What happens when we are Sleeping?

When you close your eyes and are headed to bed, you begin to dream. Plato, Shakespeare and Napoleon all believed that dreams were interpretations to what was going coming forth in our future, in some way, shape or form. The prophets and those who stood near the fountain of universal knowledge; used dreams as a frequency higher than any other form of divination.

History can be profane as well as sacred , but; it is said that Gennadius was convinced that his soul was immortal!Julius Cesar was warned by his wife Capricious about his death; before being murdered by Brutis, however, because he was too busy with himself, he didn’t want to meet fate.

Plato states that when dreams are occuring throughout congruent time; that their were divine inventations that were created by the soul in sleeping manifestos. These ramifications are created in our minds as illusions. This means that what we are dreaming we are also doing in our awake state. The illusion creates a personal connection with the psychology of one’s thoughts.

does light exist? Well, what we call light is a sensation that is produced upon the optic nerve. This , therefore; vibrates between 400 to 756 trillion ether per second. Undulating the process to create an obscure image or some sort of illusions to the mind.

What we call sound is produced by our auditory nerves by silent vibrational pulls from air , this creates 32,000 36,000 sounds going in and out of air wave lengths every second. Can you imagine that? Ok on the way shape or form of communication to get the kids to calm down when they are havining a fit, it is through training and cognitive dissonance that they are able to act well in society. My theory on young children is that each child forms the control of what is around them, awareness. Scientific terms represent factual information, not the causes. It is an indication that clearly can be cured.

phenomena is how all science was created, there would be no thought without something that had been created prior to that thought; a solution to that thought or problem. Cognitive behavioral therapy allows for people to speak about these traumatic experiences; one can not explain.

The soul does exist right ? Everything begins and ends with the soul from my interpretation of science. When your in a dream like state, the soul connects to the unknown knowledge of an objective reasoning we can not explain, or can we?

The soul, I believe is somewhat of our personality. It is who we are, how we feel, why we do the things we do; and that really strong human connection that we have to others souls. You know the music “Soul Music” from the Jazz Age of the 1920s, it is called this because we are so comparatively aligned with the music and the rhythm. It speaks to your soul.

The TRUE Master stated that the philosophy of everything is all based upon a straight line. However, Pythagoras, Plato and Christ ran in adverting vertical lines through the churches , they were considered to be the conventionalities or rebels of their time, however the some of the smartest men to walk this earth.

Real philosophical reasoning rather seeks order more so then to deny it. There are two types of people with two differentiations of their brains the right side of the brain ; being the more objectified side. Staying on that straight line. While, The left side is very creative, dramatic, imaginative and fascinated with discovery. Now, which side is more important or has a more voluptuous warmth on the world? The right side , because most people want to just be. While the left side is creating and changing all of the time. I personally love the left side of the brain because without creativity where would we have science and the experiments that come along with it; the world would be bland.

all thoughts , actions and desires enter the soul through the objective mind. Then, with these thoughts or feelings , the soul transpires these images to the brain to create a story.

spiritual intelligence can only be activated when the mind is at resting theta or delta states. Delta state would be sleeping and theta would be extremely lethargic or having no other thoughts in your mind but what is happening in that present moment.

It is said that women dream more vividly and more often then men, this is due to the fact that they are exposed to less external factors; therefore using their imagination more so then a man would.

There are three types of dreams , subjective , physical and spiritual. They relate to the past, the present and of course my favorite the future. They are influenced by the subjective or the objective mind, creating external factors to come up on the other side of the spectrum while sleeping. It could be due to fear of death, fear of a working environment , fear of societal failures. Or it could be pleasantly surprising.

whatever has not taken place in the external mind belongs in the infinite. That is the soul. Physical research has shown proof that , people give us conclusive proof of telepathy or the later telegraphy between finite or refined minds.

It is impossible to find a man or a woman in the same state of mind twice. Therefore, is it possible to have the same dream twice? No! It could be very similar but it will never be the exact same. The sleeping mind is so hypersensitive that is actually sees light and time pass before our waking mind does. Seeing hours and days ahead.

The spiritual events and the spiritual knowledge that we ascertain throughout life is what creates divine source or divinity. Thoughts are proceeded from the visible mind , while dreams are evaded from the invisible mind alike. A spiritualist once said “everything that exists upon earth has its ethereal counterpart.”

