next, knows not what he believes, therefore he is not a complete man.

There are higher and lower states of consciousness. The lower states of characterized by a sense of limitation. There is a painful awareness, of the process that is going on. In the higher state, you see the process by which the goal is intended to orient to. All that was so painfully apparent , is now seen and far worse; the focus is off. The focus needs to be ideally on the soul purpose.

Suffering is regarding in the light of its significance in its growth of character. Material possessions are only valued for what they are worth. From the lower point of view, life is seen as conflict. From above, life is seen in the light; which is of peace and that is the outcome. The lower is the plane of struggling. The higher is the domain of quiet composure. Knowing it’s going to be 👌. One in which the person overcomes, what they are dealing with. The lower is the realm of judgement by appearance, through materialistic belief. The higher, is the realm of righteous judgements. What is true on the differentiations of levels, differs from one to the next.

It is through the alteration of moods, that one sees the law of balance. You may be conscious on the lower level one day, and feel weighed down by the conditions that are surrounding or even suffocating you. The next day, you may rise again onto a superior plane; and your entire world becomes transformed, transgressed. You will then laugh at the fears and problems of yesterday. Your vision will carry you many times as far as you believe you can or cannot. Doubts can never assail you any longer, know now in your zeal, you have overleaped the mark of fear. Tomorrow you might be down again, the next day you might rise after.

By continuing to compare , you gradually develop a coy mood. Which is relatively greater then your highs and lows on the spectrum. You arrive at the state of equanimity. This gives you the freedom from your pulls of emotion turbulence. You now have attained your god like nature of being true, unchanging, constant, content and complete. The pendulum of life is always swinging. Your inner subconscious flow shifts up and down from time to time. By placing yourself at the center you are transcending the swing to shift into the middle of equilibrium.


Dr. Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Dr. Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess of Innate Wisdom

Goddesses and Gods Words to the Wise

Goddess on 🔥

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