Akasha – Inner World, Outer World

The Big Bang theory said that the physical universe started out as a small singularity, the size of a pin. The more mysterious something is the more we take for granted something is the way it is.

It was thought that eventually gravity would slow the expansion however, expansion seems to be expanding faster and faster. There is more mass in the universe than physicists predicted.

The vibratory field is the same for all with observing by looking within themselves, it has been called Akasha, the primordial ohm.

To account for the missing mass 4 percent atomic matter is now accumulated for. 23 percent of the university is dark matter and 73 percent is dark energy, what we previously thought of as empty space. It runs throughout the universe connecting all things.

Akasha- in mayha Buddhism in the 3rd century , they described a much older Vedic teaching on how the fabric of the universe is woven together. Indra gave birth to the sun and gives earth to the waters. Indras web can be described as a complete pattern to a whole. A holographic universe.

Nikolai Tesla – the man who invented the 20th century, responsible for creating alternating current electricity. He wanted to learn science from both eastern and western sciences. He looked deeply within himself and the outside world.

Like the ancient yogis Tesla used the term akasha to represent all aspheric field that extends through all aspheric things. Swami vivekananda a yogi who brought the ancient teachings of India to the west. In the Vedic teachings Akasha is space itself; the space that the other elements fill, the two are inseparable. Akasha is yin , prana is yang.

A modern concept of Akasha is the idea of fractals. It wasn’t until the 1980s where advances in computers, allowed us to actually visualize and reproduce mathematically the patterns in nature.

The term fractal was coin in 1975 by mathematician Benoit mandelbroit. A fractal is termed as being a gemometric shape that when divided into parts, each part would be a smaller replication of the whole entirety of the shape. Mandelbroit, who studied simplistic mathematical equations that, when they are repeated produce a ending array or mathematical geometric form; within a limited fractal. Self similarity is what a fractal is or the thumb print of god.

Beauty and the sacred is shown through architecture by fractals, with each level of magnification and change in transformation from one transfer to another. This is the transference of time and space. Fractals are full of noise and order, when our minds recognize and find a pattern, we push away the rest of the fractal. To compare a fractal with a senses is to maneuver it. The microcosm and the macrocosm is the universe.

Solidifying things as particles, by pinning it down and at the same time creating it. With the creation of things comes time. This is what creates the illusion of solidity. Einstein was the first one to realize empty space is not nothing , it has properties. It’s unfathomable kinetic energy.

Buddha termed the term Kalapas, which was time passing away trillions times per second. The reality is that a series of frames is to create an illusion of continuity. Consciousness itself drives the illusion.

In the ancient traditions of the east is to be understood for thousands of years that all is vibration. Nadhabrama the universe as sound, nada – sound of vibration , brama meaning god.

In the Upanishads which were the series of Hindu sacred treatises written in Sanskrit 800-200 BC, explain the central philosophical concepts and ideas of Hinduism. In the Upanishads it is said “Brahma the creator, sitting on a lotus , opens his eyes and the world comes into being.” “Brahma then closes his eyes and the world goes out of being”

The Akashic records are past, present and future are to be known as existing now in the present moment. From subatomic particles, to galaxies, to stars, planets and all life.

You never see anything in its totality because it’s made up upon layer upon layer of vibrational energies. It is constantly changing, exchanging information ; Akasha.

A tree is drinking in the sun, the air , the earth, the rain. A world of energy moves in and out of this thing we call a tree. When the thinking mind is still, then you see reality as it is. All aspects together. The tree and the sky and the earth, the rain and the stars , they are not separate forms. Life and death , self and other are not separate. Just as mountain and the valley are not separate.

In the Native American culture and other indigenous traditions, it is said that everything has spirit. Simply speaking, everything is connected to the one vibratory source. There is one consciousness, one field , one force that moves through all. This field is not happening around you, it is happening through you. It is also happening as you. You are the U in universe. You are the Is through with creation sees itself (eyes.) when you wake from a dream, you realize every thing in the dream was you. You were creating it.

Real life is no different, everyone , everything is you. The one consciousness looking out of every eye, under every rock; within every particle.

International researchers at Stern, in Geneva Switzerland, the laboratories for particle physics are searching for the field that extends throughout all things. Instead of looking within, they look to the outer-physical world. They announced that they had found the Higgs boson or the god particle. It is an elementary particle in the standard model of particle physics. Produced by the quantum excitation of the Higgs field, one of the fields in particle physics theory.

The so called “God Particle” the basis of the universe, the heart of all matter of the unexplained mass of energy that drives the universes mass expansion; but , far from explaining the nature of the universe. The discovery of the Higgs boson presents an even greater mystery; revealing a universe that is more mysterious then we ever imagined.

One and the same


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