Law of Creative Harmony, Maintains order of the Universe

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This Law of creative harmony states that the universe supports all intentions and actions that contribute to the greater good. According to the law of one, all things in the universe are one.

The essence of the entire universe is oneness. Harmony is the underlying nature of the universe. Those who know that are enlightened, the more one is able to understand creative harmony in all areas of lifes situational concerns. The more one opposese the creative harmony and order of the universe, the more unenlightened they actually are.

There is a force underlying everything, that exists or happens, it is unifying creative harmonious force. This force is the energy of source. Source itself is the energy of everything. Everything receives it’s energy in source, in order to exisit. This one creative force acts as a governor that resists disharmony and things that will pull away from the whole; and encourages all things that support or add to the whole.

In other words, the law of creative harmony states that the universe , supports and encourages these energies; and influences that pull away from the universe. The nature of source is well-being. It is said that God is good. That is true, however; evil is the opposite of what God is. The one source , is what supplies all energy and creativity.

When God is for you , who can be against you? If God is your helper, you shouldn’t fear what men shall do to you. We do not just want success, we want great success. Success can come by doing only what is safe and does not offend another.

All positive things are not equal either. The more creative harmony , a positive thought possesses , the more power it has to manifest. Always goes with the positive intent and think of a win/win.


Dr. Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Dr. Laura Zukerman

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