Conscious or Unconscious- HOW to FIX the Situation.

What is it that is keeping you stuck and how to consciously or unconsciously fix that.

The first part of understanding about being stuck is that you are actually aware of it.

The next thing to realize is that think about the ways we think and do things which will enable ebb and flow into the brain.

What you need to realize is that it is not always based around a perfect picture of what you think is going on. It is actually the realistic expectations about what you can bring to the situation. Sometimes we don’t realize this because we set our ideals on a perfect or sustainable life for ourselves.

Most people in their lives end up feeling emotionally tormented by this because they don’t know a way out of this situation.

This is because we set out on an ideal image of what our future should be. If we mess up that image we become constrained with resentment or feelings of unworthiness.

We begin to reject how things can or should be happening to us. Even if this is a huge stepping stone to our essential problems.

Your perfect future becomes the ideal measure of where you are in your life. This could be a huge problem because you will be reminded of how much further you still have to go. Thus, beginning a cycle of self hatred and self doubt about how you are not good enough, even though you are. This is a cycle that will keep going unless you stop it, Immediately.

Instead of looking at how far you have to go, you should look backward at how far you have come.

This, then creates a whole new psychological experience where you realize you have already attained success and accomplishment.

Each night begin to write down five achievements for the day and how your going to achieve them. The quality of your life will begin to improve exponentially.

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