Thus, everything has an equal and or opposite reaction to another. Thoughts are the productive thinking that creates are subjective mind frame. Without thought ? Where would our minds go? Would we be sane? Probably not!

The physical mind only sees physical objects while, the subjective mind only sees subjective objects. Subjective forces operate on their own astral planes. There are many astral planes, when we die, our soul will stay alive and we could be reincarnated thousands of years later; without even knowing a day had passed. That’s crazy! However, there are no visional panels beyond each plane, unless your astral traveling in your dream like state, where your vision is going to be impaired.

THE SYMBOLS O and I are death and rebirth. Nothing formed from something. Men and women are best to study through introspection and observation on the soul.

Our macrocosm, also known as the structure of our universe is filled with infinite planes, microcosm and macrocosm are interdependent upon each other. This is due to the factors of perceiving them , and ; how your altering your brain to keep regeneration, that keeps your body alive, your soul stays with you after death weather you want to believe so or not. You need these two discrepancies in order for survival, not everything can be aligned or stagnant. We must have some form of erratic siting. If evil thoughts were to send out microbes , good thoughts and deeds will suppress them.

when our external lives are projected by the forces within us. It is through divine love that we have a sense of inner consciousness.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess on Fire 🔥

Goddess of Innate Wisdom

Words to the Gods

Speak Up!

Your soul is guiding you to stand in the light and speak your truth. Do you 9nly say what others want you to hear ? Your soul is guiding you to stand in your light and speak up for your truths.

If you have something important to say that needs to be heard, say it! No situation can get better if you are holding back; and not speaking your truth.

your truth is more than just your words. In what ways do you compromise yourself ? Do you deny what you feel? Agree to do things that you don’t enjoy ; or maybe you agree with someone in order to keep the peace.

Speak up , some situations call for this! When you do you will have a renewed sense of self. This may even open doors for you that you never thought imaginable!


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming your Inner Goddess

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My God karma is such a bitch… Whoever said that was God.

Self Love

You are learning that your capacity to love is directly related to the ability to love yourself.you are learning to love and trust yourself. Most importantly you are learning that the capacity to love others is directly related to your own self love.

Everything you think and feel about others will change when you learn to embrace and love yourself. You can never truly be happy and content until you do.

Let go of all your judgements towards yourself, and learn to see the golden Buddha within you. In your true essence no matter what your life has been up to until this point in time, you are a divine spark of light and love. No matter who you are , you are merely a reflection of what you have been told to believe you are in this moment and time.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At the Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming your Inner Goddess

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Karma , they say I God it, who knew ?

Trust and Forgiveness

It is time for you to let your guard down and trust people again. Things will happen in life , that cause us to put up walls; close up and hide from the world , in order to keep from getting hurt.

The way to heal is not through avoiding new experiences , opportunities or people that come into your life; that will only keep the pain of the past alive.

The way to heal is through forgiveness. Forgiving yourself and others. So today, be willing to learn from the past and begin to step into the present.

Take all that you have learned from painful experiences, and use this knowledge to create a better life for yourself.

Trust, that all of the people, opportunities and experiences that are for the highest good; will enter your life now. Bring down your walls, let the past go now. Begin to trust into the present. Go boldly out into the world shine your beautiful light!

Open your heart and let love in!


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At the Goddess Bibles A Memoir by Laura Zukerman

Becoming You’re Inner Goddess

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KAR-MA what God’s around comes around

Dear Past thanks for all of the Lessons, Dear Future ; I’m ready for you❤️

Begin to change your mindset, once you Change your mindset, your belief system will infiltrate positive thinking. Remember that time doesn’t stop 🛑 for anyone , you need to move quickly and with precision.

In order to achieve our goals we need to change what we have within us. Apart from the basic necessities , take care of yourself physically. Use your time wisely, time is equal to money!

Do not be afraid to switch course , if you don’t like where your life is going. Know yourself and actively seek for self improvement. Step back from emotions , they are temporary, while destiny is eternal. Go after your destiny and don’t stop until you get there!!


