The Divine Law of SELF-LOVE

Nobody can add love to you that you don’t already have and in the same manner nobody can take away love from you. Your reality is solely the result of your inner perceptions, how you see, feel or react in a certain way. Arising from that, you are the only person with the most power to affect your life. Your world and everything that happens in that world is all happening inside of you ,moment after moment. 

Whenever you have these shared, loving moments with another person, your inner oceanic love bubbles over and rises like waves from your being. In these moments, you simply have given yourself the permission to feel your very own love in the presence of another person. 

If people cannot feel love in themselves, they are unconsciously dependent on someone or something from the outside to receive love from and therefore making them responsible for their happiness. Love is always unconditional ; if you love yourself conditionally you end up cutting yourself off from your own love inside. 

It is very important to learn to be in an unconditioned state of your own love. By being aware, you can allow love to flow freely from its source within you. Your own love possess the ability to help others to feel the love inside themselves they already naturally have, you are only helping them to access and find it again. From this unconditioned state and a pure, open heart, we can experience and feel the fullness of our own love in the presence of literally anyone. It is not possible to exchange or use this love to fill someone else’s emptiness. It is something that only flows from within. 

Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder

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