Freely express your sensual and sexual self – just don’t be deemed for the term. #securegoddessesonly

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Your sexual energy , is the energy of life. You are a sexual being , created from sexual energy. If you are not comfortable experiencing sexual pleasure, sexual sensations; you are strangling your sexual energy.

Allow yourself to experience yourself as an alive, sensual and sexual being all day long. Let the sensual and sexual energy flow, throughout your entire body. By letting yourself experience this all day long, in any circumstance or situation, you will gain the ultimate sense of freedom.

Sexual freedom is a state of permission. It has been insanely suppressed all around the world! Take a trip on the WILD wild side. 😜 When your exploration is explored, you sensually feel alive or will feel alive.

Sexual prowling is what we all want, right? Every person wants to be sexually liberated. When others can feel there is so much to gain from being with you, through the fun loving nature you project ; they will be irresistibly drawn to you.

When you accept yourself completely, and love yourself freely; that is when you can accept others for who they really are, and be truly loving to them. Without fear, insecurity or weakness. By accepting and expressing yourself as a sexual being , with sexual desire; you are able to give others the sexual permission to express themselves.

Sexually expressed people are more attractive , because we find that they are able to find pleasure with us much easier. Even the littlest thing can cause the deepest arousal, so get it out of your system, you crazy animals.


Dr. Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Sex Goddess in the past, sexual being in the present.

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