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir by Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess


KAR-MA it’s my name, don’t wear it out

The Brink of A Revolutionary War

Scientists are on the brink of a revolutionary discovery! What we have found out is utterly perplexing. What we have discovered is that we are not a chemical reaction but a coalescence of energy, in a big field of energy. This thus, connects us to everything in the world. This is the center of our being , our consciousness; the alpha and the omega of our existence.

we are packets of quantum energy, constantly exchanging an inexhaustible amount of energy between human contact ( from one to another.) Every higher pulsating quantum function had to do with the matter of human perception.

This occurred due to the subatomic particles in our brain and that crazy amount of quantum energy which is basically made up of water , considering our bodies are 98% water. Thus, why it is called the quantum energy sea.

They collectively came up with the idea that the human consciousness, is subsiding in our brains consciousness, below that as our subconscious levels of brain power control one another’s brain functions to bodily functions, we deemed the term ” The Holy Spirit.”

Human beings were no longer separate from each other , it was no longer us and them, we were one!

Scientists all over the world, including myself have come to term this time to make it work better for the people who are capable of becoming the way they want them to be. I’m going on the way back to the enlightened and understanding that if man kind does not attempt to ascertain and succumb to what the world is becoming , you will begin to die off.

I have my doctorate from Harvard and Columbia and you can now officially call me Dr. Zukerman

When learning more on subjects

I charge 5,000 a session that’s 2 hours on anything you want to learn or overcome whether it be sickness or disease you never thought you could cure!

Email me @


Or laurazukerman4@gmail.com


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At the Goddess Bibles A Memoir by Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Get Your Goddess On

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The third mind

Did you know that we all have a third kind of mind? The first two are the conscious which is the awake state of the mind; the subconscious is the mind running in the background. The third is the vibrational mind.

Thus, the conduit for possessing everything that you want. The vibrational mind also aligns with the other two parts of the mind to create a subliminal mind abstraction.

You see, on this journey that we call life, we have experienced many different facets to our lives. Every event in your life was specifically intended for you to bring you to where you are now.

As I am now Dr. Laura Zukerman 🙂 I am now going to be publishing my book into print as well as digital!! Thank you all for being so amazing with me on this journey.

If you need to email me you can contact me at


This could be for media, buying, selling, affiliate marketing!


Dr. Laura Zukerman Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Dr. Laura Zukerman

Be Free, Be You, Be Godly

God is the essence of beauty reincarnated through time and space ❤

Either Learn the right way or Learn the Hard way, just don’t be a part of the status quo.

You will no longer be a victim of circumstances, you will no longer be a victim of oppression. You will no longer concede to weakness. It is time to maneuver your way into a way more exceptional time frame in your mind; while staying in the present. We need you to reclaim and to feel abundance, feel prosperity. Allow this new wisdom to be prosperous in this independent , beautiful individual, this new being!

Things are changing in the world , either you get ready for your life to change, or you will begin to realize that your subconscious mind was the best way to get you in the right place for the future and you have a lot more work to come into.

Now back to the people who are with me on this. Your immediate future is what your life is dependent upon today. How can you use this information to catapult yourself forward?

Energetic shifts are happening, they are happening now. They are not rare, however ; many who are smart plan to use this time to the best of their own abilities.

Many who fail to make use of this precious period, will end up doing so because of fear, laziness or neglect. You see elements are essential to all assets of life. You see there are four essential elements that need to be ingrained into our consciousness mind.

Wholeness, balance, awareness and infinite sense of accomplishment.

You take infinite potential to abstract abundance. Infinite potential to transform all negatives to positives.

You may not be satisfied with the way things are right now, and that reflects a need for a change. Something greater then what you previously obtained or had.

In an elemental paradigm, you obtain everything you need out of life. A complete breakdown of the elemental roles of your personality. A clear path towards spot on spiritual healing. A personal guide to your relationships, professional and romantic. Your struggles , victories and milestones.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess of wisdom, love and light

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The Central Feeling Of Awareness and Consciousness

Consciousness is the reality of life. When you are completely conscious, you have complete awareness about what is going on. Therefore, the ultimate substance of all things is pristine consciousness.

A state of consciousness is necessary before you can alter your outer world. The first step to renewing the mind is the desire, the drive for something.

Be health conscious and have secure devotion to who you are and who you are becoming. In order to release the past, you need to presumably die in order to reincarnate the new self.

