every goal is to be broken down what you are trying to comply as the larger goal.

there are expectations of course on the specifics of your goal.

aim for a minimum of 5 smaller parts of your goal

be as detailed as you can.

Identifying clear action steps

The finish line- which key activities will create the goals you desire.

there are two types of action steps- 1) planning and preperation- research and education

don’t let yourself get stuck in the planning and preparation stage- you need to concede that you have to move forward with productive actions. The actions that will inspire the greatest results, daily, weekly, monthly.

Daily actions- hold the power of duplication and accumulation.

releasing your creations to the public, bold actions bring about bigger results.

evaluate your progress

networking, expanding your personal developement

the most productive actions need to be identified on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

general ideas- most productive actions- always add to this list if you need to

easily attainable- daily

weekly- acquiring how your going to partake in this goal

monthly- evaluating your progress

set a general timeline for completion

setting a deadline can make you stay focused and be proactive- also a deadline can cause frustration if its not what your expectations are.

favorable to detach emotionally from any firm expectations.

especially when those things are largely out of your control.

do not set unrealistic timelines

moderate , consistent actions is the way to go

general timeline for completion of your ultimate goal will be taken once you are consistent and taking the actions necessary for this goal to come into fruition.

screeching halt , you always need a plan B

every step of your journey will save you a lot of time.

it can make or break the fulfillment of your goals

ultimately the outcome is the most important thing.

alternate activities for each of your action steps.

consider the question?

what if this was not possible?

explore other less intense actions

key action steps and and activities as well as alternative plans.

the right mindset for success

exactly what you want

general expectations, you even formed an alternate plan.

3 key things- commit to your goal, willing to ignore your inner critic, strong promise to yourself that you will not give up. The achievement of your goal, will be the most important thing in your life.

Take action immediately and consistency is key.

If you want big results, take big actions

let go- don’t get marred in frustration, stretch your limits and refine your approach. You can control only you and/or your actions.

Evaluate your progress- goal achievement is a process and nothing is carved in stone.

You need to change your approach, evaluation- frequent evaluation on your daily actions- have you moved upon your actions- room for improvement, have your results met your expectations so far.

monthly or quarterly- plans or change in direction. What are you learning about yourself through this process? how can you expand your potential and stretch your limits? Can you think of larger goals you can achieve now, after feeling more confident and self sufficient.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat

With a fair amount of planning and foresight

Commit, take action and let go.

Once you become comfortable with these steps, you will know how to conquer your inner demons, to your chosen outcomes.

strengthening and empowering yourself- allowing you to realize that you are the only one who is in your own way.

You will get , where you want to go.