The Seven Levels of Intelligence and the Three Types of Genius

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Intelligence , Love and Beauty are all one in the same!

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Real Success and Doing it Your WAY

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Watching Reality shift before your very eyes

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Knowledge is Everything

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Energies are Everywhere and they affect everything around you!

Vibrational energy is all around us, whether you want to believe it or not , it is.

Energy transfiguration is known by not creating or destroying energy , only transferable , transfigured and transformed to all the other energies in the universe that surrounds us.

You may know that crystals vibrate at an incredibly higher frequency , and at a very precise rate ; which gives them immense magic like healing powers. These healing properties cleanse your aura, enhance your manifestation efforts and protect your soul. This is all done through the sacred science we now know as energy transfiguration.

Negative energies , with the right tools and under the right circumstances can be filtered, cleansed and transformed into positive energies. Energy transfiguration is all about manipulating the negative energies that already exist that have turned against you; to working in your favor.

I’ll let you in on a little secret, obsidian crystal is amazing for energy healing! In some circumstances with nanoparticles come into contact with black obsidian during its formation; a deeply embedded material comes into contact with the positive and negative energy particles. This is known as golden obsidian … this gives the energy transfiguration it’s ability to absorb , repel and ultimately transform negative energies into positive ones! Therefore I advise you to look up golden obsidian and wear it , it will bring you good luck! 🍀 if you wear this around your neck , close to your Anahata , heart chakra; you will be instantly protected from any psychic attack’s , negative energies and low vibrations!

This will align your chakras, heal your inner self and you will feel incredible! I guarantee it!


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Found At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess on Fire 🔥

An abundant mindset vs. A scarcity mindset

An abundant mindset is one that is hopeful , positive and also expects and wants the best for you. Opportunities are easier to spot for you. You are able to take more risks, knowing that the bigger the risk; the larger the reward. You enjoy life more easily because all of your needs are met. The best things in life , eventually go your way.

A scarcity mindset leads to negativity and self behaviors, causing people to lose their emotions and experiences they have had with them. Meaning, they are ignoring or neglecting what they already know to be truth. Opportunities become scarce and you are struggling to find them. You’re afraid to lose so you play it safe. You live in fear of pessimism, therefore; you fight people or the world to get what you need or want.

Wealth is Power to purchase freedom in life!

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3 healing effects of Honey 🍯

A rising number of doctors and nurses are telling their patients to eat this life living sugar every single day ! They are providing it in prescription based form to people to treat life threatening diseases, heal chronic conditions and keep people looking and feeling their best! This is honey 🍯

Honey contains a great number of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that nourish and re-vitalize your body! Throughout history honey has been used to treat coughs, indigestion, wounds, flus, skin infections, fatigue, burns and more! In ancient Egypt, they used honey over 500 times in 900 different remedies.

Hippocrates, the father to modern medicine used honey as a treatment for pain, dehydration and the fever. Honey, supports your immune system and fights off harmful bacteria. Your body, is under constant assault from numerous bacteria and viruses that threaten to tire you out, make you sick and could even kill. Fighting off this threat is key to keeping you healthy.

One of the vital enzymes in honey is glucose oxidase. This enzyme, when exposed to oxygen, produces hydrogen peroxide. A strong acid that dissolves the cell walls of bacteria. Most human cells have thicker cell walls and can resist the low amounts of acid, honey produces. This makes honey a powerful tool for fighting skin infections, healing wounds and otherwise supporting your immune system.


Dr. Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder of The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Dr. Laura P Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess on Fire 🔥

Success is the Result of Illusion Making Skills!

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Form Mental Pictures that Turn Into Reality!

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How To Overcome Deep Rooted Beliefs

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How to be Helping and Not Hurting Who You ❤️Love

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MENTAL GENDER. Harmony of Conscious vs Sub-Conscious

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Taking spiritual authority to live in victory!

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The Seven Senses All Sense is One Sense

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Kundalini Energy for Manifestation of Intention

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The Importance of Emotional Interaction

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Mind and Body Healing, Cures Roots of Illness.

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The world is simply a Mirror!

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Four universal elements in manifestation success

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Everything is formed from vibration and geometry.

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Change the past, by altering your perception of it.

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Leaders lead by example for others to follow to see what no has seen before them!

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Law of Creative Harmony, Maintains order of the Universe

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Freely express your sensual and sexual self – just don’t be deemed for the term. #securegoddessesonly

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Developing and Using Systems for Maximum success!

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Do Everything with Intent And Get what You Want! 🌻

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Letting Extremes Guide You to Balance Your Mind- Duality of the Brain 🧠

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Secrets of Power

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Akasha – Inner World, Outer World

The Big Bang theory said that the physical universe started out as a small singularity, the size of a pin. The more mysterious something is the more we take for granted something is the way it is.

It was thought that eventually gravity would slow the expansion however, expansion seems to be expanding faster and faster. There is more mass in the universe than physicists predicted.

The vibratory field is the same for all with observing by looking within themselves, it has been called Akasha, the primordial ohm.

To account for the missing mass 4 percent atomic matter is now accumulated for. 23 percent of the university is dark matter and 73 percent is dark energy, what we previously thought of as empty space. It runs throughout the universe connecting all things.

Akasha- in mayha Buddhism in the 3rd century , they described a much older Vedic teaching on how the fabric of the universe is woven together. Indra gave birth to the sun and gives earth to the waters. Indras web can be described as a complete pattern to a whole. A holographic universe.

Nikolai Tesla – the man who invented the 20th century, responsible for creating alternating current electricity. He wanted to learn science from both eastern and western sciences. He looked deeply within himself and the outside world.

Like the ancient yogis Tesla used the term akasha to represent all aspheric field that extends through all aspheric things. Swami vivekananda a yogi who brought the ancient teachings of India to the west. In the Vedic teachings Akasha is space itself; the space that the other elements fill, the two are inseparable. Akasha is yin , prana is yang.

A modern concept of Akasha is the idea of fractals. It wasn’t until the 1980s where advances in computers, allowed us to actually visualize and reproduce mathematically the patterns in nature.

The term fractal was coin in 1975 by mathematician Benoit mandelbroit. A fractal is termed as being a gemometric shape that when divided into parts, each part would be a smaller replication of the whole entirety of the shape. Mandelbroit, who studied simplistic mathematical equations that, when they are repeated produce a ending array or mathematical geometric form; within a limited fractal. Self similarity is what a fractal is or the thumb print of god.

Beauty and the sacred is shown through architecture by fractals, with each level of magnification and change in transformation from one transfer to another. This is the transference of time and space. Fractals are full of noise and order, when our minds recognize and find a pattern, we push away the rest of the fractal. To compare a fractal with a senses is to maneuver it. The microcosm and the macrocosm is the universe.

Solidifying things as particles, by pinning it down and at the same time creating it. With the creation of things comes time. This is what creates the illusion of solidity. Einstein was the first one to realize empty space is not nothing , it has properties. It’s unfathomable kinetic energy.

Buddha termed the term Kalapas, which was time passing away trillions times per second. The reality is that a series of frames is to create an illusion of continuity. Consciousness itself drives the illusion.

In the ancient traditions of the east is to be understood for thousands of years that all is vibration. Nadhabrama the universe as sound, nada – sound of vibration , brama meaning god.

In the Upanishads which were the series of Hindu sacred treatises written in Sanskrit 800-200 BC, explain the central philosophical concepts and ideas of Hinduism. In the Upanishads it is said “Brahma the creator, sitting on a lotus , opens his eyes and the world comes into being.” “Brahma then closes his eyes and the world goes out of being”

The Akashic records are past, present and future are to be known as existing now in the present moment. From subatomic particles, to galaxies, to stars, planets and all life.

