The Explanations of Miracles

Miracles and The scientific facts behind these adhesive explanations. “SUPERNATURAL”

Scientific explanations could have been considered miracles in the older days of time, when one was resurrected from the dead.

Science has explained that these “dead people” were actually just in a deep meditative state. Now, with all of the technology that we have obtained, coming back from the dead is usually accompanied with many explanations as to why and how?

Is this a real miracle, or is scientific facts based upon reasoning.

The many reasonings for the word, supernatural can be used as adjectives to describe something. It is also used to describe occurrences that are not normal or seemingly deemed upon society. However, it is also used to refer to gods, supreme beings and deities.

supernatural can be referred to anything such as leprechauns, goblins, ghosts, aliens and gods. It stems from the term what goes beyond the norm, and beyond what the laws of nature allow or explain.

Believing in the supernatural is an essential part of believing in god and religion. Both the religion and god that they believe in has a history that contains stories with supernatural events.

If christians did not believe in the events of the bible; if muslims didn’t believe in the events in the quran , then why are they paying homage to jesus and allah?

Christianity, is known to have its eyes set on the miracles jesus has performed. Similarly, Hindus believe in reincarnation and karma. They believe that souls are therefore; sent back to earth. They believe their quality of life will be dependent on their past life experiences.