Developing and Using Systems for Maximum success!


Basic or just McDonald’s fries? My BA in 09′ was from #BrownUniversity My MA was from #parsons and berkelee school of music 2014 and my PhD was #Harvard/#columbiauniversity 2019

The key to maximum success in everything is in the use of systems. Some people achieve success in an unpredictable manner; where they do not know exactly how it happens, sometimes they make it , sometimes they don’t. Mastery is the way you refine things, to the point where you have refined the best way to do things for you. The way of doing things is a system that produces, consistent, reliable and optimal results. Systems are discovered and created.

If you want to become the best in what you do, you must develop and use a system that enables you to produce the best results. The aim of all the effort in something is to experiment, discover and refine particular ways of doing things that get you the best results. This is what the best players do when playing their best games all the time keep doing. Winning is not a one time thing it is an all time thing. Success is not replicated at will, or it is not true success.

The entire universe is a system in systems. There is a logical system for everything. All things have a process. Working on the process instead of the outcome, is the key to success. When you become enlightened by an area , you may want to be successful in that area correct? Everything in life has a formula. There is a formula for wealth, health, happiness, relationships, self growth, enjoyment and spirituality.

There is a general system for everything, however; the key to achieving the best results you can obtain for yourself; is to make the system your system. It is the way you do each part of the process, and the unique way , you make it all work for you.

The process to succeeding in business , takes a significant amount of time before it all happens. That is because you are creating a system, that works for you. All it takes is one missing piece of the puzzle for your system to fail. You need to learn all things that are necessary, to set the foundation into place. When the time comes for everything to fall into place, that is when the wealth begins to generate properly.

Incomplete development of a system, is the reason why people keep trying so hard; over a period of time and keep failing at it, to achieve the given results you are trying to obtain. No matter how long it takes, it will never happen until they learn all the key components and integrate them together. This makes the system operate with optimal profitability. The secret is to not give up, but to keep on working at it, until you figure every part out. This is so the entire system can flow together exponentially.

The same thing applies to life as well, you probably find yourself gaining knowledge and coming to a place , where everything is working well for you at that given time. This is because of your newfound awareness. Then, it all falls apart again, sometimes it just makes you wonder; what is going on? You may have gained some workability, in creating certain experiences you desire for awhile. But , you either can sustain , repeat or take it to the next level, no matter how hard you have to try, never give up!

You are still learning and growing, learning the pieces to your puzzle, so that you are able to acquire better and better mastery ; in different areas of life. Creating , your desired reality. It’s okay to fail, pick yourself back up. It was a lesson learned. This realization is the answer to the mysteries of life’s up and down journey. Your life will get better and better when you let go of the obstacles in your way and keep moving!


Dr. Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Dr. Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess on 🔥

Goddess of Wisdom , Goddess of Beauty

Goddess that never seems to be who they are, because they are one in the same!

Goddess of Mystery and Bewilderment

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