Subconscious vs conscious

You see your conscious mind is thoughts and actions you are aware of. However, your subconscious mind is strictly for your feelings , thoughts , urges and memories that you are unaware of.

Most of the thoughts that are engrained in your subconscious mind are external thoughts such as pain , anxiety and conflict, you usually feel emotionally and physically uncomfortable whenever you try to change something or do anything new.

The reason why the Law of Attraction doesn’t work properly for most people is because your conscious mind is aware while your subconscious mind is not. It teaches you to control your conscious mind. However, your subconscious mind unaware of this.

The Law of Attraction is not capable of controlling your brains defense mechanism. These are their conflicts, fears , emotions and anxieties. These are just some examples.

All along the human race was led to believe that we can achieve anything if we never give up. Well, what is the actual problem? What is it that easily allows you to prevent what you actually want? This is your brain, your subconscious mind.

One of scientists latest discoveries is that; there are 100 billion neurons, with 1 billion connections that are actively processing information as long as we live.

There are two sides of the brain the right side and the left side of the brain. The left side of the brain is known for logical thinking , analysis and detail. The right side of the brain is known for creativity , spontaneity and subjectivity.

Your brain only weighs 3 pounds. It makes up 2 percent of your body’s weight. It uses up to 20% of your bodies energy.

Your brain consists of two supercomputers; integrated around one system. Your brain is made up of 100 billion neurons. Naturally if there is electro magnetic activity available, wave emissions are inevitable.

If you have ever heard the term neuro oscillation, it literally means brain waves. By changing the process of the way we transition our brainwaves, we can control our lives from childhood into our adult lives.

Your brain is continuously learning. However, as a child you were learning at a much more rapid pace then you are as an adult. As a child your brain had consisted of 100 billion neurons, where as when you become older the neurons in your brain is making billions of more neurons due to the fact that you are learning new things on a daily basis.

You are capable of altering your brainwaves to take control of your life. By listening to different audio tapes and such, you can steer your brainwaves in a different direction. This is called brainwave entrainment or it could also be called brain recalibration.

There are five different types of brainwaves. The alpha brain waves that are present in a state of relaxation. The beta brainwaves that are associated with our consciousness and thinking process. The theta brainwaves that are presentable in deep mediation and light sleeping patterns. The delta brain waves that are presentable in deep , meditative sleeping patterns. Lastly, the gamma brain waves; these are associated in high levels of information processing.

These brainwaves work together to create an intrinsic harmony. No brainwave is superior than the other.

If you want to be in harmony with your brainwaves thinking process, you can use brainwave entrainment also know as brainwave recalibration; to utilize and strengthen the brains intrinsic system.

It is only then that the brain can unlocks it’s full potential of powers. Creating exponential opportunities.

You become exposed to various sounds at different wavelengths. This is known as isochronic tones or binaural beats. The difference between the two is that Binaural beats need headphones while isochronic tones do not. This is actually considered the most effective way to increase brain entrainment.

Isotronic tones are incorporated by a single tone, which turns on and off at regular intervals; like a metronome. When gaining control of the brain, your destiny is now in your hands. You will begin to experience better health, vitality and overall behavioral patterns that shape you as at a higher vibration; you ever deemed possible.