The third mind

Did you know that we all have a third kind of mind? The first two are the conscious which is the awake state of the mind; the subconscious is the mind running in the background. The third is the vibrational mind.

Thus, the conduit for possessing everything that you want. The vibrational mind also aligns with the other two parts of the mind to create a subliminal mind abstraction.

You see, on this journey that we call life, we have experienced many different facets to our lives. Every event in your life was specifically intended for you to bring you to where you are now.

As I am now Dr. Laura Zukerman 🙂 I am now going to be publishing my book into print as well as digital!! Thank you all for being so amazing with me on this journey.

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God is the essence of beauty reincarnated through time and space ❤