The dictionary defines a miracle as an extraordinary, unusual , supernatural event that manifests divine intervention in the affairs of men and or women. This higher being is what most would refer to as god, or a god like person. Religious leaders, saints, arch angels; all being attributed to this because god works through them.

Modern Day Miracles- are based upon mother natures disastrous control over the world, and surviving these disasters. These could be tsunamis, earth quakes, torrential fires, surviving stage 4 cancer; way beyond the estimated time the doctors gave you and so on. When there are complications and or threats, people search and look for answers, praying to the holy one, god.

World Religions and Gods- different people in different cultures believe that god could be a “supreme being.” Christianity is the most widespread religion with 33.32% of the worlds populace, believing in jesus. Next, Islam 21.01% of the worlds populace believe in allah. Hinduism is third in the ranking with 13.26% of the worlds populace believing is several gods and goddesses. Ganesha, Hanuman, Lakshmi, Shiva and Durga are some of them. In 4th, Buddhism, 5.84%, they don’t adhere to god. However they believe that one can become enlightened by creating a certain code of conduct. Also by undertaking a mental discipline method that they believe to be called “enlightened ones.” They believe these enlightened ones will save all beings from suffering.

Lastly, the last 27% of the world is divided into smaller religions.

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Wisdom is God’s way of saying fancy