Deepak Chopra- SEMINAR

When Deepak Chopra started out as a doctor in training, he was beginning to study the molecules of emotion. What was happening in the minds and the bodies, these were the molecules of emotions, effecting biologies.

Why do you want to get better he would ask? Why do you want to go back to work? To make an income, to feed my children ect then, they realized the end goal was peace, harmony, laughter, love and happiness. These are spiritual goals. Happiness is a subjective state of well being.

Synchronicities- creating great emotional well being. If you are happy, you are going to be healthier, you will have better relationships, do better at work, abundant in your living. The Happiest people in the world were in Puerto Rico and Nigeria. Approximately 39-40 percent of the people on the forbes 500 list were actually not as happy with money as without.

In 1998 they deemed the term -Positive psychology it is generalized that happy people are more well off. Well being is the number one trend in our civilization. Getting rid of war and terrorism, through collective creativity and collective joy we can really change the world.

Make other people happy, the world is as we are. Be happy, the research in the last few years collectively came up with a formula for happiness. It depends on our biological seg point for happiness, this determines our behaviors and our perception. This biological seg. point is showing that you can take drugs, which alter the molecules of emotions in the brain. Serotonin Uptake Inhibitors. A lot of people take drugs to feel happy. Second, Through the practice of meditation- the pre-frontal cortex gets activated. The whole brain- the neurotransmitters, synchronistically make you feel happy. The third way is what scientists refer to as cognitive therapy. When you get rid of a false belief that is making you depressed. They begin to shift your perception that holds you down.

Buddha- experiences nirvana, when you change your perception of who you are. “The original cognitive therapist.” When you win the lottery for instance, in a week, a month , a year… you would be exactly as happy or unhappy as you were before you had won the lottery within a year or two years. Our biologies adapt to life situations, 15 percent. The fourth thing- voluntary actions, giving us pleasure or gratification- fulfillment. Whatever you desire, sex, love, lust, alchohol, drugs- instant gratification only lasts a few hours.

Fulfillment actually makes us very happy. This is when we have a sense of accomplishment, when we are changing the world. When we are helping others. Insight, intention, expression of our imagination, inspiration, consciousness choices.

You want to be successful, make someone else successful. You want to be respected, respect others. You want to be admired, admire others. We are inseparably one with all that exists. This deeper fulfillment comes from a wholeness. Buddha said. We are all contained in one mind, one consciousness.

There are levels of happiness-when we look at all of that, it still does not give us the total happiness. The four noble truths that buddha speaks about- is somewhat how a doctor does things. Buddha- 1) human beings go through the experience of suffering- joy, enlightenment, pleasure but also suffering. 2) causes for suffering. Not knowing the nature of yourself. Identifying with a false sense of identity which is the ego. The fear of death. In order to know that nature we need to be aware. The more expanded our consciousness gets, we understand the nature of consciousness; we have a shift of who we are. Linking them with the wisdom of Buddha.

A dog lives in the moment, while we live in imagination. Existential suffering, is something that we deal with. It allows us to step out of the present moment, while not dealing with what is really going on.

Where does thought come from? Why do we have negative thoughts? why do we have positive thoughts? Are we a randomly mutated species? Are we little specs of dusts or is their meaning and purpose to our life? Does god exist? Do we have a soul? Existential suffering. Are we the universe becoming conscious of itself? Life on earth is a question that we have.

Do you know where thought comes from? Do you experience Existential suffering? Do you know if we have a soul? Some people have no idea what any of this means, or the answers to these questions. However, you spend so many years of your life in a state of disassociation. It could be happiness in ignorance or happiness of enlightenment. Do you want to be ignorant or enlightened?

As spiritual beings can we go beyond our Existential suffering. This was Buddhas journey. He was born a prince. The prediction by the astrologers were that they believed that he would become a great king or a monk. The advisors said surround him with pleasure, allowing him to never see suffering. Surrounding him with music, wine, women. One day, he happened to go outside of the palace walls, he saw an extremely old decrepit man. He did not know what that was, he had asked? The next day he saw a man with extreme disease? Does it happen to everyone he asked? Well it could the person answered. The third day, he saw a dead body. His friend told him that it happens to everyone. He became troubled and scared.