You never see anything in its totality because it’s made up upon layer upon layer of vibrational energies. It is constantly changing, exchanging information ; Akasha.

A tree is drinking in the sun, the air , the earth, the rain. A world of energy moves in and out of this thing we call a tree. When the thinking mind is still, then you see reality as it is. All aspects together. The tree and the sky and the earth, the rain and the stars , they are not separate forms. Life and death , self and other are not separate. Just as mountain and the valley are not separate.

In the Native American culture and other indigenous traditions, it is said that everything has spirit. Simply speaking, everything is connected to the one vibratory source. There is one consciousness, one field , one force that moves through all. This field is not happening around you, it is happening through you. It is also happening as you. You are the U in universe. You are the Is through with creation sees itself (eyes.) when you wake from a dream, you realize every thing in the dream was you. You were creating it.

Real life is no different, everyone , everything is you. The one consciousness looking out of every eye, under every rock; within every particle.

International researchers at Stern, in Geneva Switzerland, the laboratories for particle physics are searching for the field that extends throughout all things. Instead of looking within, they look to the outer-physical world. They announced that they had found the Higgs boson or the god particle. It is an elementary particle in the standard model of particle physics. Produced by the quantum excitation of the Higgs field, one of the fields in particle physics theory.

The so called “God Particle” the basis of the universe, the heart of all matter of the unexplained mass of energy that drives the universes mass expansion; but , far from explaining the nature of the universe. The discovery of the Higgs boson presents an even greater mystery; revealing a universe that is more mysterious then we ever imagined.

One and the same


Dr. Laura Zukerman Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Dr. Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess of Innate Wisdom

Goddess Words to the Wise

Goddess on Fire 🔥

Children that were bullied as kids, grow up to be mistrusting adults 🧑

Well, we all know it begins right out of the womb. As we grow , children go through a period of excessive trauma. Think about it. They are forced into a school to make new friends, they form cliques, if your not popular, you don’t feel good about yourself. Yeah…. ok 👌

Here is what you need to do , write down everything from your past that has troubled you. If you don’t remember much from when you were younger, ask your parents or grandparents what your childhood was like. Force it out of you, all the demons. If you don’t, you will be the opposite of who you were growing up. You can’t change the past. You can fix the present and the future. Do this for yourself, you will love me for it after. Now, write all that stuff down.. then , your going to burn it.

When your shield is being awoke, you will feel alive again. You won’t have mental blockages tearing you to pieces, it all comes back to memories. Ideas, fear, bullying, eating disorders, parents getting divorced, drug addiction, financial hardship. If you need help , reach out to someone.

You can always email me at and I will walk you through your subconscious blue print. Step by step, until all of that negativity is at the forefront and then it becomes negative energy. Letting it out into the universe. Energy, can never be destroyed only transferred. Whatever it might be, it’s time to let that baggage go.

Now, your 🛡 is off your feeling impeccable, like you can take on the world. To be honest, not everyday is going to be a bag of red roses, you are going to have failures. Some of the most brilliant minds in the world failed before they succeeded. You have to learn to take criticism and walk with it. (Work with it)

Every time something ends, don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. It was a learning experience and you grew from it. You were brave, now move on.

By not thinking about what holds you back, your brain will be accessible to all of this new knowledge that you can enjoy. Relax your mind, meditate at least 30 minutes everyday until it becomes routine in 21 days, you won’t even realize how different you have become. If you feel like you can’t do this alone, that their is too much to face; please don’t hesitate to email me.

This new knowledge will ignite excitement inside of your inner most being. It will tell you what you truly want. Whether it be work related, relationship status and or family life.

When it comes to life, everyone should have a purpose. Purpose is the driving force for living and breathing. If you don’t have purpose, negate life, you will not succeed. With purpose, you take what you love and create it into something beautiful and inspiring for others to achieve. Any purpose that is worthwhile , is something you should be doing.

Whatever it is you have to do to drown out that outside noise; be it, saying affirmations, writing out a plan, meditating on it, setting up a goal time line; just do it.

Not to be a debbie downer in this situation , but people will always be jealous of your successes; you need to drown out that negative energy. Here are some ways to do so: be bold, be brilliant and don’t care about others peoples opinions of yourself.

First, think of ideas you want to maintain, maybe it’s a business. Say you want to take out a loan for that business and so you take out a sum of money; make sure that you are paying back that loan every month! When you succeed, help others to succeed as well; it’s a nice thing to do, have empathy for others feelings. Karma is real and you will feel it when your doing the right thing.

People don’t just wake up one morning and become famous, you have to work at what your doing with all you have. Even if it’s not for fame, fortune (same thing.) You must work hard and be humble.

Be more productive every day, apply to more jobs if you don’t like your current one. Run errands you forgot to do the day before, don’t put it off, get it done. Your mindset is everything, whether you have haters or if it’s all in your mind, let it go and keep progressing. I believe in you.

Exercise is excellent for the body, it helps your brain regeneration of cells as well as Your cardiovascular system. Your serotonin levels increase as well as your dopamine levels , creating a really beautiful feeling inside of your body, relaxation. (As well as some Adrenalin)

Here , stagnant , doing better day by day, you will find yourself becoming more and more confident and at peace with your racing thoughts from prior. Always look on the bright side of things, a positive attitude usually brings a positive outcome. Take calculated risks, step out of that comfort zone and don’t stand for mediocre lifestyles. You want a great life style so push yourself to get that life you want.

When your feeling like something is boring you. Or, maybe you need to change things up for yourself. Write down ways to complete tasks at higher levels and you will let go of that plateau evasiveness. The feeling of staying stagnant and needed to excel to higher standards; having more energy than before, don’t extort yourself too hard though, or you will burn up too much energy.

lastly, do not be selfish , listen to people, hear what they have to say. You never know, they might surprise you. Again, remember empathy for others is a good thing, don’t retort from that fallacy. Mentors are great people to be around, they help build you up and teach you things you have never learned before.

Life in and of itself is an extremely interesting paradoxical experiment with yourself. It’s you and only you who can change things. Lastly , don’t be afraid to ask for help! I’m always here for you, to guide you, mentor you, and help you grow. I want you to be an extreme success!

Happy Successes to You all

Email me – – if you have any questions, want to know my rates, anything! Please don’t hesitate.

Best of Luck,

Dr. Laura Paige Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir by Dr. Laura Zukerman

Conscious or Unconscious- HOW to FIX the Situation.

What is it that is keeping you stuck and how to consciously or unconsciously fix that.

The first part of understanding about being stuck is that you are actually aware of it.

The next thing to realize is that think about the ways we think and do things which will enable ebb and flow into the brain.

What you need to realize is that it is not always based around a perfect picture of what you think is going on. It is actually the realistic expectations about what you can bring to the situation. Sometimes we don’t realize this because we set our ideals on a perfect or sustainable life for ourselves.

Most people in their lives end up feeling emotionally tormented by this because they don’t know a way out of this situation.

This is because we set out on an ideal image of what our future should be. If we mess up that image we become constrained with resentment or feelings of unworthiness.

We begin to reject how things can or should be happening to us. Even if this is a huge stepping stone to our essential problems.

Your perfect future becomes the ideal measure of where you are in your life. This could be a huge problem because you will be reminded of how much further you still have to go. Thus, beginning a cycle of self hatred and self doubt about how you are not good enough, even though you are. This is a cycle that will keep going unless you stop it, Immediately.

Instead of looking at how far you have to go, you should look backward at how far you have come.

This, then creates a whole new psychological experience where you realize you have already attained success and accomplishment.

Each night begin to write down five achievements for the day and how your going to achieve them. The quality of your life will begin to improve exponentially.


