Our beliefs can either put us in a rut or empower us to do amazing things with our lives. First you need to identify your limiting beliefs, changing them to more emphasizing beliefs. Empower your mind. You then need to cut all emotional ties to these limiting beliefs. Once you have gained some clarity, you can move on to the next step. You then must establish proof for your new beliefs. You will change the course of your destiny if you do this correctly.

A big thing to understand is that when you are compelling yourself towards a brighter future and are destined for amazing things; you need to leave the past behind. Focus on the present and the future. By working on yourself as a person, you will eventually realize that your past was just a piece of you, and your future is you. Now we are going to talk about Theta Waves and how they can reprogram your subconscious mind to attract anything you desire.

Neuroplasticity, it was a neuro science study on the brain wave patterns of tibetan monks. The study talks about the brains ability to change its structure and function. This is done by strengthening connections between nerve cells that are regularly used and weakening cells that aren’t used quite often. In this way the brain can be molded and shaped like clay again we call this neuroplasticity in scientific conundrum. It turns out the way you think and act is programmed deep inside your mind. As a result of how your brain has developed over time.

Much of that programming occurs when you are a child, and to say the least it will either affect your success or failure. Scientists can now analyze someones brain and predict whether that person is going to be successful or not. Gamma wave activation is indicated that you have plenty of abundant healthy nerve cells working in your favor. If these nerve cells are firing at a high level of synchronicity, this means your brain cells are communicating with each other much faster. Regular meditation acts as a mental training which therefore strengthens the brain.

This mental training may induce short term and long term mental changes all together. When your in a meditative state, you are capable of reprogramming your brain to be at a more elevated level. You can achieve this by entering the Theta State during meditation. You enter the theta state when your brainwave frequency is between 4 and 7 hertz. This is the frequency of dreams, hypnosis and deep meditation. This theta state is when your mind is most accepting of changes.

There are many ways you can enter the theta state and reprogram your mind. 1) Have a Clean Slate when looking to meditate, you need to rid yourself of stress and worry. 2) Positivity enhancement- If you want to attract your ideal life, you need to send signals to the universe and they must be positive of course. You do this by filling your mind with positive thought patterns. 3) Visualization dreaming- visualizing what you want and how your going to attain it. 4) Entering the Theta State- your ready to enter the theta state. Your subconscious mind can enter the Theta state alone and reshape or rewire your brain.

This can and will change your life- Brainwave entrainment.