Polarity therapy – different techniques for getting rid of negative energy.

The best of Chinese medicine and Indian medicine. One of the most profound energies to clear your aura is by using sage. What it does is that is raises a frequency contained in this life force. It is sufficiently higher then any lower vibration to leave. Darkness can not exist in the present of life. Also you can get a rattle, we give these to our children and our babies instincts knows how to shift the energy. It causes energy to move out , the negative energy. It will make the good energy come in. It also alters your consciousness. It puts you in a more receptive state. Salt is another way to clear your energy. Sea salt, clears away negative energy. It pulls energy into itself , any kind of negativity will be drawn into the salt. Essential oils is also amazing to use, instantly raising your vibration. Then you use a diffuser and the essential oils to repel negative energies.