Our beliefs can either put us in a rut or empower us to do amazing things with our lives. First you need to identify your limiting beliefs, changing them to more emphasizing beliefs. Empower your mind. You then need to cut all emotional ties to these limiting beliefs. Once you have gained some clarity, you can move on to the next step. You then must establish proof for your new beliefs. You will change the course of your destiny if you do this correctly.

A big thing to understand is that when you are compelling yourself towards a brighter future and are destined for amazing things; you need to leave the past behind. Focus on the present and the future. By working on yourself as a person, you will eventually realize that your past was just a piece of you, and your future is you. Now we are going to talk about Theta Waves and how they can reprogram your subconscious mind to attract anything you desire.

Neuroplasticity, it was a neuro science study on the brain wave patterns of tibetan monks. The study talks about the brains ability to change its structure and function. This is done by strengthening connections between nerve cells that are regularly used and weakening cells that aren’t used quite often. In this way the brain can be molded and shaped like clay again we call this neuroplasticity in scientific conundrum. It turns out the way you think and act is programmed deep inside your mind. As a result of how your brain has developed over time.

Much of that programming occurs when you are a child, and to say the least it will either affect your success or failure. Scientists can now analyze someones brain and predict whether that person is going to be successful or not. Gamma wave activation is indicated that you have plenty of abundant healthy nerve cells working in your favor. If these nerve cells are firing at a high level of synchronicity, this means your brain cells are communicating with each other much faster. Regular meditation acts as a mental training which therefore strengthens the brain.

This mental training may induce short term and long term mental changes all together. When your in a meditative state, you are capable of reprogramming your brain to be at a more elevated level. You can achieve this by entering the Theta State during meditation. You enter the theta state when your brainwave frequency is between 4 and 7 hertz. This is the frequency of dreams, hypnosis and deep meditation. This theta state is when your mind is most accepting of changes.

There are many ways you can enter the theta state and reprogram your mind. 1) Have a Clean Slate when looking to meditate, you need to rid yourself of stress and worry. 2) Positivity enhancement- If you want to attract your ideal life, you need to send signals to the universe and they must be positive of course. You do this by filling your mind with positive thought patterns. 3) Visualization dreaming- visualizing what you want and how your going to attain it. 4) Entering the Theta State- your ready to enter the theta state. Your subconscious mind can enter the Theta state alone and reshape or rewire your brain.

This can and will change your life- Brainwave entrainment.

What Is Enlightenment

enlightenment is a mans release from his self incurred tutelage. Tutelage is mans inability to make use of his understanding, without direction from another. Self incurred is his tutelage. Its cause lies not in lack of reason, but in lack of resolution and courage to use it without direction from another. Have courage to use your own reason. That is the actual motto of enlightenment.

Laziness and cowardliness are the reasons why; so great a portion of humanity, after nature has long since discharged them from external direction, nevertheless remains under life long tutelage. Why is it so easy for others to set themselves up with guardians?

It is so easy not to be of age. If I have a book which understands for me, a pastor which has a conscious for me, a physician who decides my diet is not working and so forth.

I need not trouble myself, I need not think. If I can only pay. Others will easily undertake their irks and work for me. That the step to competence is held to be very dangerous by the far greater portion of humanity. Quite apart from its being arduous. It seems to by those guardians who have so kindly assumed super intendants over them; after the guardians have first made there domestic cattle done, and have made sure that these placid creatures will not dare take a single step without the harness of the cart; which they are tethered.

The guardians then show them the dangers which threatens if they try to go alone. Actually, however; this danger is not so great. For by falling a few times, they would finally learn to walk alone. But, an example of this failure makes them timid. This ordinarily frightens them away from all further trials. For any single individual to work himself out of the life under tutelage; which has become almost as nature, is very difficult.

He has come to be fond of his state, and he is for the present really incapable of making use of his reasoning. For no one has ever let him try it out. Statues and formulas, those mechanical tools of the rational employment or rather the miss employment of his natural gifts; are the feeders of an ever lasting tutelage. Whoever throws them off makes only an uncertain leap, over the narrowest ditch. This is because he is not accustomed to that kind of free motion.

Therefore, their are few who have succeeded by their own exercise of mind. Both, in freeing themselves from incompetence as well as achieving a steady pace. But, it is more possible that the public is more likely to enlighten itself.

Indeed if almost freedom is granted, enlightenment is sure to follow. For there will always be some independent thinkers, even among the established guardians of the great masses. Who, after throwing off their yoke of tutelage from their own shoulders will disseminate spirit of the rational appreciation of both their own worth and every mans vocation for thinking for himself. But, be it noted that the guardians themselves remain bound, when it is decided to do so. By some of the guardians or themselves. Capable of some enlightenment. So harmful is it; to implant prejudices? For they later take vengeance on their cultivators or on their descendants.

Thus the public can only slowly attain enlightenment. Perhaps a fall of personal despotism. Or of avarice, tyrannical oppression, may be accomplished by revolution. But, never in true reformed ways of thinking. Farther new prejudices will serve as well as old ones. This will harness the great unthinking masses.

For this enlightenment however, nothing is really required but freedom. And indeed, the most harmless among all the things. Which this term can properly be applied. It is the freedom to make public use of one’s reason at every point. But, I hear on all sides, ” Do not argue” , The officer says, “Do not argue but drill” . The tax collector says “Do not argue, but pay”. The Clerk ” Do not argue but believe.”

Only one prince in the world says, ” Argue as much as you will, and about what you will, but obey.” Everywhere there was restriction on freedom. Which restriction, is an obstacle to enlightenment? And which is not an obstacle but a promoter of it?

I answer, the public’s use of one’s reason must always be free. And it alone can bring about enlightenment among men. The private use of grievance on the other hand may often be vary narrow and restricted. Without particularly hindering the process of enlightenment.

The public use of one’s reasoning, I understand the use a person makes of it as a scholar before their reading public. Private use, I call that, which one may make of it, particular silver poster office which is entrusted to him. Many affairs which are conducted in the interest of the community, require; a certain mechanism through which some members of the community must pass a bill and civically conduct themselves with an artificial unanimity. This is so the government, may direct them to public ends. Or at least prevent them from destroying those ends.

Here, argument is certainly not allowed. One must obey, but , so far as part of the mechanism, regards himself at the same time as a member of the whole community. Or of a society of worlds citizens and thus, in the role of a scholar who addresses the public; in the proper sense of the word through his writings; he certainly can argue without hurting the affairs for which he is a part. Responsible as a passive member. Thus, it would be rude for an officer in service to debate about the suitability, a utility of a man given to him by his superior. He must obey, however, the right to make remarks on the military service and to lay them before the public for judgement cannot equitably be refused to him. As a scholar , the citizen can not refuse; to pay the taxes imposed on him. This would be a scandal as general refractory, but the same person nevertheless, does not on the contrary act out of duty as a citizen.

When as a scholar he publicly adjusts his thoughts, representing the inappropriateness or the injustices of his levies on him as he knows he could be punished for it could be considered as a scandal. General refractoriness. But, as a scholar he has compete freedom, even his calling to communicate to the public, his carefully tested and well meaning thoughts on that which is erroneous also to make suggestions on what is best for the religious body and church.

In doing this , their is nothing that could be laid as a burden on his conscious. For what he teaches as a consequence of his office; as a representative of the church, this is considered something about which he has not freedom to teach according to his own lights. It is something that he is propound in the dictation of another, he will say; ” Are church teaches this or that.” Those are the proofs which it educes. Thus it extracts, all practical uses from his congregation. From statue which he himself would not reply with full conviction.

To the annunciation of which, he can very well pledge himself. This is because it is not impossible that truth lies hidden in them. And in any case, there is at least nothing in them contradictory to religion. For if he believes he had found one or some of them, he would not be charged with the duties of his office. He would have to give it up. The use therefore that the teacher makes before his congregation is merely private.

