Specify Your Goals

You need to be a lot more specific when you set your goals.

What- this should identify the core of your goal and what it is you want to accomplish

where- location, if applicable- a job in your local area or a job that you want to commute to overseas, move across the u.s for etc.

when- a general timeline for the fulfillment of your goals

how- you may have a preference to how events are going to unfold, this however; is not always in your control

why- your specific reasonings for what it is you want. Word it positively ” I want to have an abundant flow of money” Is an example of how to go about this. Don’t use vague goals. Take the time to find out, and figure out what you would add to your life and what you would take away.

whom- if your goals involve others, you’ll want to add them into your expectations