Dear Past thanks for all of the Lessons, Dear Future ; I’m ready for you❤️

Begin to change your mindset, once you Change your mindset, your belief system will infiltrate positive thinking. Remember that time doesn’t stop 🛑 for anyone , you need to move quickly and with precision.

In order to achieve our goals we need to change what we have within us. Apart from the basic necessities , take care of yourself physically. Use your time wisely, time is equal to money!

Do not be afraid to switch course , if you don’t like where your life is going. Know yourself and actively seek for self improvement. Step back from emotions , they are temporary, while destiny is eternal. Go after your destiny and don’t stop until you get there!!


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir by Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess


KAR-MA it’s my name, don’t wear it out