This congregation is only a domestic one, even if it be a large gathering. With respect to it, he is not free, nor can he be free. This is because he carries out the orders of another. However, as a scholar who is writing, he can speak to his public, the world and his clergy men and the public use of his reason, he has an unlimited reason to speak in his own person.

That the guardian of the people in spiritual beliefs be incompetent in their own matters of being. This is an absurdity which amounts to an externalization of absurdities. Not a society of clergy men, perhaps a church conference, be justified in obligating itself by oath to a certain unchangeable symbol. Thereby guardianship would become over the people as a whole.

Even to make it eternal, I answer that this is exponentially impossible. Such a contract would need to shut off all human enlightenment from the human race. it is absolutely null and void, By parliament. And even at any peace treaty that was being created during this time. I find it ordain to put this situation in a position so erroneous, that it can not extend its occasional knowledge. Purify itself of errors, and reach enlightenment, a crime against human nature as it is being dictated by misleading decedents.

The touch stone, lies in the question; whether the people would have imposed such a law upon themselves. Such religious compact may be for short, and definitely for limited time be it as it may. Expectations of the better, the scholar would be allowed to make his comments without interference and completely public. That is through writing these erroneous aspects of the new institution.

Through uniting all of their voices, the upper class, middle class and even lower class, they could come up with a proposal and a plan to correct the problem and seek out enlightenment. United into a religious organization under the betterment of their idealistic expectations. Without hindering others , who wished to remain in the order. However , uniting such an institution was clearly doubted and mischievous to the public, even if done by one man himself.

Thereby, humanity and working towards the disadvantage of prosperity, that is forbidden. For a short amount of time, a man may postpone enlightenment, from what he ought to know. However, to renounce it for posterity, it to injure and trample on the rights of humanity.

If all improvement or religious ordinances stand together due to civil order, they can leave it to the subjects to deem what they find appropriate and or necessary for their spiritual wealth fare. This is not his concern, it is incumbent on him to prevent one of them from violently hindering another. This would mean determining and promoting this welfare to the best of his ability. He may evaluate his own government due to the fact that the writings were seekings based on his own findings.

He lays upon himself the reproach, he then degrades his supreme power, talking back to Cesar, by supporting the ecclesiastical despotism; he realizes that their were tyrants in his state and he felt completely betrayed. If for instance we were asked ” Do we now live in an enlightened age.?” The answer is no.

Well, on the flip side, we do live in an age of enlightenment. As things stand almost even between men and women in the workforce, forward to present day, everyone uses their own reasonings for problems and or religious matters. This creates a matter of freedom from outside influences. However, on the other hand, their is clear indication of the field of study now being looked upon as interesting and cumulative. Men may now look freely at these things, The real obstacle to self enlightenment is to stop repressing and allow the new director to take ownership over what should be.

This is the age of enlightenment or sense , the age of fredrick, a prince who does not find it worthy even to say that he holds this as his duty to protect the religious correspondence and instead given complete freedom.

He deserves to be esteemed by the grateful world and to show all the future generations and its successors what is truly means to reach this beautiful thing we call enlightenment. Government left each man free under their tutelage. Without infringing upon their official duties, they were able to submit their public testings, ideas, views, ideologies, philosophical input as well as theoretical too. An even greater freedom is restricted, by no official duties. The world is finally free to roam and collaborate and love what they do. There is no one person to tell them what they can and can not do. It is up to them to figure it out.

An example gives government information while, escaping men from their tutelage creates enlightenment. The matter of thinking, law giving and reason is the matter of legislation and criticism is okay in enlightened beings. It is about asking questions, understanding the world more thoroughly and provoking a new world order. This is one where the people who make decisions, can sit back and watch the universe unfold for itself.

No monarch is superior to this being, and whom might this being be? Well, you’ll have to stick around to find out. Only this being is not afraid of the lurking shadows that are depicted in ancient times. This anonymous person is saying, well ” Argue as much as you will, if we have a huge army and we are and will be at peace, does the arguing really matter or concern you?”

Obey is what this unanimous group wants. It is mostly based on the freedom of the people. Each man needs to extend himself to its full capacity. Mother nature shows you her way of doing things and the only difference is that each individual becomes more and more aware that they are going to go through a cycle of death and rebirth. This should not scare you by any means, it just interacts with each person on a one on one basis, because in order to understand one must read!


He is our teacher, we are his students. Pay close attention because there is much to learn, grasshopper 

The Explanations of Miracles

Miracles and The scientific facts behind these adhesive explanations. “SUPERNATURAL”

Scientific explanations could have been considered miracles in the older days of time, when one was resurrected from the dead.

Science has explained that these “dead people” were actually just in a deep meditative state. Now, with all of the technology that we have obtained, coming back from the dead is usually accompanied with many explanations as to why and how?

Is this a real miracle, or is scientific facts based upon reasoning.

The many reasonings for the word, supernatural can be used as adjectives to describe something. It is also used to describe occurrences that are not normal or seemingly deemed upon society. However, it is also used to refer to gods, supreme beings and deities.

supernatural can be referred to anything such as leprechauns, goblins, ghosts, aliens and gods. It stems from the term what goes beyond the norm, and beyond what the laws of nature allow or explain.

Believing in the supernatural is an essential part of believing in god and religion. Both the religion and god that they believe in has a history that contains stories with supernatural events.

If christians did not believe in the events of the bible; if muslims didn’t believe in the events in the quran , then why are they paying homage to jesus and allah?

Christianity, is known to have its eyes set on the miracles jesus has performed. Similarly, Hindus believe in reincarnation and karma. They believe that souls are therefore; sent back to earth. They believe their quality of life will be dependent on their past life experiences.

How To Overcome FEAR

First, you must recognize that you control the response that is created. Once someone speaks to you, always. You need something that will allow you a vital amount of confidence while your speak, assuring yourself that you are capable of being essentially smart and exponentially intelligent. I encounter many people who ask me, how are you not nervous? Ill give you my little secrets here.

  1. Be you, everyone will love you and accept you for who you are. You were born as a unique entity on this planet; it is time to show the world who you really are.
  2. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Seminars and coaching, can help rid you of your past fearfulness. Allowing you to feel powerful enough to get that sense of acceptance.

Lets discuss acceptance for a minute, everyone in the world wants to be accepted, its human nature. However, when you do not care about who it is that is accepting you; you will allow yourself to be who you are.

Confidence and Insecurity are both based on the same belief systems. Now, why are certain people confident? A scientific study that was conducted stated that these individuals did not have a set of limiting beliefs. While the people who were insecure, were not allowing themselves to let go of the false limiting beliefs.

This idea contains two interchangeable steps that you need to know about to create a greater confidence in being a natural born conversationalist. There are also another two ways to go about being an extremely profound conversationalist. First you must counteract your negative thinking and behavioral patterns. This is due to your anxious fear that you are not smart enough. This is because you need to inhabit an extremely relative relationship. This will be because in some way you are conversationally concerned with a determent. Therefore, you become intimidated to give yourself a chance to even try to be a conversationalist.

Now, you must identify these limiting beliefs that are causing your discouragement. You need to express yourself in a way where you do not feel like someone is going to deter, disapprove or oppose your substantial facts or influential informative context. Its all in the confidence your projecting to the world.

You then need to eliminate the behaviors that cause you defeat through self hatred. For example, as a child you might have been put down and correspondingly were called dumb, not smart or incompetent. Is this fair? No, this is peculiar and rude. You need to eradicate these limiting beliefs and change them with new ideas on cohesive ideals of conversing. You must replace all self doubt with empowerment. You are your biggest fan. This means, you need to cheer yourself on and say I can do this, I am smart enough, I am capable.