He then began to explore reality, the journey that explores the nature of our consciousness. Consciousness creates our reality. The eightfold path to enlightenment. The first of the 8 noble truths- perception, right view- non judgemental. You have to stop giving up being right all of the time. He said you have to see things from other perspectives. He then said there was no such thing as separation. 2) Question your thinking- fear and separation and love and unity. If you could have a negative thought and turn it around it would be correct thinking. 3) Holistic speech- fight or flight response. When we observe our own self speaking. 4) Action- karmic correct choices. You do the right thing, in the right moment. Come from the infinite and they return to the infinite. 5) Right livelihood. 6) Diligence 7) Meditation – what is my purpose? unique skills and talents? Best qualities or dreams for the world. Aspirations for the world and yourself. Nature helps you move to the next stage of evolution. 8) Mindfulness- the highest form of human intelligence is the ability to observe yourself without judging yourself.

Seeking enlightenment, he tries yoga, meditation- all of these practices. Finally he encounters his own shadows, his own demons. He forgives them. After awhile, sitting under the tree of enlightenment, he’s watching his breathe- it arises and then it subsides. Hes then watching his thoughts, his emotions, his perceptions of the world. The first conclusion- if it arises it also subsides. This is the first principle – the Law of Impermanence.

Alot of our suffering comes from the ideal of inheritance, there is no one doing the holding on and there is no one holding on to. He says he is not the separate self- recycled air, breath. Feelings and emotions- interactions with each other. The personality is just recycled relationships. The image of ourselves is through the recycling of everything else. It is a reflection of all selves. If you are a part of everything that exists, he realizes that these thoughts are subsiding and contrasting- and then he thinks where do they go?

Deeper consciousness in which the whole world is all a perception. What is this consciousness? It is the intelligent activity behind the whole universe. He then says, we fear death because we are attached to the idea that the self is permanent. Buddha would say, once upon a time you were a teenager, you were a totally different person. Is that the real you or is this the real you? The mature you- different thoughts, different feelings, different emotions. Which one is the real you? Buddhas answer would be that these are Transient manifestations of the real you. The key to your happiness is to step, go back and go back again. You are connected to the entire universe. Transpersonal self- you have created a soul or a self, and this relationship is not the only connection to the self- it is then reality, you will then experience nirvana.

Step back and have a shift in consciousness. 10 KEYS to happiness- be aware of your body. Your body is a cosmic computer. When you listen to your body you are eavesdropping on the mind of the universe. Listen to your body, and you will begin to make the right choices. Live in the present moment, choiceless awareness. Do not make any choices in consciousness, go with the flow. Connecting to nirvana, that creates all your relationships. Embrace Silence. Quieting your thoughts, that silence is a field of infinite possibilities. Leap of creativity- observer effect. That is the real Law of Attraction, the real secret. Object referral- someone who needs no approval, who is neither superior or inferior. Fearless- self identity comes from them self. Get rid of your toxic emotions- grievances and miracles.

Let go of your anger, your regrets, your fear, your guilt. Total knowledge- we are seeing ourselves as the world. Who am I? What do I want? Self worth, renewal, higher guidance above all we want transcendence. Dont judge others, don’t judge yourself. Wake up everyday and say thank you god, for making me just as I am. If you do not have a shadow, you are standing in darkness. When we are afraid what other people will think of us. Accept them, and share them with others. Ask for help, forgive our shadows and we diminish evil in the world. 8) Remove toxins from your life. – toxic food, toxic emotions, toxic substances, toxic relationships. 9) fear based thinking with love based thinking- separation and unity. 10) Witnessing awareness- i am not my body, i’m not my mind. I am the witness of that. I am not those experiences, I am the spirit, the consciousness. That is NIRVANA!