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The reason that sometimes we manifest what we want, and sometimes we don’t; is due to our intent. Sometimes we consciously intend for something to manifest and therefore, we experience it happening. But then, at other times; we consciously forget to intend it and therefore it does not manifest during those times. Everything happens with intent. We have to keep choosing in those moments, what we wish to experience. You have to intend what you want each time, it doesn’t just happen. It also must be something intended to make something better, if it is for negative intent it will not manifest, or it will come back to you through the law of Karma.

Do things on purpose. Many people become afraid to let their motives show, when they do something to get what they want. You can have whatever you want and let others know it too. It is in the nature of everyone to do something with intent and and everything around intentionally becomes what you create. The whole universe operates by intention. When your allowing yourself to act accordingly and through intention, you will find yourself getting more and more of what you want. You do these things on purpose , make that purpose have some meaning.

When you get to a place with the attraction of the opposite sex in mind , or if your gay same sex, go their with your intention in mind. Don’t go there pretending to yourself that you are just their to have fun. Your true desire is to meet attractive people, of the opposite or same sex genders. Otherwise, this would be putting half hearted energy, into your intent; creating half hearted results. Keep your primary focus in mind and don’t lose focus of exactly what it is you want.

When you want to become a rich person, you must do the intentional things a rich person does. You must intend to be rich, not having enough or half way getting by, isn’t good enough! You must affirm, this is exactly what you intend and that intention is exactly what you want! This is why only a few people get rich and the rest do not. You must affirm for what you are asking. Be 100 percent specific. Intention is 🔑. The rich got where they are because they did everything in their power to become rich and nothing less than that.

Many men tend to talk to woman they are not that attracted to, instead of the ones they are truly attracted to. That is because they are not so concerned about how they appear to ladies they are not that attracted to. Therefore, they find it easier to talk to such ladies, then the ones , they should be talking too. Fear, it stops people from doing things with intent. That is why it is the minority of men who act powerfully with their intent. They are the ones who are capable of having and attracting the beautiful woman.

The super successful entrepreneurs and businessmen do everything with intent. What contributes to the financial success of a company are the amount of sales being made. Super successful people have their focus , with what is in alignment with their intent. That intent is to bring in sales. You do not talk to prospective clients to chit chat, you close the deals. You do not advertise to show others something new, you do everything with primary intention of getting people to buy the product. The most successful people in the world are highly focused , driven and motivated!

You can get what you want by being fully intent and congruent about what you want. Synchronicities tend to occur at times , when you are being fully intentional. When all of your thoughts are in full alignment with a particular desire. Synchronicities are caused by the universal reordering of your events from your intentions to be fulfilled. Therefore, it is only when everything in your inner world has fallen into place, that your outer world will also begin to fall into alignment. Reality, is in synchronicity with every moment.

When you do everything with intent, you are being true to yourself. It is from a place of being, by which your external conditions are being formed. The order is Be, Do, Have! Being , comes first and foremost. What you have comes from all of your doing of being. Your being is your intent. Therefore, authentic action is what is being aligned and backed by intent. You will get what you want , when you are true to yourself. Act with intent, and manifest your intentions.


Dr. Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Dr. Laura Zukerman

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