Then, when creating these mantra chants in your head, you will realize that it will construct a completely new you. Someone who will be able to have incredible conversations. Not only because you are secure. Also, because you are self sufficient in yourself. You are aware what other people are saying. Why? Because, you will start reading, and you will love it.

Why? Well practice makes perfect. I advise you to read at least 3-5 books a week. Within a month, you are going to see a huge change in vernacular, your confidence will be in tact and you will never feel fear of conversationists again. You will begin to be present in conversations and actually be aware on what people are discussing with you. You will be able to project yourself in a secular way, allowing you to feel intelligent; therefore, boosting that confidence I was talking about. You eventually will become noticed.

Knowledge is Power, when you know something about a lot of different things, it gives you a noticeable advantage to others. Be strong, be bold, be brilliant.

Dr. Laura Zukerman Owner and Founder At the Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Dr. Laura Zukerman



The dictionary defines a miracle as an extraordinary, unusual , supernatural event that manifests divine intervention in the affairs of men and or women. This higher being is what most would refer to as god, or a god like person. Religious leaders, saints, arch angels; all being attributed to this because god works through them.

Modern Day Miracles- are based upon mother natures disastrous control over the world, and surviving these disasters. These could be tsunamis, earth quakes, torrential fires, surviving stage 4 cancer; way beyond the estimated time the doctors gave you and so on. When there are complications and or threats, people search and look for answers, praying to the holy one, god.

World Religions and Gods- different people in different cultures believe that god could be a “supreme being.” Christianity is the most widespread religion with 33.32% of the worlds populace, believing in jesus. Next, Islam 21.01% of the worlds populace believe in allah. Hinduism is third in the ranking with 13.26% of the worlds populace believing is several gods and goddesses. Ganesha, Hanuman, Lakshmi, Shiva and Durga are some of them. In 4th, Buddhism, 5.84%, they don’t adhere to god. However they believe that one can become enlightened by creating a certain code of conduct. Also by undertaking a mental discipline method that they believe to be called “enlightened ones.” They believe these enlightened ones will save all beings from suffering.

Lastly, the last 27% of the world is divided into smaller religions.

Dr. Laura Zukerman Owner And Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Dr.Laura Zukerman

Becoming your inner goddess

Wisdom is God’s way of saying fancy


Human beings, are aware that the response to an image on sensory impact will create an emotional molecule to respond to something instantly. A present memory or experience, will be the appropriate emotion based on that thought.

The normal states of consciousness – living in emergency mode, in a state of stress, would be anger, aggression, prejudice, hopelessness, powerlessness and stress.

It is a scientific fact that a stress response can be turned on by an emotion alone, those emotions can make us sick, physically.

If you have a pain in your body, the connection is the brain to that emotion. The body is literally living in the past, living in our subconscious mind. These trapped emotions become patterns, this is because we are retraumatizing ourselves from the time we were children. The same physiological disabilities are also created because our energy is not flowing in the right direction.

If you have ever noticed that when something is hurting you, it amplifies. You then believe that you need a medication to help you. However, in reality, clearing that energy is only going to be cleared when your positive emotions will diminish the emotional baggage.

The body is literally crying out, saying that there is something wrong here. We suffer from these emotional traumatic events and then change scares us. If we were not afraid of change; and we were able to be aware of our past experiences, we would be able to create a whole new self.

Negative Emotional Molecules are real- how do we remove them, restoring them with positive emotional molecules? That is the answer to life and longevity.

The symptom is a conversation- nothing happens in the body by coincidences. It is a doorway to access this invisible, unseen energy. From our brain to our body, in any given moment. Whether it be addiction, ptsd (POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER) ocd (OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDER) or other areas that create stress, you can learn and grow from these conditions in different ways.

When you have a strategy to shift the emotions from your past experiences, you change your actions to have that new experience. All of the sensory data that the brain is picking up, in the moment those neurons come into place, that chemical is that emotion. If we allow ourselves into those feelings, we are able for change. You need to feel, in order to rise above these emotional, traumatic conditions.

When someone is living by the same emotional reaction, it becomes a personality trait. We need to look at the emotions that we have memorized that are stored in the body. Your mind can actually heal itself, we know this through the placebo effect.

Do not make this so complicated. There was a study done on radiation that was fake- 1/3 lost their hair. That is the power of creation for healing or not healing. What I found was that by releasing these emotional levels, we could get people well when there was no cure.

True transformation is JOY! The body is experiencing gratitude, good will. When you let go of those past emotions, you are able to heal and be free from emotional drama. Self Sabotaging is really trapped emotional energies that we have passed through in our lives. Those energies stay with us and cause our own self sabotage, even if we have been trying so hard to get rid of those trapped emotions. Eventually though, we are able to step out of these emotions and move forward.

It could be a different face, a different name, however it influences every aspect of who we are, the energies from the past need to be liberated. Consciously we don’t remember much, the subconscious mind however, knows exactly what is wrong with you to get you well. In your relationship- say you easily get frustrated from anxiety and jealousy, the body speaks the mind. The neuropeptides which help create the emotions that are going on inside of you ; and then bind these molecules of emotions. These receptors are the same receptors that bind heroin.

Meditation can get you to a state of healing in many modalities. If all your chakras are not cleared, you will eventually have panic attacks, anxiety, stress. Slow down. The mind will record an event, stored in the background. The mind encoded this experience, in the background, you become triggered. It will then tell the body how to respond. You will mess up the record or the trance. When we are tapping, you are ruining the harmony in the body and the past is not real, it’s a memory that needs to be cleared, if it is a negative one.

If you eat an orange or a pineapple, within 72 hours, they will not feel depression anymore. It is scientifically proven and has saved many lives.


Dr. Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Tapping into Your Inner Goddess Wisdom

Goddess On Fire

“God, if you could walk through fire, you could walk on water”- Laura Zukerman

You More Than Anyone else in this world deserve your love and affection!

“You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection.” – Buddha

Through meditation, self reflection and healing internally emotions from the past, I began to realize that I can feel who I am becoming and who I now am. Most of my thoughts that were contradictory or repetitive, had come to me when I realized I was holding on to repressed emotional traumas.

Before I found a new way of thinking and acting and spirituality as a whole for that matter, I was not that happy of a person. I was completely identifiable with all of my thoughts, that connected to fear of the unknown, anxiety of what to do next and insecurities and doubts. I used to think that I needed reassurance from others when I was younger. This was because I had issues with my father growing up. I always felt like I needed to be one step ahead of the game in order to assure him that I was the best. I believe that who I was then , wasn’t actually me, but my double. You see, when you become aware and conscious; your intelligence will increase, and your energy behind your bad thoughts will suddenly dissipate. When you let go of the negatives, you can ascertain all of the positives!

I used to have no space in my mind or my heart for new emotions to surface because I Internalized all of these emotions from my past struggles and I endured the past into the present. I dealt with ptsd as young teen. I was traumatized by my past. What I realized is that Letting Go of your past, is the best thing you could ever do. You need to let it all go!! Clear the energy, the aura, the belief system needs to be changed. When I worked on my subconscious blueprint, this reflected my years of childhood. What were my traumas? What were my thoughts? What was I told to do? Did I believe any of these things to be true? What were my circumstances at the time? Was I happy? Am I happier now? The answer to the am I happier now is definitely Yes.

When you lay out all of this emotional baggage, you will then find that you can give your power over to happiness, write it all out… let it all go!! Its gone. Now, Self love is the answer. You need to learn to relate to yourself with compassion, understanding, kindness and acceptance. Do not succumb to the negative voices in your head, they are berading your existence as a whole entity. You are a being of light, that radiates beauty and compassion.