Assume the responsibility of incarnation of self. Imagination is the only reincarnate of power. The fate that governs your life is how you take action and allow it to grow into what you believe it to be. You can not control the future, however; you can control your destiny by taking the right initiatives to obtain that so called “fate.”

Attention, it can do anything for you, when applied in the right directions of your minds thinking. Direct your attention in the right places and everything should fall into place for yourself.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At the Goddess Bibles A Memoir by Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess of beauty and wisdom

Goddess on fire


To some people success is a destination, to some it is a journey. If you want success you have to work for, like your life depends on it. You must strive to be brave and go after you want. If you don’t feel good about where you are, you might want some help.

Life is a miraculous thing, if you know that sooner or later the anxieties will pass, the depression will subside; you can create the most amazing life for yourself.

In life you have the choice to choose, what you want to do; study to get the qualifications. Whom you want to marry, whoever you’re most compatible with. How many children you want to have. What kind of job your searching for, if you don’t have the qualifications work your way up.

Take responsibility for your life, don’t put blame on others. What is stopping you from living your best life? The answer is YOU.

Everyday, is a new day to grow on a spiritual , emotional and mental level. Take a hold of these decisions your making and create a new life for yourself. One of successful abundance.

Allow your inner power to ignite you and follow your true passions and pursuits. You will make things right again, when you put your mind to rewire your brain chemistry. This doesn’t have to be listening to brainwave entrainment , it could just be; not making those same mistakes you did before.

You can’t live your best life, with mediocre people surrounding you. You need people to lift you up and whom allow you to follow your dreams.

When you begin to celebrate life, life will begin to celebrate you. Be grateful for that cuddle session with your spouse. Be happy when spending those awesome times with family and friends.

Don’t let fear control your life. You do not have control of tomorrow, so live for today.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder at The Goddess Bibles A Memoir by Laura Zukerman

Becoming your inner goddess

Goddess of beauty and wisdom

Goddess on Fire

The aromatherapy studies

Aromatherapy is natural alchemy, let’s talk about its origins and its complexities. Plant extracts are the heart of the elemental world we live in.

Aromatherapy is more then just smelling some essential oils and thinking it would be the perfect anecdote for the world. Essential oils are capable of so much more.

These essential oils are made up of minuscule chemical molecules. Each single drop of oil contains 40 million , trillion molecules. That’s 19 zeros. That equates on having 40,000 molecules for every single cell in your body. When you open up the bottle, the aroma explodes, the volatility is known as the energy system being used to make it a durable oil for the brain.

The magical oils come from Terpenes. Monoterpenes, are found in almost all essential oils. After about a six month time frame, will have oxidized and degradation occurs. Look at the bottle to make sure you know what is in each essential oil.

sesquiterpenes is also a component in essential oils. It’s used for anti- inflammatory, an anti septic; also used for emotional balancing. These are potentially the most important ingredient in essential oils. This is because they carry molecules around the body ; sending oxygen to the brain.

phenols, they are very strong anti-septic and antibacterial oils. These oils should be used at low concentrations. For a short period of time , or it will effect the skin more so then any other chemical compound.

aldehydes, used for anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal. Disinfectant as well and yes, it is a sedative although an uplifting one. You should replace this type of bottle every six months.

Ketones, someone with diabetes needs to stay far away from this chemical. Also people who are epileptic need to steer clear. In lower concentrations this oil can be extremely healing.

esters, when acid and alcohol combine; they form what we call esters. One particular ester, that appears in some essential oils is methal syliclate.

lactones and Coumarins, courmarins are a type of lactose.

Polarity therapy – different techniques for getting rid of negative energy.

The best of Chinese medicine and Indian medicine. One of the most profound energies to clear your aura is by using sage. What it does is that is raises a frequency contained in this life force. It is sufficiently higher then any lower vibration to leave. Darkness can not exist in the present of life. Also you can get a rattle, we give these to our children and our babies instincts knows how to shift the energy. It causes energy to move out , the negative energy. It will make the good energy come in. It also alters your consciousness. It puts you in a more receptive state. Salt is another way to clear your energy. Sea salt, clears away negative energy. It pulls energy into itself , any kind of negativity will be drawn into the salt. Essential oils is also amazing to use, instantly raising your vibration. Then you use a diffuser and the essential oils to repel negative energies.