Either Learn the right way or Learn the Hard way, just don’t be a part of the status quo.

You will no longer be a victim of circumstances, you will no longer be a victim of oppression. You will no longer concede to weakness. It is time to maneuver your way into a way more exceptional time frame in your mind; while staying in the present. We need you to reclaim and to feel abundance, feel prosperity. Allow this new wisdom to be prosperous in this independent , beautiful individual, this new being!

Things are changing in the world , either you get ready for your life to change, or you will begin to realize that your subconscious mind was the best way to get you in the right place for the future and you have a lot more work to come into.

Now back to the people who are with me on this. Your immediate future is what your life is dependent upon today. How can you use this information to catapult yourself forward?

Energetic shifts are happening, they are happening now. They are not rare, however ; many who are smart plan to use this time to the best of their own abilities.

Many who fail to make use of this precious period, will end up doing so because of fear, laziness or neglect. You see elements are essential to all assets of life. You see there are four essential elements that need to be ingrained into our consciousness mind.

Wholeness, balance, awareness and infinite sense of accomplishment.

You take infinite potential to abstract abundance. Infinite potential to transform all negatives to positives.

You may not be satisfied with the way things are right now, and that reflects a need for a change. Something greater then what you previously obtained or had.

In an elemental paradigm, you obtain everything you need out of life. A complete breakdown of the elemental roles of your personality. A clear path towards spot on spiritual healing. A personal guide to your relationships, professional and romantic. Your struggles , victories and milestones.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess of wisdom, love and light

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