Self love is not negative nor is it selfish, If you do not want to feel the emotional pain of your past sufferings, You will not gain access to fully love thy self. You need to love yourself unconditionally. You need to do things that make you happy. On a daily basis, endure what you love doing, incorporate that into your daily life. Do this everyday for about an hour and you will feel so much better. Stop worrying about what others are thinking about you! Be your own person! Be you, be brave, be irresistible. The moment I stopped caring about what other people might think about me, was the moment I became Free. Free to learn new things, Free to be me, Free to love, Free to emulate love and the Freedom to be the extradordinary individual that I am.

I have grown through pain and struggling with heartache and loss. I have grown through relationship turmoils. I have grown through my emotional rollercoaster of a being, not being surrounded by the right people, always trusting people I shouldn’t of trusted. When I really let that all go, I became me again. I realized that I don’t want to deal with anyone who does not want to deal with me. I also realized that I refuse to go out of my way for people anymore that I do not love and respect fully.

This is emotional stuff that you should work on for yourself, because believe me when I tell you; when you are capable of loving yourself 100 percent of the time… you will feel so much better. You will radiate a room. You will shine because you will have self respect. That is what it really is. Respecting and caring for yourself. If you can not take care of yourself, then who should? I mean no one on this earth deserves to be loved more than by oneself.


Dr. Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Tapping into your Innate Goddess Wisdom

Goddess on fire

Goddesses Are lovers of Thyself.

Personal Growth has to be Intentional!! Please Watch the Video Above, it is so beautiful to make yourself that one priority in your life.


Subconscious vs conscious

You see your conscious mind is thoughts and actions you are aware of. However, your subconscious mind is strictly for your feelings , thoughts , urges and memories that you are unaware of.

Most of the thoughts that are engrained in your subconscious mind are external thoughts such as pain , anxiety and conflict, you usually feel emotionally and physically uncomfortable whenever you try to change something or do anything new.

The reason why the Law of Attraction doesn’t work properly for most people is because your conscious mind is aware while your subconscious mind is not. It teaches you to control your conscious mind. However, your subconscious mind unaware of this.

The Law of Attraction is not capable of controlling your brains defense mechanism. These are their conflicts, fears , emotions and anxieties. These are just some examples.

All along the human race was led to believe that we can achieve anything if we never give up. Well, what is the actual problem? What is it that easily allows you to prevent what you actually want? This is your brain, your subconscious mind.

One of scientists latest discoveries is that; there are 100 billion neurons, with 1 billion connections that are actively processing information as long as we live.

There are two sides of the brain the right side and the left side of the brain. The left side of the brain is known for logical thinking , analysis and detail. The right side of the brain is known for creativity , spontaneity and subjectivity.

Your brain only weighs 3 pounds. It makes up 2 percent of your body’s weight. It uses up to 20% of your bodies energy.

Your brain consists of two supercomputers; integrated around one system. Your brain is made up of 100 billion neurons. Naturally if there is electro magnetic activity available, wave emissions are inevitable.

If you have ever heard the term neuro oscillation, it literally means brain waves. By changing the process of the way we transition our brainwaves, we can control our lives from childhood into our adult lives.

Your brain is continuously learning. However, as a child you were learning at a much more rapid pace then you are as an adult. As a child your brain had consisted of 100 billion neurons, where as when you become older the neurons in your brain is making billions of more neurons due to the fact that you are learning new things on a daily basis.

You are capable of altering your brainwaves to take control of your life. By listening to different audio tapes and such, you can steer your brainwaves in a different direction. This is called brainwave entrainment or it could also be called brain recalibration.

There are five different types of brainwaves. The alpha brain waves that are present in a state of relaxation. The beta brainwaves that are associated with our consciousness and thinking process. The theta brainwaves that are presentable in deep mediation and light sleeping patterns. The delta brain waves that are presentable in deep , meditative sleeping patterns. Lastly, the gamma brain waves; these are associated in high levels of information processing.

These brainwaves work together to create an intrinsic harmony. No brainwave is superior than the other.

If you want to be in harmony with your brainwaves thinking process, you can use brainwave entrainment also know as brainwave recalibration; to utilize and strengthen the brains intrinsic system.

It is only then that the brain can unlocks it’s full potential of powers. Creating exponential opportunities.

You become exposed to various sounds at different wavelengths. This is known as isochronic tones or binaural beats. The difference between the two is that Binaural beats need headphones while isochronic tones do not. This is actually considered the most effective way to increase brain entrainment.

Isotronic tones are incorporated by a single tone, which turns on and off at regular intervals; like a metronome. When gaining control of the brain, your destiny is now in your hands. You will begin to experience better health, vitality and overall behavioral patterns that shape you as at a higher vibration; you ever deemed possible.



The Power Quadrant System In Affect

It is self knowledge, skill knowledge ; being taught how to affect the world around you. Self knowledge is the amplifier that is the skills you are looking to gain. Trying to learn things that are not aligned with your strengths. By knowing yourself better; you will be able to know who you are.

The place to start to understand this is to create an idea to manifestation. A project that you are currently working on, every project starts with an idea. A magical burst of creative energy. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could do this…? So you have this big picture, this idea , the concept- that’s the red power quadrant system. Where everything starts and everything that comes to fruition begins with an idea. To make that project manifest from idea stage to reality 3 more steps need to be put into action.

That next step is the white power quadrant- the refinement phase. This is a big picture that starts to gain structure and priorities. If you want to start a business, you need to create sales , customer service , this is where the idea becomes refined.

Then the blue power quadrant – is the structural- where things become more specific. This is to create the specific action level steps you need to obtain it. Action and detailed planning.

Lastly, the execution work gets done. This is the yellow power quadrant, bringing this full circle.

This has everything to do with you! You are one of the 4 distinct roles that needs to be played in the power quadrant system.

If we are willing to work hard enough, we are capable at obtaining and completing all 4 quadrants. However, when we realize where we are supposed to be focused, that natural role to play will only focus on one of the four quadrants.

Understanding the quadrant you are in, is that red flows into white, which flows into blue which flows into yellow.

Each quadrant is equal in size- bringing an amazing project into reality.

When you research more about the 4 power quadrant system it will change your life!!

Do this , do this now!! And watch your business unfold into something spectacular!

Dr. Laura Zukerman Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Dr. Laura Zukerman


every goal is to be broken down what you are trying to comply as the larger goal.

there are expectations of course on the specifics of your goal.

aim for a minimum of 5 smaller parts of your goal

be as detailed as you can.

Identifying clear action steps

The finish line- which key activities will create the goals you desire.

there are two types of action steps- 1) planning and preperation- research and education

don’t let yourself get stuck in the planning and preparation stage- you need to concede that you have to move forward with productive actions. The actions that will inspire the greatest results, daily, weekly, monthly.

Daily actions- hold the power of duplication and accumulation.

releasing your creations to the public, bold actions bring about bigger results.

evaluate your progress

networking, expanding your personal developement

the most productive actions need to be identified on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

general ideas- most productive actions- always add to this list if you need to

easily attainable- daily

weekly- acquiring how your going to partake in this goal

monthly- evaluating your progress

set a general timeline for completion

setting a deadline can make you stay focused and be proactive- also a deadline can cause frustration if its not what your expectations are.

favorable to detach emotionally from any firm expectations.

especially when those things are largely out of your control.

do not set unrealistic timelines

moderate , consistent actions is the way to go

general timeline for completion of your ultimate goal will be taken once you are consistent and taking the actions necessary for this goal to come into fruition.

screeching halt , you always need a plan B

every step of your journey will save you a lot of time.

it can make or break the fulfillment of your goals

ultimately the outcome is the most important thing.

alternate activities for each of your action steps.

consider the question?

what if this was not possible?

explore other less intense actions

key action steps and and activities as well as alternative plans.

the right mindset for success

exactly what you want

general expectations, you even formed an alternate plan.

