Human beings, are aware that the response to an image on sensory impact will create an emotional molecule to respond to something instantly. A present memory or experience, will be the appropriate emotion based on that thought.

The normal states of consciousness – living in emergency mode, in a state of stress, would be anger, aggression, prejudice, hopelessness, powerlessness and stress.

It is a scientific fact that a stress response can be turned on by an emotion alone, those emotions can make us sick, physically.

If you have a pain in your body, the connection is the brain to that emotion. The body is literally living in the past, living in our subconscious mind. These trapped emotions become patterns, this is because we are retraumatizing ourselves from the time we were children. The same physiological disabilities are also created because our energy is not flowing in the right direction.

If you have ever noticed that when something is hurting you, it amplifies. You then believe that you need a medication to help you. However, in reality, clearing that energy is only going to be cleared when your positive emotions will diminish the emotional baggage.

The body is literally crying out, saying that there is something wrong here. We suffer from these emotional traumatic events and then change scares us. If we were not afraid of change; and we were able to be aware of our past experiences, we would be able to create a whole new self.

Negative Emotional Molecules are real- how do we remove them, restoring them with positive emotional molecules? That is the answer to life and longevity.

The symptom is a conversation- nothing happens in the body by coincidences. It is a doorway to access this invisible, unseen energy. From our brain to our body, in any given moment. Whether it be addiction, ptsd (POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER) ocd (OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDER) or other areas that create stress, you can learn and grow from these conditions in different ways.

When you have a strategy to shift the emotions from your past experiences, you change your actions to have that new experience. All of the sensory data that the brain is picking up, in the moment those neurons come into place, that chemical is that emotion. If we allow ourselves into those feelings, we are able for change. You need to feel, in order to rise above these emotional, traumatic conditions.

When someone is living by the same emotional reaction, it becomes a personality trait. We need to look at the emotions that we have memorized that are stored in the body. Your mind can actually heal itself, we know this through the placebo effect.

Do not make this so complicated. There was a study done on radiation that was fake- 1/3 lost their hair. That is the power of creation for healing or not healing. What I found was that by releasing these emotional levels, we could get people well when there was no cure.

True transformation is JOY! The body is experiencing gratitude, good will. When you let go of those past emotions, you are able to heal and be free from emotional drama. Self Sabotaging is really trapped emotional energies that we have passed through in our lives. Those energies stay with us and cause our own self sabotage, even if we have been trying so hard to get rid of those trapped emotions. Eventually though, we are able to step out of these emotions and move forward.

It could be a different face, a different name, however it influences every aspect of who we are, the energies from the past need to be liberated. Consciously we don’t remember much, the subconscious mind however, knows exactly what is wrong with you to get you well. In your relationship- say you easily get frustrated from anxiety and jealousy, the body speaks the mind. The neuropeptides which help create the emotions that are going on inside of you ; and then bind these molecules of emotions. These receptors are the same receptors that bind heroin.

Meditation can get you to a state of healing in many modalities. If all your chakras are not cleared, you will eventually have panic attacks, anxiety, stress. Slow down. The mind will record an event, stored in the background. The mind encoded this experience, in the background, you become triggered. It will then tell the body how to respond. You will mess up the record or the trance. When we are tapping, you are ruining the harmony in the body and the past is not real, it’s a memory that needs to be cleared, if it is a negative one.

If you eat an orange or a pineapple, within 72 hours, they will not feel depression anymore. It is scientifically proven and has saved many lives.


Dr. Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

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