How To Overcome FEAR

First, you must recognize that you control the response that is created. Once someone speaks to you, always. You need something that will allow you a vital amount of confidence while your speak, assuring yourself that you are capable of being essentially smart and exponentially intelligent. I encounter many people who ask me, how are you not nervous? Ill give you my little secrets here.

  1. Be you, everyone will love you and accept you for who you are. You were born as a unique entity on this planet; it is time to show the world who you really are.
  2. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Seminars and coaching, can help rid you of your past fearfulness. Allowing you to feel powerful enough to get that sense of acceptance.

Lets discuss acceptance for a minute, everyone in the world wants to be accepted, its human nature. However, when you do not care about who it is that is accepting you; you will allow yourself to be who you are.

Confidence and Insecurity are both based on the same belief systems. Now, why are certain people confident? A scientific study that was conducted stated that these individuals did not have a set of limiting beliefs. While the people who were insecure, were not allowing themselves to let go of the false limiting beliefs.

This idea contains two interchangeable steps that you need to know about to create a greater confidence in being a natural born conversationalist. There are also another two ways to go about being an extremely profound conversationalist. First you must counteract your negative thinking and behavioral patterns. This is due to your anxious fear that you are not smart enough. This is because you need to inhabit an extremely relative relationship. This will be because in some way you are conversationally concerned with a determent. Therefore, you become intimidated to give yourself a chance to even try to be a conversationalist.

Now, you must identify these limiting beliefs that are causing your discouragement. You need to express yourself in a way where you do not feel like someone is going to deter, disapprove or oppose your substantial facts or influential informative context. Its all in the confidence your projecting to the world.

You then need to eliminate the behaviors that cause you defeat through self hatred. For example, as a child you might have been put down and correspondingly were called dumb, not smart or incompetent. Is this fair? No, this is peculiar and rude. You need to eradicate these limiting beliefs and change them with new ideas on cohesive ideals of conversing. You must replace all self doubt with empowerment. You are your biggest fan. This means, you need to cheer yourself on and say I can do this, I am smart enough, I am capable.

Then, when creating these mantra chants in your head, you will realize that it will construct a completely new you. Someone who will be able to have incredible conversations. Not only because you are secure. Also, because you are self sufficient in yourself. You are aware what other people are saying. Why? Because, you will start reading, and you will love it.

Why? Well practice makes perfect. I advise you to read at least 3-5 books a week. Within a month, you are going to see a huge change in vernacular, your confidence will be in tact and you will never feel fear of conversationists again. You will begin to be present in conversations and actually be aware on what people are discussing with you. You will be able to project yourself in a secular way, allowing you to feel intelligent; therefore, boosting that confidence I was talking about. You eventually will become noticed.

Knowledge is Power, when you know something about a lot of different things, it gives you a noticeable advantage to others. Be strong, be bold, be brilliant.

Dr. Laura Zukerman Owner and Founder At the Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Dr. Laura Zukerman