3 key things- commit to your goal, willing to ignore your inner critic, strong promise to yourself that you will not give up. The achievement of your goal, will be the most important thing in your life.

Take action immediately and consistency is key.

If you want big results, take big actions

let go- don’t get marred in frustration, stretch your limits and refine your approach. You can control only you and/or your actions.

Evaluate your progress- goal achievement is a process and nothing is carved in stone.

You need to change your approach, evaluation- frequent evaluation on your daily actions- have you moved upon your actions- room for improvement, have your results met your expectations so far.

monthly or quarterly- plans or change in direction. What are you learning about yourself through this process? how can you expand your potential and stretch your limits? Can you think of larger goals you can achieve now, after feeling more confident and self sufficient.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat

With a fair amount of planning and foresight

Commit, take action and let go.

Once you become comfortable with these steps, you will know how to conquer your inner demons, to your chosen outcomes.

strengthening and empowering yourself- allowing you to realize that you are the only one who is in your own way.

You will get , where you want to go.


Specify Your Goals

You need to be a lot more specific when you set your goals.

What- this should identify the core of your goal and what it is you want to accomplish

where- location, if applicable- a job in your local area or a job that you want to commute to overseas, move across the u.s for etc.

when- a general timeline for the fulfillment of your goals

how- you may have a preference to how events are going to unfold, this however; is not always in your control

why- your specific reasonings for what it is you want. Word it positively ” I want to have an abundant flow of money” Is an example of how to go about this. Don’t use vague goals. Take the time to find out, and figure out what you would add to your life and what you would take away.

whom- if your goals involve others, you’ll want to add them into your expectations

Deepak Chopra- SEMINAR

When Deepak Chopra started out as a doctor in training, he was beginning to study the molecules of emotion. What was happening in the minds and the bodies, these were the molecules of emotions, effecting biologies.

Why do you want to get better he would ask? Why do you want to go back to work? To make an income, to feed my children ect then, they realized the end goal was peace, harmony, laughter, love and happiness. These are spiritual goals. Happiness is a subjective state of well being.

Synchronicities- creating great emotional well being. If you are happy, you are going to be healthier, you will have better relationships, do better at work, abundant in your living. The Happiest people in the world were in Puerto Rico and Nigeria. Approximately 39-40 percent of the people on the forbes 500 list were actually not as happy with money as without.

In 1998 they deemed the term -Positive psychology it is generalized that happy people are more well off. Well being is the number one trend in our civilization. Getting rid of war and terrorism, through collective creativity and collective joy we can really change the world.

Make other people happy, the world is as we are. Be happy, the research in the last few years collectively came up with a formula for happiness. It depends on our biological seg point for happiness, this determines our behaviors and our perception. This biological seg. point is showing that you can take drugs, which alter the molecules of emotions in the brain. Serotonin Uptake Inhibitors. A lot of people take drugs to feel happy. Second, Through the practice of meditation- the pre-frontal cortex gets activated. The whole brain- the neurotransmitters, synchronistically make you feel happy. The third way is what scientists refer to as cognitive therapy. When you get rid of a false belief that is making you depressed. They begin to shift your perception that holds you down.

Buddha- experiences nirvana, when you change your perception of who you are. “The original cognitive therapist.” When you win the lottery for instance, in a week, a month , a year… you would be exactly as happy or unhappy as you were before you had won the lottery within a year or two years. Our biologies adapt to life situations, 15 percent. The fourth thing- voluntary actions, giving us pleasure or gratification- fulfillment. Whatever you desire, sex, love, lust, alchohol, drugs- instant gratification only lasts a few hours.

Fulfillment actually makes us very happy. This is when we have a sense of accomplishment, when we are changing the world. When we are helping others. Insight, intention, expression of our imagination, inspiration, consciousness choices.

You want to be successful, make someone else successful. You want to be respected, respect others. You want to be admired, admire others. We are inseparably one with all that exists. This deeper fulfillment comes from a wholeness. Buddha said. We are all contained in one mind, one consciousness.

There are levels of happiness-when we look at all of that, it still does not give us the total happiness. The four noble truths that buddha speaks about- is somewhat how a doctor does things. Buddha- 1) human beings go through the experience of suffering- joy, enlightenment, pleasure but also suffering. 2) causes for suffering. Not knowing the nature of yourself. Identifying with a false sense of identity which is the ego. The fear of death. In order to know that nature we need to be aware. The more expanded our consciousness gets, we understand the nature of consciousness; we have a shift of who we are. Linking them with the wisdom of Buddha.

A dog lives in the moment, while we live in imagination. Existential suffering, is something that we deal with. It allows us to step out of the present moment, while not dealing with what is really going on.

Where does thought come from? Why do we have negative thoughts? why do we have positive thoughts? Are we a randomly mutated species? Are we little specs of dusts or is their meaning and purpose to our life? Does god exist? Do we have a soul? Existential suffering. Are we the universe becoming conscious of itself? Life on earth is a question that we have.

Do you know where thought comes from? Do you experience Existential suffering? Do you know if we have a soul? Some people have no idea what any of this means, or the answers to these questions. However, you spend so many years of your life in a state of disassociation. It could be happiness in ignorance or happiness of enlightenment. Do you want to be ignorant or enlightened?

As spiritual beings can we go beyond our Existential suffering. This was Buddhas journey. He was born a prince. The prediction by the astrologers were that they believed that he would become a great king or a monk. The advisors said surround him with pleasure, allowing him to never see suffering. Surrounding him with music, wine, women. One day, he happened to go outside of the palace walls, he saw an extremely old decrepit man. He did not know what that was, he had asked? The next day he saw a man with extreme disease? Does it happen to everyone he asked? Well it could the person answered. The third day, he saw a dead body. His friend told him that it happens to everyone. He became troubled and scared.

He then began to explore reality, the journey that explores the nature of our consciousness. Consciousness creates our reality. The eightfold path to enlightenment. The first of the 8 noble truths- perception, right view- non judgemental. You have to stop giving up being right all of the time. He said you have to see things from other perspectives. He then said there was no such thing as separation. 2) Question your thinking- fear and separation and love and unity. If you could have a negative thought and turn it around it would be correct thinking. 3) Holistic speech- fight or flight response. When we observe our own self speaking. 4) Action- karmic correct choices. You do the right thing, in the right moment. Come from the infinite and they return to the infinite. 5) Right livelihood. 6) Diligence 7) Meditation – what is my purpose? unique skills and talents? Best qualities or dreams for the world. Aspirations for the world and yourself. Nature helps you move to the next stage of evolution. 8) Mindfulness- the highest form of human intelligence is the ability to observe yourself without judging yourself.

Seeking enlightenment, he tries yoga, meditation- all of these practices. Finally he encounters his own shadows, his own demons. He forgives them. After awhile, sitting under the tree of enlightenment, he’s watching his breathe- it arises and then it subsides. Hes then watching his thoughts, his emotions, his perceptions of the world. The first conclusion- if it arises it also subsides. This is the first principle – the Law of Impermanence.

Alot of our suffering comes from the ideal of inheritance, there is no one doing the holding on and there is no one holding on to. He says he is not the separate self- recycled air, breath. Feelings and emotions- interactions with each other. The personality is just recycled relationships. The image of ourselves is through the recycling of everything else. It is a reflection of all selves. If you are a part of everything that exists, he realizes that these thoughts are subsiding and contrasting- and then he thinks where do they go?

