The aromatherapy studies

Aromatherapy is natural alchemy, let’s talk about its origins and its complexities. Plant extracts are the heart of the elemental world we live in.

Aromatherapy is more then just smelling some essential oils and thinking it would be the perfect anecdote for the world. Essential oils are capable of so much more.

These essential oils are made up of minuscule chemical molecules. Each single drop of oil contains 40 million , trillion molecules. That’s 19 zeros. That equates on having 40,000 molecules for every single cell in your body. When you open up the bottle, the aroma explodes, the volatility is known as the energy system being used to make it a durable oil for the brain.

The magical oils come from Terpenes. Monoterpenes, are found in almost all essential oils. After about a six month time frame, will have oxidized and degradation occurs. Look at the bottle to make sure you know what is in each essential oil.

sesquiterpenes is also a component in essential oils. It’s used for anti- inflammatory, an anti septic; also used for emotional balancing. These are potentially the most important ingredient in essential oils. This is because they carry molecules around the body ; sending oxygen to the brain.

phenols, they are very strong anti-septic and antibacterial oils. These oils should be used at low concentrations. For a short period of time , or it will effect the skin more so then any other chemical compound.

aldehydes, used for anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal. Disinfectant as well and yes, it is a sedative although an uplifting one. You should replace this type of bottle every six months.

Ketones, someone with diabetes needs to stay far away from this chemical. Also people who are epileptic need to steer clear. In lower concentrations this oil can be extremely healing.

esters, when acid and alcohol combine; they form what we call esters. One particular ester, that appears in some essential oils is methal syliclate.

lactones and Coumarins, courmarins are a type of lactose.