Children that were bullied as kids, grow up to be mistrusting adults 🧑

Well, we all know it begins right out of the womb. As we grow , children go through a period of excessive trauma. Think about it. They are forced into a school to make new friends, they form cliques, if your not popular, you don’t feel good about yourself. Yeah…. ok 👌

Here is what you need to do , write down everything from your past that has troubled you. If you don’t remember much from when you were younger, ask your parents or grandparents what your childhood was like. Force it out of you, all the demons. If you don’t, you will be the opposite of who you were growing up. You can’t change the past. You can fix the present and the future. Do this for yourself, you will love me for it after. Now, write all that stuff down.. then , your going to burn it.

When your shield is being awoke, you will feel alive again. You won’t have mental blockages tearing you to pieces, it all comes back to memories. Ideas, fear, bullying, eating disorders, parents getting divorced, drug addiction, financial hardship. If you need help , reach out to someone.

You can always email me at and I will walk you through your subconscious blue print. Step by step, until all of that negativity is at the forefront and then it becomes negative energy. Letting it out into the universe. Energy, can never be destroyed only transferred. Whatever it might be, it’s time to let that baggage go.

Now, your 🛡 is off your feeling impeccable, like you can take on the world. To be honest, not everyday is going to be a bag of red roses, you are going to have failures. Some of the most brilliant minds in the world failed before they succeeded. You have to learn to take criticism and walk with it. (Work with it)

Every time something ends, don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. It was a learning experience and you grew from it. You were brave, now move on.

By not thinking about what holds you back, your brain will be accessible to all of this new knowledge that you can enjoy. Relax your mind, meditate at least 30 minutes everyday until it becomes routine in 21 days, you won’t even realize how different you have become. If you feel like you can’t do this alone, that their is too much to face; please don’t hesitate to email me.

This new knowledge will ignite excitement inside of your inner most being. It will tell you what you truly want. Whether it be work related, relationship status and or family life.

When it comes to life, everyone should have a purpose. Purpose is the driving force for living and breathing. If you don’t have purpose, negate life, you will not succeed. With purpose, you take what you love and create it into something beautiful and inspiring for others to achieve. Any purpose that is worthwhile , is something you should be doing.

Whatever it is you have to do to drown out that outside noise; be it, saying affirmations, writing out a plan, meditating on it, setting up a goal time line; just do it.

Not to be a debbie downer in this situation , but people will always be jealous of your successes; you need to drown out that negative energy. Here are some ways to do so: be bold, be brilliant and don’t care about others peoples opinions of yourself.

First, think of ideas you want to maintain, maybe it’s a business. Say you want to take out a loan for that business and so you take out a sum of money; make sure that you are paying back that loan every month! When you succeed, help others to succeed as well; it’s a nice thing to do, have empathy for others feelings. Karma is real and you will feel it when your doing the right thing.

People don’t just wake up one morning and become famous, you have to work at what your doing with all you have. Even if it’s not for fame, fortune (same thing.) You must work hard and be humble.

Be more productive every day, apply to more jobs if you don’t like your current one. Run errands you forgot to do the day before, don’t put it off, get it done. Your mindset is everything, whether you have haters or if it’s all in your mind, let it go and keep progressing. I believe in you.

Exercise is excellent for the body, it helps your brain regeneration of cells as well as Your cardiovascular system. Your serotonin levels increase as well as your dopamine levels , creating a really beautiful feeling inside of your body, relaxation. (As well as some Adrenalin)

Here , stagnant , doing better day by day, you will find yourself becoming more and more confident and at peace with your racing thoughts from prior. Always look on the bright side of things, a positive attitude usually brings a positive outcome. Take calculated risks, step out of that comfort zone and don’t stand for mediocre lifestyles. You want a great life style so push yourself to get that life you want.

When your feeling like something is boring you. Or, maybe you need to change things up for yourself. Write down ways to complete tasks at higher levels and you will let go of that plateau evasiveness. The feeling of staying stagnant and needed to excel to higher standards; having more energy than before, don’t extort yourself too hard though, or you will burn up too much energy.

lastly, do not be selfish , listen to people, hear what they have to say. You never know, they might surprise you. Again, remember empathy for others is a good thing, don’t retort from that fallacy. Mentors are great people to be around, they help build you up and teach you things you have never learned before.

Life in and of itself is an extremely interesting paradoxical experiment with yourself. It’s you and only you who can change things. Lastly , don’t be afraid to ask for help! I’m always here for you, to guide you, mentor you, and help you grow. I want you to be an extreme success!

Happy Successes to You all

Email me – – if you have any questions, want to know my rates, anything! Please don’t hesitate.

Best of Luck,

Dr. Laura Paige Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir by Dr. Laura Zukerman