Deeper consciousness in which the whole world is all a perception. What is this consciousness? It is the intelligent activity behind the whole universe. He then says, we fear death because we are attached to the idea that the self is permanent. Buddha would say, once upon a time you were a teenager, you were a totally different person. Is that the real you or is this the real you? The mature you- different thoughts, different feelings, different emotions. Which one is the real you? Buddhas answer would be that these are Transient manifestations of the real you. The key to your happiness is to step, go back and go back again. You are connected to the entire universe. Transpersonal self- you have created a soul or a self, and this relationship is not the only connection to the self- it is then reality, you will then experience nirvana.

Step back and have a shift in consciousness. 10 KEYS to happiness- be aware of your body. Your body is a cosmic computer. When you listen to your body you are eavesdropping on the mind of the universe. Listen to your body, and you will begin to make the right choices. Live in the present moment, choiceless awareness. Do not make any choices in consciousness, go with the flow. Connecting to nirvana, that creates all your relationships. Embrace Silence. Quieting your thoughts, that silence is a field of infinite possibilities. Leap of creativity- observer effect. That is the real Law of Attraction, the real secret. Object referral- someone who needs no approval, who is neither superior or inferior. Fearless- self identity comes from them self. Get rid of your toxic emotions- grievances and miracles.

Let go of your anger, your regrets, your fear, your guilt. Total knowledge- we are seeing ourselves as the world. Who am I? What do I want? Self worth, renewal, higher guidance above all we want transcendence. Dont judge others, don’t judge yourself. Wake up everyday and say thank you god, for making me just as I am. If you do not have a shadow, you are standing in darkness. When we are afraid what other people will think of us. Accept them, and share them with others. Ask for help, forgive our shadows and we diminish evil in the world. 8) Remove toxins from your life. – toxic food, toxic emotions, toxic substances, toxic relationships. 9) fear based thinking with love based thinking- separation and unity. 10) Witnessing awareness- i am not my body, i’m not my mind. I am the witness of that. I am not those experiences, I am the spirit, the consciousness. That is NIRVANA!

The Divine Law of SELF-LOVE

Nobody can add love to you that you don’t already have and in the same manner nobody can take away love from you. Your reality is solely the result of your inner perceptions, how you see, feel or react in a certain way. Arising from that, you are the only person with the most power to affect your life. Your world and everything that happens in that world is all happening inside of you ,moment after moment. 

Whenever you have these shared, loving moments with another person, your inner oceanic love bubbles over and rises like waves from your being. In these moments, you simply have given yourself the permission to feel your very own love in the presence of another person. 

If people cannot feel love in themselves, they are unconsciously dependent on someone or something from the outside to receive love from and therefore making them responsible for their happiness. Love is always unconditional ; if you love yourself conditionally you end up cutting yourself off from your own love inside. 

It is very important to learn to be in an unconditioned state of your own love. By being aware, you can allow love to flow freely from its source within you. Your own love possess the ability to help others to feel the love inside themselves they already naturally have, you are only helping them to access and find it again. From this unconditioned state and a pure, open heart, we can experience and feel the fullness of our own love in the presence of literally anyone. It is not possible to exchange or use this love to fill someone else’s emptiness. It is something that only flows from within. 

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Aristotle and his philosophical thoughts

In Aristotles theaetetus his speaks about analytical thinking rather than philosophical thinking, although we consider him to be a great philosopher of our time. In the doctrine of the categories, including; substance, quantity, quality, relation, activity and passivity; these past under the title of the Organon. This meaning the principles of science; that which are most important include the prior analytics.

This is where he sets down the doctrine for syllogism. Then comes the posterior Analytics, this is where he discusses the value of reasoning in order for something to be truly scientific factual information. Somewhat like where you make a hypothesis, on what you think is going to happen although he states it has to be TRULY scientific.

Topica, somewhat like a topic ; where he sustains the remote aspect upon reasoning itself; thought processes.

The categories and the De Interpretatione, where subsidiaries to the Organon. Books 11-V11 are also said to belong to the Aristotelian Doctrines or Dialogues , so to speak. This was related to the Topica as well; stating it was not created all in the same date of time.

The Aristotelian Doctrine, only survived in fragmented pieces. Books 11-V11 were said to have made their contribution to the world around the time Aristotle spoke of logical reasoning. De Sophictis elenchis was also part of the Topica. It is said that Topica is said to be older than Analytics all together. Does this mean that Aristotle created the former (Analytical Thinking.)

The order is said to be Topica V111, posterior analytics 1, prior analytics, they state that the two analytics are correct in pristine conditions of this new world order; or the world as a whole in infinite time and space.

The Topicas purpose was to have logical reasoning belonging to freedom of speech; and that people were capable of self contradictory. Therefore, sustaining the questioner and the answerer in a systematic discussion inclined to create an infiltrated conversation. This is how the conversation was created. This had to make dialectic discussions to be held to truth and have an immediate reaction.

dialectical syllogism is started through the idea of knowledge based conversations, the more knowledge you know and attain, the more you can ascertain a conversationalist.

The use of dialectics are three in number; they are general training, mental training and often used to apply to the scientific studies arena. It is stated that if you can argue a conversation to be pro vs con; that you can recognize who is being truthful or falsification, who is lying.

Aristotles timeline of books : Book 1, dealing with the introduction , book 11 and 111; deal with accidental problems or behavioral issues. Books 1V and V are about genius and property, all contouring to dialectical behavioral thinking.

The De Sophistics Elenchis, deals with the Topica as speaking of an arguer and someone reciprocating that argumentative behavior. Most argumentative people being argued with falsifications are to steer away from argument rather than approach it. He used logical fallacy to make the worst case scenario look like it’s somewhat ok or falsified conviction; when in reality it’s not.

However, if you aren’t wise enough to realize the situation at hand, it is not the argumentative persons deed to help you figure out what is being congruent to the point they are rendering. Aristotle was known as deceiving the innocent and helping the argumentative side , by making it look uncanny. The book falls into two categories, 3-15 refutation of fallacies / why they are the way they are and the solution of fallacies; how to make them better.

Reasoning a fallacy is what comes next, however psychological reasoning to any falsified information is counter intuitive meaning it is amplified as something greater than it should be. In shorter terms, it means fighting with a person; allowing that person to step all over you and then, having a reason for doing so; manipulation, creation of illusion, the obscure, the infinite idea of something that is or is not.

Here is a perfect example, there are those that want to be something, and those that actually are. However there is a correlation to that because they do say fake it until you make it. However, I don’t think anyone impinent could be so fake; where as someone would be able to look straight through them.

realism vs refutation, creating what is and what is not real, mostly not real. This is because there are so many people out there who lie, steal, cheat and get hated on for it. While, the honest of people, also get hated on for doing one wrong thing. It’s considered to enact probable cause.

Reasoning, is based on certain statements that are provoked into action. Refutation is the former, it is reasoning accompanied by a contrasting element to a conclusion. He states that refutations affect their object only in certain situations or countries for that matter.

Aristotle was very intrigued with numbers and names saying that they were one in the same. He goes on to state that those who are not clever enough to count money and also falsified as clever when they don’t know names. I guess memory and knowledge have an understanding between one another. It doesn’t mean your brain is not working if you forget a name here and there; hey, I’ve encountered several hundred millions of people. It’s not okay to think I remember names of every person, however, faces I am very good with.

Now, arguments that are used in discussion come in four different sectors. They are, didactic, dialectical, examinational arguments and contentious arguments. didactic arguments are spoken upon trust, whomever is learning must trust the professor or philosophical thinker on his ideas, without reasoning. Dialectical arguments seem to have an opinion on the opponent being argued with, a contradiction. Examination arguments are held by answerer and opinionated opponent, claiming knowledge to the subject. Lastly , contentious arguments are reasoning or what appears to be so by opinion based people who argumentatively appeal to them.

Competitive and Contentious arguments, the number five, the opinions of all who objectify an argument and retort to it. A fallacy, refutation, paradox, solecism and fifthly.

Plead the 5th 🤪


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