The Brink of A Revolutionary War

Scientists are on the brink of a revolutionary discovery! What we have found out is utterly perplexing. What we have discovered is that we are not a chemical reaction but a coalescence of energy, in a big field of energy. This thus, connects us to everything in the world. This is the center of our being , our consciousness; the alpha and the omega of our existence.

we are packets of quantum energy, constantly exchanging an inexhaustible amount of energy between human contact ( from one to another.) Every higher pulsating quantum function had to do with the matter of human perception.

This occurred due to the subatomic particles in our brain and that crazy amount of quantum energy which is basically made up of water , considering our bodies are 98% water. Thus, why it is called the quantum energy sea.

They collectively came up with the idea that the human consciousness, is subsiding in our brains consciousness, below that as our subconscious levels of brain power control one another’s brain functions to bodily functions, we deemed the term ” The Holy Spirit.”

Human beings were no longer separate from each other , it was no longer us and them, we were one!

Scientists all over the world, including myself have come to term this time to make it work better for the people who are capable of becoming the way they want them to be. I’m going on the way back to the enlightened and understanding that if man kind does not attempt to ascertain and succumb to what the world is becoming , you will begin to die off.

I have my doctorate from Harvard and Columbia and you can now officially call me Dr. Zukerman

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